The character of a woman by her car

What kind of cars do women choose? We asked this question to psychologists and businessmen, experts of COLADY magazine. It turns out that it is quite possible to find out the character of a woman by her car.

Based on their character, girls choose everything for themselves: a life partner, and clothes, and a movie, and even a car. What influence does the character of a woman have on the choice of a car, we will tell you in this article. Everything described below primarily concerns those lucky women who can choose from what they like, and not from what is available.

Vehicle dimensions and women’s complexes

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The cars that women choose are divided into 2 main types:

  1. Large iron horse… So, experts in the field of psychology argue that if a girl desperately wants to drive a car of impressive size, for example, a Toyota Prado, then she strives for growth, for personal development. Thus, the girl wants to emphasize her status, designate her importance in front of everyone, transcend herself and appear much larger and higher than she really is. In some cases, in this way, women compensate for any unfulfilled plans or aspirations that have not been realized.
  2. Small female car. If a person who absolutely does not deny himself anything wants to buy himself a small car, then, most likely, we can talk about low self-esteem of the individual.

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Car color and feminine character

Driving a car by a woman is a common occurrence in the modern world.

The color of the car can also tell a lot about the owner. It should be noted that those who prefer the “practical” color of the car are not taken into account here. Experts interpret the choice of car color as follows? What color is chosen, such paints are lacking in life, and therefore the girls are trying to make up for the shortage by all possible means.

  • For instance, red car they choose beautiful ladies with an instinctive nature who want to move forward, to declare themselves to the whole world.
  • Bright orange tones in the color of an iron horse, they emphasize female sexuality, energy and striving for goals.
  • Yellow – this is a characteristic color of the sun, and therefore the owner of a yellow car is a sunny, bright girl, such a soul of the team and the best friend for everyone, because it is not for nothing that the sun is the center of the universe.
  • Green color the car is usually chosen by cordial, good-natured people, this is the color of tranquility. But different shades of green are interpreted differently. For example, light shades of green correspond to summer, positive, joy, but dark shades of green or swamp color indicate possibly unexpressed feelings, extinguished emotions.
  • Blue car – this is the dream or reality of girls who love to talk, they cannot live without communication.
  • Blue car testifies that it is definitely not a blonde who is driving – this is the color of the mind. A car of this color is chosen by girls who perceive the world rationally, through thoughts and reflections.
  • Purple colors cars are preferred not like everyone else, that is, extraordinary personalities, with a creative mindset, open to everyone in the world, perceiving everything around and making decisions based on intuition.
  • White color is unifying, and the girls who choose it have a little bit of all the qualities. It is very important and absolutely certain that the one who chooses a white car is an adherent of cleanliness, because any dirt is clearly visible on white.
  • Black color and its tones in cars are chosen by girls who prefer to stay in the shadows. They do not like to be in the spotlight and prefer to remain unnoticed, and therefore do not protrude once more. However, at the same time, the girls strive to control the situation, that is, they are such “shadow figures” like “gray cardinals” in politics.
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Car body shape and character of the girl

The shape of the car can also tell about the character and preferences of the girl.

