The best women’s sports Fall 2018

The real autumn has come, but this does not mean that it is time to wrap up in a blanket and spend all free time at home. Instead, we will try to “cheat” the slowing metabolism and growing appetite, and begin to master new types of physical activity.

Gentlemen, we ask you not to get up: the best women's sports of Fall-2018: sports loads for girls
But who said that playing sports cannot be fun and interesting? How to diversify your sports schedule if martial arts and training with a barbell seem too masculine to you, and you are tired of the usual yoga and functional training with steps? As you know, he who seeks finds, and this is what we have found for you.

Body ballet – last year’s hit, the fashion for which has not passed even today. This is a mix of elements of classical choreography and Pilates, which helps to strengthen the body, develop muscle groups that especially excite girls (back, abs, inner thighs and buttocks). In addition to serious loads, body ballet provides an opportunity to disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle with its pressing concerns and plunge into the world of self-improvement and relaxation. In addition, the body ballet is a great way to look at yourself from the other side and open up new possibilities of your body!

Gentlemen, we ask you not to get up: the best women's sports of Fall-2018: sports loads for girls

Trampoline Is a fun way to tone your muscles and burn calories. According to NASA research, jumping on a trampoline as a cardio load is much more effective than jogging. While you are jumping, your body is affected by gravity, acceleration and deceleration. Cosmonauts, and now residents of modern megacities, undergo such training. It’s also a great way to spend a fun evening with your friends while losing weight together! The loads during the jumps are very intense, so do not forget to take water with you and drink during breaks. Or make a tea with select Lipton Green Tea leaves, which are more antioxidant than fruits and vegetables, and are high in folate and caffeine. In combination with tannins, the caffeine in tea has a milder and more lasting effect on the human body than the caffeine contained in coffee, so the body stays in good shape longer.

Gentlemen, we ask you not to get up: the best women's sports of Fall-2018: sports loads for girls

To get the most out of your workout, you need to follow some rules for maintaining water balance. Before starting the lesson, it is recommended to drink a glass of water or green tea, and then drink 150-200 ml every 20 minutes – this maintains an optimal metabolism and does not reduce the volume of blood flow, so that the heart does not work “idle”. In addition, a pleasant bonus of green tea, in addition to a whole range of substances useful for the body, is an invigorating, rich taste!

Yoga – but with new, unusual yoga wheels. Since the beginning of the year, social networks, especially Instagram, have been flooded with beautiful photos of sports girls with a yoga wheel. Try using the wheel in your daily practice and your spine will thank you. According to people practicing this sport, even the quality of sleep improves, and what can we say about a beautiful, straight back that will appear after a while?

Gentlemen, we ask you not to get up: the best women's sports of Fall-2018: sports loads for girls

Tennis – a classic that does not lose its relevance. Despite the fact that we more and more often do not have enough time to learn something new, such serious sports seem to be something difficult for us, unless in deep childhood a few years were given to the court. Meanwhile, today you can take absolutely any private training in any sport, and master it as an amateur. By accepting new rules and forcing muscle groups that are unaccustomed to stress to work, you can step out of your comfort zone and take a leap forward in terms of physical fitness and even career success. Tennis is a sport for those who do not like gyms, so if you have long needed a moral impetus and an excuse, like in childhood, to run after the ball, go for it!

Gentlemen, we ask you not to get up: the best women's sports of Fall-2018: sports loads for girls

Autumn is a great excuse to take yourself seriously. In addition to new sports hobbies, bring meaningful nutrition into your life, if you have not done so yet, choose for yourself a new, interesting type of activity that will definitely add color to your autumn leisure.

In addition to keeping the body in good shape through physical activity, it is very important to delight yourself with healthy products that can be bought in any store today. Do not forget to maintain the water balance of the body, in which Lipton Green Tea will become your main assistant, which will take over this important function. Try, develop and do not believe those who say that autumn is the time of withering!

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