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luchshie-filmy-pro-boevye-iskusstva-smotret-top-10The history of the origin of martial arts dates back to the era of the last century. In ancient times, new directions and styles of martial arts began to appear for the first time. At first, the martial arts attracted the interest of the inhabitants of East Asia, and then spread throughout the world.

Over the years, martial arts rapidly developed and began to be practiced in every country.

Nowadays, many men are trained in the mastery of oriental and mixed martial arts. This gives them strength and confidence, and is also an excellent means of protection and self-defense. Wrestling skills are always worthy of attention and respect. They are especially relevant in the filming of films.

It is not uncommon for filmmakers to use martial arts to create dynamic films with an interesting and gripping storyline. Among the many film adaptations, we have selected the 10 best martial arts films that are definitely worth watching for TV viewers.

1.33 assassins

Year of issue: 1963

Country of Origin: Japan

Director: Eiichi Kudo

Genre: Action, adventure

Age: 16+

Main roles: Kotaro Satomi, Takayuki Akutagawa, Chiezo Kataoka.

Japan is on the verge of tremendous changes that will significantly affect the fate of a great state. The head of the Akashi clan completely seized power, committing illegal and illegal actions. By his order, the ruin of the peaceful people and the devastation of small villages occurs, which denigrates the dignity and honor of the samurai.

Video: 13 Assassins Trailer

Trying to stop Prince Matsudaira, a brave clan warrior makes a sacrifice in front of the ruler’s palace. His act attracts the attention of members of the shogunate, who were convinced of the atrocities of an unworthy master. 13 samurai must severely punish the prince and take his life. But first, the brave heroes have to defeat a whole army of soldiers defending the ruler.

2. Invincible

Year of issue: 1983

Country of Origin: the USSR

Director: Yuri Boretsky

Genre: Action movie

Age: 12+

Main roles: Andrey Rostotsky, Khazma Umarov, Nurmukhan Zhanturin, Edgar Sagdiev.

Honored soldier of the Red Army Andrei Khromov decides to go on an exciting journey. The road will lead him to Central Asia, where he will try to improve the martial art and create a new style of mixed martial arts. Gaining skills will be a suitable means of self-defense and will allow you not to use weapons. An experienced master who owns an old book containing the deadly techniques of kurash can help a wanderer master the unique technique of martial art.

Video: Invincible, watch online

However, it turns out to be difficult to reveal the secrets of the struggle, because a gang of criminal authority is hunting for the book. From now on, Khromov will have to engage in a fierce battle with the bandits.

3. Dragon Heart

Year of issue: 1985

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Directed by: Fruit Chan, Sammo Hung

Genre: Action, drama, thriller, comedy

Age: 16+

Main roles: Jackie Chan, Emily Chu, Sammo Hung, Man Hoi.

Recently, Ted got a job with the police. The first task of an inexperienced beginner is the case of the theft and resale of jewelry. The agent needs to figure out the criminal group guilty of theft and punish the bandits to the fullest extent of the law.

Video: Dragon Heart, watch online

Starting to investigate, Ted soon finds out that his unlucky brother Denny is involved in the sale of stolen goods. Now the federal agent must find a way to save his brother from imprisonment and arrest a gang of robbers. The search for criminals will be the beginning of fun and dangerous adventures for the heroes.

4. Once upon a time in China

Year of issue: 1992

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Director: Cui Hark

Genre: Drama, action, history, adventure

Age: 16+

Main roles: Yuen Biao, Jet Li, Jackie Chun, Rosamund Kwan.

At the end of the 19th century, China was going through hard times. The country finds itself under the yoke of the American state, which is trying to seize power. Almost all citizens obeyed the new rules and laws of the government, but those residents remained who still honor the traditions and customs of their native country.

Video: Once Upon a Time in China, watch movie online

With the beginning of unpleasant changes, the crime rate in China has increased. Bandits, dealers and human traffickers took advantage of the situation by continuing to commit crimes. But a folk hero, the talented kung fu master Wong, joined the fight against the mafia. He goes to the West and challenges the crime, trying to find a missing girl who became a victim of human trafficking and a prisoner of a brothel.

5. Shadow boxing

Year of issue: 2005

Country of Origin: Russia

Director: Alexey Sidorov

Genre: Action, drama

Age: 16+

Main roles: Denis Nikiforov, Elena Panova, Andrey Panin, Dmitry Shevchenko.

Professional boxer Artem Kolchin is preparing for an important and responsible fight. At the time of the medical examination, he receives a conclusion that injuries sustained in the ring can provoke loss of vision. Having disobeyed the nurse Victoria, the champion enters into a duel. As a result, he loses the battle and goes blind. Only an expensive operation can restore Artem’s vision.

