The color of clothes for blondes – the most successful shades in clothes

The color of clothes for blondes - the most successful shades in clothesEvery woman is capable of creating a modern image, looking bright and amazing. The color of clothes for blondes is able to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure.

Therefore, you should not rely on obsessive stereotypes, but choose an image, focusing on the color type and combination of shades.

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  4. Taboo colors in clothes for blondes

The color of clothes for blondes - the most successful shades in clothes

What blondes should be guided by when choosing the color of clothes

Dress colors that are suitable for blondes make it possible to present fair skin and hair tones in a favorable light.

When forming a wardrobe, girls should focus on the following aspects:

  • Color of the skin. Each woman has her own skin tone, from delicate light to tanned and dark-skinned. So, for example, a turquoise color is perfect for a pale one, which will perfectly harmonize with the tone of the hair.
  • Eye color. For blue, gray-blue and gray eyes, wardrobe items in gentle muted options are ideal. Light blue colors, as well as all shades of gray and light green will work as well. Brown-eyed, as well as blondes with green eyes, clothing colors can safely choose a natural color scheme – bright green, dark brown, chocolate and yellow tones.
  • Package. What color of clothes suits blondes largely depends on the characteristics of the figure. Curvy girls should prefer calm, dark and restrained tones. Such a choice will visually allow you to stretch the figure and give it harmony. Bright options, on the other hand, attract attention and flaunt what you would like to hide.
  • Event. Despite the preferences in color, you need to remember that the outfit should, first of all, be appropriate. For a party or meeting with friends, you can afford to wear bright clothes. But such a choice would be inappropriate for an office or a formal event. In this case, you should opt for something more restrained and not very prominent.
  • Season… In summer, dark colors will be completely inappropriate. In this version, you can go out only for dinner or a late meeting with a gentleman. At any time of the year, bright colors in the outfit will attract the attention of others and will cheer you up. Demonstrate a calm disposition with neutral colors and pastel outfits.

The color of the outfit must be in harmony with the natural tone of the skin and strands. He also needs to be combined with external data, correspond to fashion trends and priority tones of the season.

It is important to remember that young girls can afford absolutely everything, but older ladies should be more restrained in choosing shades.

Shades of blonde hair – what are blondes

When choosing wardrobe items, it is necessary to take into account that blonde hair comes in different shades.

They are conventionally divided into two groups:

  • cold (blondes with hair color of ashy, platinum, pearl tones);
  • warm (shades of cappuccino, as well as golden, amber, honey).

All shades of blond

Owners of the first type are modest and shy in nature. Such girls will look especially harmonious in clothes of a soft, muted tone, but not entirely pale. Peach, olive, pale blue and pale pink wardrobe items will come in very handy.

Saturated colors are suitable for warm hair tones, with the exception of red and black. In mustard, fuchsia, purple, they will look especially impressive.

Tanned girls in boiling white outfits that accentuate a slender and toned body will make a splash.

8 best clothing colors for blondes

Pink for blondes

Blond hair and pink garments are a classic combination associated with the famous Barbie doll. To slightly muffle the excessive “sweetness”, it makes sense to add a little contrasting black or blue to the image.

Pink for blondes

Not all blondes love pink. In such cases, lilac will come to the rescue. This palette makes the image gentle and charming.

Pastel shades

Girls with light hair should not be afraid to use soft pastel colors. In muted pink, vanilla, pale yellow clothes, they will be especially touching and cute.

Pastel colors for blondes

However, owners of warm shades should avoid mint and vanilla yellow.

Screaming red

Red shades, like nothing else, are able to emphasize the golden halftones of light strands. The most important thing in this matter is to choose the right tone of red. Scarlet or pomegranate is best suited, which brighten the image, make it fresher.

Red for blondes

This color not only radiates the self-confidence of its owner, but also attracts the eyes of the opposite sex. Therefore, red is perfect for dating. But it is advisable to avoid purple and wine in clothes.


Black color suits absolutely all blondes. If brunettes in such colors look more gloomy, then fair-haired beauties, on the contrary, will become especially solemn and elegant. This is achieved through sharp contrast.

Black for blondes

Blondes, endowed with porcelain skin and cold strands, will look great in outfits of a red and black combination. At the same time, red should be rich and deep, just like pink. A red blouse, complemented by black trousers with red stripes on the sides, is suitable for a red carpet. In the evening, you can wear a scarlet dress and black shoes.

The peculiarity of black outfits is that they slim the figure.


Medical white, ivory or champagne will add elegance and conciseness to the image. To make the whole picture more interesting, it makes sense to add some bright contrasting accents.

White for blondes

Pure white is best suited for blond and honey blondes. For light shades “beige” are preferable.

Advice! It should be remembered that white visually fills the figure.


A versatile gray – perfect for blondes. He is able to emphasize the softness and tenderness of the image, to give a feeling of femininity and lightness.

The use of pure gray and light gray is allowed, you can also dilute the image with details of pale pink or fuchsia. Such a find will make the image more complete.

Gray for blondes

You can use light cream things with floral prints with gray. They will hide the monotony and create a sense of sweetness.

Safari shades

This type of color scheme is perfect for blondes. Shades of beige, cream, olive, brown are versatile and neutral, which means that they are suitable for absolutely everyone.

Safari shades for blondes Safari shades for blondes

The personification of natural naturalness and naturalness is perfect for the owners of brown eyes and golden, slightly dark skin.

Cold blondes with such outfits are recommended to use additional elements in the form of a scarf, handbag, accessories. This technique will help not to focus on their pallor.

Blondes and blue (blue)

The blue color of clothes for blondes suits absolutely everyone, regardless of skin tone, but especially for blue-eyed and fair-skinned beauties. Such items can be worn both as the main one and as an auxiliary one.

Blondes and blue (blue)

Curvy women should wear blue-gray outfits. This will help to hide flaws and demonstrate the merits of the figure.

Advice! Any item of clothing that resembles hair color visually makes its owner more slender, stretches the figure. But for this, it is recommended to loose your hair and choose an outfit in accordance with the type of figure.

What colors are best for blondes to watch out for?

Girls with a light shade of hair should not only know what colors of clothes are for blondes, but also the tones that should be avoided.

“Cold” blond should bypass the side orange and gold shades. Bright hair will simply disappear against the background of such outfits. In addition, a taboo should be placed on wardrobe items in warm colors with the addition of turquoise and red

When choosing shades of clothing for blondes, care should be taken with gray-brown and khaki… Such a scale is capable of absorbing light.

The choice of colors of wardrobe items for blondes is wide enough. Young girls and adolescents are given more opportunities than older ladies, who must adhere to more restrained scales. However, when choosing which colors to wear to look amazing, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.

Putting together a 2020 fashionable wardrobe for blondes – how to guess with a color?

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