The best restaurants in Tbilisi according to tourists’ reviews

The best restaurants in Tbilisi according to tourists' reviews - menu and atmosphereIs it possible to visit Tbilisi and not try Georgian cuisine? Restaurants with distinctive interiors, thick wine lists and menus are here at every turn, and therefore the question of choosing an institution for lunch or dinner becomes even more difficult.

We have compiled the TOP-7 of the best restaurants in the city of “warm keys”.

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The legendary restaurant Barbarestan opened in 2015. The institution is located in an old mansion on Agmashenebeli Avenue. When you get inside, you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a cozy Georgian home: bright tablecloths on the tables, a cage with a canary, warm light emanating from colorful lamp shades, beautiful dishes. Guests are warmly greeted by a friendly administrator.

The highlight of the place is the menu. It was created based on the ancient culinary book of Princess Varvara Dzhorzhadze. The princess became famous as a playwright, poet and author of the first book of recipes for Georgian cuisine for housewives.

Restaurant Barbarestan, Tbilisi

A century and a half after the book was published, the creator of the Barbarestan restaurant discovered it on the market counter, after which the idea of ​​opening a restaurant was born. Princess Varvara’s recipes have been adapted to suit modern culinary preferences. By the way, the menu is updated in the restaurant 4 times a year, since only local, seasonal products are used for cooking.

On the Barbarestan’s menu, guests will be surprised by dogwood soup, pelamushi pie, chikhirtma, duck with berry sauce. The pride of the restaurant is the wine cellar, created in the 19th century. It contains more than three hundred types of wines. You can choose wine for any dish from the menu.

Barbarestan is a great place for a cozy family holiday, a romantic date or get-togethers with friends. The institution is aimed at guests with a high level of income.

The average bill per person is $ 30.


Magnificent, refined, sophisticated, tasty – these are the words that tourists most often describe their experience of visiting the Qalaqi restaurant on Kostava Street. This is the first restaurant in Georgia to receive a Michelin star. Surprising guests begins right from the doorstep of the restaurant, where they are greeted by the doorman. The luxurious palace-style interior with crystal chandeliers, gilded walls and carved furniture will impress any guest.

Qalaqi Restaurant, Tbilisi

Facility’s menu includes dishes of Georgian and European cuisine. Guests can choose from meat, fish and vegetable dishes, delicious desserts. Despite the expensive interior and high quality service, the prices on the menu are affordable. For example, a carrot and citrus salad costs 9 GEL, pumpkin soup – 7 GEL, shkmeruli – 28 GEL.

The restaurant is suitable for both a romantic date and a business dinner. Light jazz music, courteous waiters, professional sommelier and delicious food make this place one of the most popular in the capital of Georgia.

The restaurant is open from 12 to midnight.

It is better to book a table in advance, as they are rarely empty here.

Salobie bia

The creators of Salobie Bia position their restaurant as a place where you can taste simple Georgian food. But, in fact, the institution is by no means simple, and deserves the attention of tourists.

The restaurant is located on a quiet street Machabeli. The institution has a modest size and is designed for a small number of guests, so you should take care of a table at lunchtime or for dinner in advance.

Salobie Bia Restaurant, Tbilisi

Here you can taste traditional Georgian cuisine: khachapuri, kharcho, ojakhuri, lobio. Lovers of sweets should definitely try the chef’s signature dessert – wild plum sorbet on a pillow of chocolate mousse. In the restaurant, guests are treated to chacha and tarragon of their own production. By the way, the chefs also bake bread on their own.

The prices are not too high. Lobiani will cost 7 GEL, tomato salad – 10 GEL, khachapuri – 9 GEL, duck soup costs 12 GEL, a cup of coffee – 3 GEL. It is worth noting the size of the portions – the chefs are generous and the guests do not leave hungry.

Salobie Bia is a place for the whole family to dine out – or spend a pleasant quiet evening here with your soul mate.

Fans of big noisy restaurants and gourmet cuisine will hardly like this place. But to get acquainted with real Georgian cuisine, this is what you need.

Melorano restaurant is located in the very center of Tbilisi. This is a cozy place with delicious cuisine and live music in the evenings. The interior of the establishment is unassuming and simple: plain walls, light ceiling, soft armchairs and wooden tables.

The peculiarity of the restaurant is high quality service. Attentive staff and beautiful presentation of food will not leave guests indifferent.

