The brightest participants in the project “House 2”

House 2Once upon a time, the whole country watched with bated breath as the participants in the show Dom-2 build their love. Now the show is no longer so popular, but the first guys who came to the “television construction” were remembered by many. What happened to your favorite characters? The answer is in the article!

1. Olga Nikolaeva (Sun)

Olga Nikolaeva Sun

The girl came to the show when she was only 21 years old. The shocking Olga immediately asked to call her the Sun. The audience fell in love with the participant not only because of her fighting nature, but also because of her talent. Olga wrote music, sang, played the guitar well and even wrote the song “15 Cool People”, which is still the screen saver of the show.
The girl created a couple with May Abrikosov: the creative guys quickly liked each other. However, the romance ended in nothing.

In 2008, the Sun won the audience choice contest and became the owner of a certificate for an apartment. True, the certificate covered only half of the amount, Olga had to earn the rest of the money herself. Therefore, the Sun was able to move into its own housing located in the Moscow region only in 2010.

Currently, Olga works as a DJ, records music of her own composition and organizes seminars on needlework. The girl is actively involved in spiritual practices and even found her own guru who helps to live harmoniously and happily. Her fate was quite successful, which cannot be said about many other participants in the project, which will be discussed below.

2. May Abrikosov

May Abrikosov

May Abrikosov appeared on the project in knightly armor and declared that he was a handsome prince, and he came to Olga Nikolaeva. May quickly won the girl’s heart with his romantic image and exquisite manners. However, the relationship did not work out. The guy turned out to be too infantile, which was not to the liking of a serious Olga.

Soon, May left the project, having managed to be remembered by the organizers of House-2 for his uneasy disposition. He quarreled with the administration about the fact that there were “wrong” products in the refrigerator, refused to celebrate the New Year with other participants and behaved like a real star, claiming that it was thanks to him that the show was so popular.

The young man’s dreams of becoming famous and staying in Moscow have remained dreams. He managed to star in a passing role in a small series, worked as a host of a mystical show, but never achieved success. Therefore, May left for the Voronezh region and settled in a private house.

Now he lives alone, raises chickens and works part-time on a collective farm in the summer. Rumor has it that May just went crazy after a series of failures and the death of his beloved grandmother: now the guy has gone headlong into religion and believes that damage is to blame for all his troubles.

3. Anastasia Dashko

Anastasia Dashko Konstantin Kuleshov

The girl from Salekhard was remembered by the audience for her quarrelsome character and romance with the dark-skinned Sam Seleznev. The couple seemed to be one of the strongest on the project. Despite the fact that the lovers often quarreled, they still remained together. In 2008, Sam and Nastya won a certificate for an apartment.

True, it turned out that Nastya herself sent SMS for herself, having spent a total of more than 150 thousand rubles on it! Because of the outbreak of Scandal, Nastya left the project and started her own business. True, after a couple of years she set up her partners and thundered behind bars for a year and a half. At the trial, the girl’s mother stated that she did not need such a daughter …

Today it is known that Nastya married the athlete Konstantin Kuleshov. The couple had a child.

4. Victoria Karaseva

Victoria Karaseva

The beautiful brunette Victoria became famous for her ardent disposition and ability to speak the truth in the face. Tory’s attention was sought by Vyacheslav Dvoretskov, who was considered a simpleton on the project and was not taken seriously. Oddly enough, Victoria accepted the courtship and became the wife of Vyacheslav.

The happiness of the young did not last long. In an Italian restaurant, Victoria, while tasting oysters, received an injury to the esophagus and was hospitalized in serious condition. Slava did not leave his wife a single step and did everything to make his beloved get better. Tory left the hospital with a weight of 30 kilograms …

Victoria’s hospitalization was a test of strength for the spouses, which they withstood with dignity. However, at the moment there is information that the couple is divorced.

5. Sam Seleznyov

Sam Seleznyov

Former lover Anastasia Dashko left the project due to a fight. Now the guy lives in his native Krasnodar, he has his own business: a small beauty salon. For some time Sam worked as a DJ and even made music.

6. Maria Politova

Maria Politova

A strange, unusual girl appeared on the project three times! Maria became famous for her extravagant behavior. She really was like “out of this world” and annoyed the other participants with constant singing. They joked that Masha sings even in her sleep.

After the final departure from the project, Maria remained in Moscow, worked as a journalist and model. Unfortunately, in 2017, the girl was found dead in her own apartment. Maria’s common-law husband told the press that his wife suffered from bipolar disorder and was taking potent drugs. The cause of her death was an overdose of drugs.

The fates of far from all the participants in the Dom-2 project were successful. Having become famous early, many were not able to properly dispose of fame. Life “outside the perimeter” turned out to be more difficult than participating in the show …

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