Video: Shadowboxing, movie watch online

Sports director Vagit Valiev refuses to pay for the boxer’s treatment, leaving him in trouble. Victoria and her brother Kostya come to the aid of the injured soldier, ready to commit a daring robbery of Valiev’s bank to save Artyom’s life. Ahead of them is a risky adventure and a desperate fight against crime.

6. Yip Man

Year of issue: 2008

Country of Origin: China, Hong Kong

Director: Wilson Yip

Genre: Drama, action, biography

Age: 16+

Main roles: Donnie Yen, Lynn Hoon, Simon Yam, Gordon Lam.

The unsurpassed master of oriental martial arts Ip Man lives in China, in the city of Foshan. He is considered the best fighter and owner of kung fu fighting technique. No one can defeat the master in battle, even the strongest fighter Jin, who wanted to open a martial arts school in the town.

Video: Ip Man, movie watch online

When the Japanese army arrives in China, trying to seize power and enslave the Chinese people, only Ip Man finds the courage, strength and courage to repulse the Japanese general and resist the enemy. His courageous act helps to unite the people and raise an uprising against the enemy security forces, in the hope of defending the honor of his native country.

7. Undeniable 3

Year of issue: 2010

Country of Origin: USA

Director: Isaac Florentine

Genre: Action, drama

Age: 16+

Main roles: Michael Shannon Jenkins, Scott Adkins, Mark Ivanir.

Ultimate Fighting Champion Yuriy Boyko is serving a legal sentence in Black Hills prison. With experience and skill, he is the best fighter who dreams of long-awaited freedom. The organizer of an underground tournament in fighting without rules invites the former champion to make a deal. If he takes part in the battle and wins, he will be released early.

Video: Indisputable 3, movie watch online

Yuri agrees and defeats his opponent, but finds himself in a dangerous trap. Instead of freedom, he will be imprisoned in a Georgian prison and a new battle with strong opponents. A fighter becomes a hostage of an underground tournament belonging to a crime boss. The only way to get free is to survive and destroy your enemies.

8. The Karate Kid

Year of issue: 2010

Country of Origin: China, USA

Director: Harold Zwart

Genre: Drama, family

Age: 6+

Main roles: Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, Taraji P. Henson, Zhenwei Wang.

A young black boy Dre Parker is forced to leave his hometown and move to Beijing with his mother. Here, in a foreign country, the local people honor unfamiliar traditions and speak a different language. At first, the boy is homesick and wants to return to Detroit. However, he soon meets the beautiful girl Mei Ying and the great master of martial arts – Mr. Han, which radically changes his mind.

Video: The Karate Kid. 2010. Russian trailer (voice acting)

Now Parker is fond of studying martial arts, because he has an important tournament ahead of him, where he will face an unfriendly teenager Chen and try to defeat him. Only bravery, strength and fighting skills can help him become a champion.

9.47 ronin

Year of issue: 2013

Country of Origin: UK, USA, Japan, Hungary

Director: Karl Rinsch

Genre: Action, drama, fantasy, adventure

Age: 12+

Main roles: Keanu Reeves, Ko Shibasaki, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano.

When a wise ruler is betrayed and killed by enemies, loyal warriors take an oath to avenge his death. 47 ronin unite and try by any means to take revenge on the insidious traitor in order to meet certain death with honor and dignity.

Video: 47 Ronin – Official Trailer

Not afraid of difficulties and difficult trials, samurai engage in battle with dangerous enemies. The warriors have to go through a difficult path in order to accomplish retribution, as well as to save the life of the princess. One of the ronin Kai desperately fights for his forbidden love, although he realizes that his death is inevitable.

10. Warrior

Year of issue: 2015

Country of Origin: Russia

Director: Alexey Andrianov

Genre: Drama

Age: 12+

Main roles: Sergey Bondarchuk, Fedor Bondarchuk, Vladimir Yaglych, Svetlana Khodchenkova.

Siblings Roman and Vyacheslav Rodina decide to take part in fights without rules. Victory in the ring will allow the fighters to win a valuable prize and receive a large sum of money. The winnings will help the brothers solve their financial problems. Slava will save the family from poverty, and Roma will help the relatives of a murdered colleague.

Video: Warrior – Official Trailer

Noble goals force the brothers to enter the ring and defeat strong rivals. But fate has prepared for them a difficult test and a meeting in the final. The best fighters will face a serious battle for the main prize. What decision will the brothers make – to keep each other alive or to win?

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