On a hot day, guests can enjoy a glass of dry white wine or lemonade on the summer terrace of the Megrano restaurant. Craft Georgian beer is also brewed here. The fence in the courtyard is braided with a vine of wild grapes, which creates a special comfort. With the onset of darkness, the summer terrace is illuminated by hundreds of lights stretched overhead.

Melograno, Tbilisi

The Melograno menu offers dishes of traditional Georgian cuisine: chicken chkmeruli, chikhirtma, chakhauli, pork ribs in adjika, vegetable stew. And for those who are already full of khachapuri and lobio, the menu includes Italian dishes: pasta, ravioli, pizza, panna kota.

The restaurant is open from 8 am to 11 pm. You can come here for breakfast for a coffee with a sandwich, at lunchtime you will be served aromatic soup, and for dinner, accompanied by the sound of live music, you will be served the most tender meat and a glass of tart wine.

This is a great place for a family dinner as well as for a friendly get-together.


Walking along Lado Asatiani Street, be sure to check out Utskho. This is an unusual place that will remain a vivid memory in your memory. The interior of the institution resembles a spaceship or a chemical laboratory. The white walls are decorated with simple drawings and inscriptions. Simple tables and chairs, it would seem, do not dispose to long gatherings, but you don’t want to leave here.

The creator of Utskho, Lara Isaeva, recently worked as a film producer in Moscow. Returning to Tbilisi, she decided to open a tasty and cozy place where guests could taste healthy and simple food and experience pleasant emotions from communicating with friends.

Utskho restaurant in Tbilisi

Utskho surprises with its unusual menu and food presentation. Neither meat eaters nor vegetarians will go hungry here. In Utskho, unique burgers are prepared – ratskhs, which outwardly resemble flying saucers. Unlike the usual burgers, the salad does not fall out of the ratskhi, and the cutlet does not slide down the roll, and the sauce does not run down the hands. Ratskhi fillings are also different from traditional burgers. The Utskho menu includes ratskhi with green buckwheat hummus and lobio with fried quince. Here you can taste cheese coffee and dessert made from milk and walnuts.

The whole family can and should come to Utskho. There are special highchairs for children, and the menu includes the most delicate cheesecakes and fragrant waffles.

This is a small establishment with only a few tables. But, if there are no empty seats, do not worry, in Utskho food is available to take away. Moreover, it is convenient to eat it even on the go, it is not for nothing that Utskho is positioned as a street food cafe.

Guests will be pleasantly surprised not only by the unusual combinations of tastes and original presentation of food, but also by the price of the dishes.

The average bill per person is 15 – 20 GEL.


To plunge into Georgia headlong is about Tsiskvili. The place is very atmospheric and the cuisine is traditional and delicious.

Tsiskvili can hardly be called a restaurant. Rather, it is a small town with narrow streets, fountains, a mill, bridges, a funicular and a blooming garden. The restaurant can accommodate 850 guests and has several rooms.

Tsiskvili Restaurant, Tbilisi

For many guests, food in Tsiskvili becomes a secondary matter, cultural recreation comes to the fore. In the evenings, one of its halls hosts a show program with folk dances to live music. But it is worth mentioning about the menu. Here you can enjoy national Georgian dishes: khachapuri, barbecue, lobio. The restaurant serves alcoholic drinks. The price level on the menu is slightly above average.

The institution starts working at 9 am, so you can safely come here for breakfast.

But, if you are going to Tsiskvili for dinner, it is better to reserve a table in advance. Reservations for tables here are made 2 – 3 weeks in advance. This is a really popular place in Tbilisi.


The institution has such a name for a reason: to sit at your table, you have to rise above the city roofs. But what a view!

This amazingly romantic place on Betlemi Street in Tbilisi, like no other, is suitable for dating lovers. Tourists here will get a double pleasure from exploring the city’s beauty and getting to know the national cuisine. But it is worth worrying about a free table in advance, since there are a lot of people who want to sit on the veranda at any time of the day.

Restaurant 144 STAIRS, Tbilisi

The menu includes traditional Georgian dishes, but there is also European cuisine. So you can safely come here with children, for whom Georgian spices and spices may not be to their liking.

Prices are average here. However, it should be borne in mind that on some days (holidays, weekends) there is a minimum order amount from a table (about 300 GEL).

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