The child does not sleep well at night – the true reasons and advice for parents

the child does not sleep well at nightToday, children are increasingly suffering from insomnia. Each baby has his own, personal, sleep mode. Some children fall asleep easily, others do not. Some babies sleep well during the day, while others – at night. For some children it is enough to sleep twice a day, and for others three times. If the child is not a year old, then read our article on why babies sleep poorly at night? But after a year, they only need to sleep once a day.

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Sleep rates of the child and deviations from them

Sleep comes from nature. It can also be called a biological clock, for the work of which certain cells of the brain are responsible. In newly born babies, this does not immediately adjust to certain norms. The child’s body must adapt to completely new conditions. In most cases, a child’s clear rest and sleep regimen is already established by the year.

But there are exceptions when sleep problems do not stop, but continue already at an older age. It doesn’t have to be related to health. In fact, there can be a lot of reasons.

The causes of poor sleep in a child – draw conclusions!

  • Very often, violations are caused by various psychological reasons. For instance, stress… You sent your child to school or kindergarten, the environment has changed for him and this situation makes him nervous. This is a nervous state and can be reflected in the child’s sleep.
  • Also, a child’s poor sleep can be provoked, for example, moving to a new apartment or even the birth of the second baby… But, again, these are all extraordinary factors.
  • Another reason for a child’s poor sleep can be considered poor family relationships and jealousy brothers and sisters. This greatly affects the psyche of young children, and therefore – their sleep.
  • Also, the child’s sleep is disturbed when he I have a stomachache or if he starts cut teeth… For children (especially in the first year or two), these “problems” are considered a fairly common occurrence.
  • Disturbed sleep in a baby often happens if his pajamas are uncomfortable, or when he sleeps on an uncomfortable pillow, hard sheets

the child does not sleep well at nightBy analyzing these factors, the baby’s sleep can be made more restful.
But why does one child normally sleep normally, while the other cannot be put to bed, he constantly wakes up at night and is capricious? This question is asked by many mothers.

So, most often this can mean that you have not taught sleep properly your child. What does it mean?

Almost all parents are convinced that sleep for a baby is a normal physiological need, like, for example, to eat. But I think that everyone will agree that a child needs to be gradually taught to eat as an adult. It is the same with sleep. Parents need to set up work biological clockso that they do not stop and run forward, since they will not tune in by themselves.

How to properly organize a child’s sleep?

  • First of all, it has a good effect on sleep. the age of the child. One-year-old baby doll needs to sleep 2.5 hours during the day and 12 at night, a three-year-old toddler – an hour and a half during the day and 11 hours at night, for older children – everything is enough 10-11 hours of night sleep… If your child deviates from the norm for an hour or two, then there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has different needs for rest and sleep. But still, what to do if the baby has a bad dream, if you cannot put him to bed for a long time, he is naughty and wakes up at night?
  • the child does not sleep well at nightRemember! To sleep well at night, then your child up to 4 – 5 years old, must sleep certainly in the afternoon… By the way, it is also useful for older children, for example, if a first-grader rests for about an hour during the day, he will quickly restore all his lost strength. But many of us believe that if a child does not sleep during the day, then this is okay, he will quickly get tired and fall asleep easily. But, unfortunately, everything is not what we used to think. The nervous system in an overexcited state hardly calms down, the processes of inhibition are disrupted and, as a result, the child does not fall asleep well. Moreover, he may still have nightmares. Also, children who do not sleep during the day may have problems in kindergarten, as the child may perceive the “quiet hour” as an infringement of his freedom. And sometimes this becomes the reason for the child’s refusal to go to kindergarten.
  • For some time, when the child refuses to go to sleep during the day, you will need to relax with him… Lie with him in the parent’s bed, talk about something pleasant for the baby. Can you motivate him with some reward for obedience, for example, after sleeping, you will go for a walk to the park with him. But the main thing is not to overdo it here, so that your child does not get used to the fact that everything must be done for some kind of reward.
  • Preschool children should go to bed no later than 21 hours… The fact that he does not want to sleep and says that he is already big can be interpreted by the fact that dad recently came home from work, the child wants to communicate, because adults will watch TV or drink tea in the kitchen, and the child should lie in a dark room completely alone. Put yourself in his place, he is offended. You just have to find a compromise until the child gets used to falling asleep at the right time. The best option is to take a walk after dinner with your baby for about an hour. When you return, buy it, brush your teeth with it, put on your pajamas – and put it in your crib to sleep. You can also try to play quiet games with him, read him a fairy tale, and then try to put him to bed. But quickly success, in this matter, is difficult to achieve.
  • But keep in mind that the child must get used to fall asleep on your own and at the right time, because this is how you develop the habit of normal healthy sleep. You need to be persistent and not succumb to the whims of your baby, if you can withstand it, then in a week or two your problem will be solved.

Tips for parents

  1. the child does not sleep well at nightTry not to get nervous! Still, your baby is connected with you and feels your mood and the state in which you are. If you feel tired, ask your family for help.
  2. Try to stick to your daily routine… This is just necessary for your baby to learn to fall asleep and wake up at the same time. And it will be much easier for you.
  3. Check if he has something hurts. Call your pediatrician. Maybe he is crying because he has teething or stomach cramps.
  4. We also advise you to try before bed. outdoor walks and warm baths

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