The best tracksuits – photos. Which sportswear is best and why?

The best models of women's sports suitsWomen who want to be successful, to be successful everywhere and in everything, have in their wardrobe not only business suits and evening dresses. Tracksuits are also an integral part of their wardrobe, and sports are an integral part of their lives. Such women always follow not only their own affairs, but also their own figure. In addition, playing sports is a very good relaxation after a hard day at work, if you go in for sports after work. But at the same time, sports can also tone up and contribute to a good mood for the whole working day, if you do it in the morning.

Whatever sport you play, choosing the right sportswear is important.

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How to choose the right sportswear and what to be guided by when choosing it?

One of the fundamental issues in choosing a tracksuit is what fabric it is made of.

Modern sportswear is created from high-tech fabrics such as Dry Zone Suplex, O2 Performance. These are mainly fully or half artificial lightweight fabrics. It would seem that natural fabrics are best for sports, but this is not entirely true.

Cotton fabrics are not very good for gym activities. For example, cotton clothes trap sweat and become heavy, and may even chafe. Therefore, suits made of lycra jersey and mesh fabrics are best suited for sports.

The most integral part of any girl’s tracksuit should be sports bra… Especially for girls with large breasts.

Each sport has its own suit

Sportswear for fitness

The best models of women's sports suits
The best models of women's sports suits
For fitness, a suit consisting of low-waisted trousers with an elastic band or zipper is best suited. Pants can be either tight-fitting or wide. The top of the suit can be either a light top or a jacket. For fitness activities, natural fabrics that are durable and withstand heavy loads are just more suitable.

Tracksuits for aerobics and gymnastics

For gymnastics and aerobics, special suits are usually sewn from corduroy lycra or nylon spandex. The main characteristic of the fabric should be its elasticity.

A gymnastics tracksuit usually consists of a leotard and a bodysuit.

Yoga Tracksuit

The best models of women's sports suits
The best models of women's sports suits
Yoga is quite calm, without sudden movements. But a yoga suit should also be as comfortable as possible and not restrict movement. For yoga, suits made from natural fabrics are well suited. Made of cotton, linen, silk or velvet. Calm colors work best for a yoga suit. Suits can even be very complex in cut, but, nevertheless, do not restrict movement.

For yoga, layered blouses, open tops, loose skirts, and zouave pants are suitable.

Tracksuit for jogging and outdoor activities

The best models of women's sports suits

Usually the set of a suit includes a top and a T-shirt or trousers and a jacket, it all depends on what season you will be using it. It is not recommended to buy a cotton suit for running, as it will retain moisture. Don’t forget your running shoes, too.

It is very easy to choose a suit for outdoor activities, especially since most sportswear companies offer special collections for each season.

Sports suit for active training and wrestling

The best models of women's sports suits
The best models of women's sports suits
If you prefer to practice wrestling or martial arts, then you need special clothing. As a rule, these are fairly loose wide trousers, loose wrap blouses or kimonos. If you are not doing barefoot, then it would be best to buy special wrestling shoes.

For each sport, there is a certain, most comfortable type of clothing. For rock climbing, cycling, equestrian sports, tennis, golf, you can find a beautiful and comfortable tracksuit.

Season and tracksuit

Sportswear designers create the most comfortable clothing for every season. For the same running, you can find a suit that will suit the weather well for each season.

The best models of women's sports suits

There are also certain sports that can only be played in the summer or only in the winter.

For example, snowboarding and skiing can only be practiced in winter. For snowboarding, special comfortable loose trousers and jackets are created that do not hinder movements and create the necessary ventilation so that you do not get blown or freeze. You should also wear thermal underwear under the bottom, which will help to maintain the thermal balance of the body as much as possible.

One way or another, if you are going to engage in a very specific and new sport for you, then you need to find out from the coach about what clothes are best for this.

Is the brand important when choosing sportswear? Reviews.

Today, almost all firms specializing in sportswear are actively introducing new technologies and developing the most comfortable clothing for each of the sports, be it running, cycling, swimming, skiing, etc. The choice is rather left to what you like best in terms of color, shape and quality of the fabric.

Reviews of brands from forums

Each of the monsters of the world sports industry (Adidas, Nike, Ribok, Puma, Fila, Assix, Diadora, etc.) are approximately equal in terms of the introduction of advanced technologies. Well, in fairness, we note that the first two are not equal yet. As for popularity, this is simple marketing.

Winter clothing (skiing, etc.): NAUTICA, COLUMBIA (I prefer navtika) Shoes: Adidas (if you just walk), Nike (if you go in for sports), New Balance (for hiking and other tourism). Tracksuits: Nike, Adidas, Basic Elements – everything is fine, the choice depends on personal preference.

For step aerobics and in general for fitness, I prefer Ribuk and Nike, by the way, many instructors wear these two brands more than others.

The main thing is not the company, but that the clothes, shoes, etc. are ideal for training. The rest is secondary.

What kind of tracksuits do you like?

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