The difficult parting of Mondezir and Yulia Efremenkova

Just the other day, Yulia Efremenkova posted happy photos with her chosen one Mondezir Svet-Amur, and he spoke on his Instagram account about the “foundation of relationships” and confessed his love to the girl.

But under the next such publication by Efremenkova the inscription read: “Mondezir and I parted.” It turned out that their relationship had been crumbling for a long time, but the last straw was that the man locked the girl in the apartment and took her phone away.

Happy acquaintance on the project

Yulia Efremenkova and Mondesir

Julia and Svet-Amur met on the Dom-2 project. Then the girl no longer acted as a participant, but as a presenter, but she was too much fascinated by Light-Cupid to stay away. The couple’s relationship developed rapidly, were passionate. In 2019, Mondezir proposed to Yulia to marry, to which she, of course, answered a happy “yes”.

The lovers dreamed of the future and made grandiose plans, but gradually Efremenkova began to share less and less details of her personal life and her thoughts about the family.

“Mondezir and I parted ways. This is not a one-day situation “

It turned out that it was not without reason: the lovers had been thinking about parting for a long time and were constantly quarreling. The girl believes that in the relationship she lacked “personal freedom”, but to the last she tried to improve relations with Mondezir and forgave all his prohibitions and loud words.

Yulia Efremenkova and Mondesir 2

However, now the man did the unforgivable: the girl believes that her chosen one acted very cruelly, locking her in the apartment and taking away the phone, thereby depriving Julia of the opportunity to contact the world.

“Mondezir and I parted ways. This is not a one-day situation – we have had a strained relationship for a long time. With the move to a new apartment, nothing has changed. But there was hope for something better, and I held on to this hope. In the morning, Mondezir behaved very unworthily. I, too, was not in the best light in this situation. But I am grateful that it happened, because in the end I decided to part, “admitted the ex-host of the TV show” Dom-2 “.

“I will not cry, feel sorry for myself and stir up the past”

Efremenkova is not angry and does not take offense at the former: she is sure that after parting, everything will change for the better for both of them.

“For me he is already a stranger. I say “thank you” to Mondezir for the time spent. I wish him good luck and find a girl whom he is afraid to offend, ”Yulia summed up.

Yulia Efremenkova and Mondesir 3

The girl even remembered a scene from the Bible to describe her feelings:

“I will not cry, feel sorry for myself, stir up the past. These are all paths to nowhere. At the moments of parting, I remember Lot’s wife from the Bible. Leaving her hometown, which the angels came to destroy, she had to comply with only one condition: not to turn around. She could not resist and looked for the last time at the place where she was happy. And immediately turned into a pillar of salt. I won’t turn around. “

Svet-Amur refrains from commenting, but Julia hopes that she will be able to survive a difficult parting and find a new, true and sincere love.

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