  1. Sedan… If a woman likes the angularity in the design elements of the car, for example, inherent in old Fords, then this, to some extent, indicates that she still follows the principles in her life that were formed precisely during the years of the spread of this angularity. Simply put, motorists of this kind find it difficult to perceive any innovations, including in the world of cars. That is, these women are real conservatives.
  2. Minivan (station wagon)… It is not uncommon for you to meet a woman on the Autobahn driving a minivan or a family car. This indicates that she has a large loving family, she is a real housewife, a keeper of the hearth. A woman driving is no longer a rarity. Each girl takes a very serious approach to the choice of a car, so you can tell a lot about the owner of the car she has bought. A station wagon is the choice of solid, economic people. Most likely, they will not transport anything and take such a body just in case.
  3. Cabriolet… Where without luxury. If a girl can afford an expensive car, then she will tell everyone what she can! The owners of convertibles have nothing to hide, they are open to everyone, they flaunt themselves. These are undoubtedly “thoroughbred” girls who know their worth.
  4. Sport car. Not every girl buys a sports car, but there are still exceptions. Some ladies feel great only in a sports car, and this is regarded by psychologists as an individual feature, uniqueness of character. Such women, according to experts, are very strong – they have a steel character, iron nerves and an unshakable spirit. This feminine character is characterized by masculine traits, first of all, we are talking about the independent provision of their life. A self-confident, independent and domineering lady is no longer a rarity in our world.
  5. Jeep… In a big city, a woman in a large SUV or SUV is a common thing, but it still looks far from natural. Most often, fragile, sophisticated ladies get out of the car and one gets the impression that the “iron horse” does not even belong to her. But still, the choice of a large percentage of women is unshakable and he characterizes them as confident, graceful and independent from anyone. These motorists are characterized by rigidity of character, a certain masculinity, strength, focus on a goal, determination, and a high sense of responsibility.
  6. Hatchback. A small, neat car is driven only by cute girls who have a soft, flexible character. If you meet a guy at the wheel of such a vehicle, then, without any exaggeration, they will laugh at him. This is a real women’s car, which is always clean, pleasant smell, pads and increased comfort. A woman’s car undoubtedly indicates the romance of the soul, the vulnerability of character, and excessive sensitivity.

Car tuning and female character

Many girls choose modern design, that is, they keep up with the times, feel it, perceive all new items perfectly, tend to easily part with the foundations and rules, to change. Most often, these qualities are inherent in young women.

Tuning of a woman’s car suggests that the girl in this case is an adherent of innovations, an innovator in spirit, such tricks indicate an attentive attitude to life, to all the nuances. Trying to emphasize their individuality in any way, the girls make everything around them original, not like everyone else.

How does a car make characterize its owner?

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Which car is better for a woman to drive? List of car models for real ladies from COLADY magazine:

  • On the Mazda true connoisseurs of beauty go, for them prestige is everything. These cars will suit any girl, because in such a car everyone will feel at their best.
  • Toyota… If you have a Toyota, then you have definitely achieved something in this life. The drivers of this car brand are a purposeful person, a real boss and managing his life as he needs. Being the first everywhere is an important principle of Japanese car enthusiasts.
  • Concern Bmw produces aggressive cars. Their owners can be characterized as leaders, driving such a horse, you want to rush forward, overtake on the road, be the first everywhere. Sitting in such a car, a person is already driven by some kind of driving force – to be in time somewhere, to overtake someone, and where and why the driver himself will most likely not be able to say.
  • Owners Volvo grumpy and picky. They are very scrupulous in everything, petty, the principle is very important for them. The car, in their opinion, should be as reliable and safe as Volvo. For Volvo car enthusiasts, everything in life is laid out on the shelves, each must be filled according to the rules, these are real intellectuals.
  • a Audi the most important ones ride. If you know a lot in high circles, if you are a serious person with rich life experience, then you definitely need to buy a car of this brand. People drive this car on the roads according to the principle: “Part all – the Lord of the Rings is coming!”
  • Car owners of a prestigious brand Mercedes they drive on the principle “I have the right to everything”! These people are shameless, they are all knee-deep, not only the sea. Well, this applies to young people who are not so many behind the wheel of such a car. But aged conservatives prefer a Mercedes with a driver. Then the driving style is neat and polite enough.
  • Drivers Volkswagen – these are family, practical people, their own nest and comfort in everything, including driving comfort, are very important for them. These cars are often bought by newbies, especially girls, so you should be wary if you see Volts on the road. Volkswagen owners are also said to be specialists in a certain field.
  • On the Opel move around. Yes, yes, it is they who move, do not drive, do not drive, because for their owners it is just a means of transportation. For these people, the appearance is not important, the content is important to them. These are such students, regardless of the driver’s age. An Opel car is expensive to maintain, and this is the main thing for a conservative driver. Image is nothing, practicality is everything!
  • On the Subaru stubborn drivers are driving, they are far from being intellectuals. They take these cars with mass, strength and power, so they are perfect for an active girl who wants to be in time everywhere and everywhere.

What car do you have? Let us know in the comments!

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