The best New Year’s films and cartoons for children

For children, New Year is probably the best holiday. Holidays, sweets, gifts, a lot of snow and, of course, cartoons. We all remember how we used to run to TV, when we started showing cartoons, how we waited for advertising, how we believed in a fairy tale shown on the screen. But what about now, when many people turn off television, focusing on the Internet? Previously, a television program made the choice for us what to watch and when. But now we can say any movie and watch it whenever we want. The only question remains – what to watch, what to put for children?

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We have selected the 10 best New Year’s Tales for you

  • rise of the Guardians

rise of the Guardians

Did you know that Santa really exists? And about the fact that he is a kind big man with tattoos, who has his own factory, where elves and yeti work? And that the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and the evil Rumor exist too? Holiday keepers live as long as at least one child believes in them. However, a terrible thing happens – Kromeshnik, who has been making plans for centuries, decides to attack, stealing bright dreams from children. Faith in magic is lost, and then the keepers lose their strength. How will those who have brought joy for centuries get out of this situation? And how will the crazy Jack Frost help?

  • Cold heart

Cold heart

Magic is not always joy. Born “special”, the eldest daughter of the ruling family of the Northern Kingdom at one point, by a stupid accident, injures her younger sister with her magic. The trolls who come to the rescue tell them to hide magic and not use it. And she keeps this secret for many years, until one day, at her coronation, a situation occurs that forced her to break off. And on that day, the whole kingdom freezes from her power. How will it be possible to help out both the kingdom and the escaped queen?

  • polar Express

polar Express

Once in one world, a little boy stopped believing in Christmas. Therefore, then a real magic train takes him to the North Pole, directly to the workshop of a real, living Santa Claus, in the hope that he will again believe in a miracle. A kind, sweet and truly magical story about faith in a miracle.

  • Secret Service of Santa Claus

Secret Service of Santa Claus

Christmas has existed for centuries, and the honorary position of Chief Santa Claus is passed on like a crown in ruling families … by inheritance! One family has been engaged in Christmas for over a millennium, and for a long time toys have been made on a flying ship. However, the current Santa has two sons – smart and stupid, according to all traditions. And when the time comes to accept the position, one of them as a friend manifests himself on the other side …

  • The nightmare before christmas

The nightmare before christmas

And even if the cartoon is about the kingdom of Halloween, where the most terrible and terrible ones live, but this story is also connected with Christmas. Local king Jack Skellington, by pure chance, on Christmas Eve finds himself in the ordinary world, to ordinary living people, and when he first sees him outside of Halloween, he is amazed. It turns out that in that world there is a place for fun, kindness and understanding. And Jack, seeing this, himself wanted to feel the magic of Christmas. However, the Nightmare King has his own approach to everything, and therefore he steals the real Santa to be in his place … what will this lead to?

  • Niko: the path to the stars

Niko: the path to the stars

Niko is the son of a reindeer from the famous team of Santa Claus, who dreams of one day inheriting his place in the line. However, on Christmas Eve, Niko becomes aware that his father, along with Santa, are in danger, and only he can save them. What can little deer be able to fight against dire and evil wolves? Will they save Santa and the adult reindeer?

  • Once in Prostokvashino

Once in Prostokvashino

“If there were no winter” – who has not recognized this song now, remembering childhood? A kind, instructive story about the “adult” boy Uncle Fyodor, who left his parents to live in Prostokvashino, will now tell us about the New Year. In the house where now only the dog Sharik and the cat Matroskin live, magic suddenly settles again with the arrival of Uncle Fedor and his parents for the New Year. A story about a car stuck in the snow, about a broken TV and a mother who came on skis, who is both on the TV and in the window … a sweet New Year story will not leave children sad!

  • Umka is looking for a friend

Umka is looking for a friend

A small white bear in the far north, having once met a little Eskimo boy, decides to find him. And on his journey he wanders into the base of polar explorers, where there is already a New Year tree and a festive hubbub … The cartoon, filmed back in 1970, is still a favorite for many children.

  • The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

The story of two children, one of whom was stolen and captured by the Snow Queen herself. Gerda, not resigning herself to the loss of her friend, went to the far north to look for him. On her way, she meets many different people and not only, sees other people’s lives, is captured, where a little Robber comes to her aid … and finally finds an ice castle, where Kai adds the word “eternity” from frozen pieces of ice. Can she melt the ice that bound his heart?


In this good old cartoon, good again triumphs over evil to the music of Tchaikovsky’s aviary. Now it is considered a tradition to go to the theater for the New Year’s Nutcracker, but it is much more interesting for children to watch it on the screen. Lovely heroes, the evil Mouse King, the story of the victory of good … perhaps the adults themselves will be pleased to watch this cartoon!

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