The family of billionaires: how the Kardashians became famous

The Kardashian family has penetrated everywhere: they are on TV screens, their shows are regularly published on the Internet, products flaunt on store shelves, tracks take first place in the top charts, and pictures of curvaceous forms on the covers of magazines make women all over the world envious.

Sometimes the daily news about them gets boring, and commentators are outraged: who are they, where did they come from? Money decided everything, they themselves would never have achieved this!

Let’s figure out where the Kardashian family started and how they managed to become so famous.

That same 2007: how it all began

the kardashian family

13 years ago, a mother of many children appeared on the doorstep of TV presenter Ryan Seacrest’s office. She offered to create a reality show about her large and vibrant family. Then neither this woman, whose name is Kris Jenner, nor the producers and Ryan himself could predict the global success that a seemingly simple program would gain.

But this success did not come, of course, immediately. In 2009, the third season of the program was released, and it seemed that it was supposed to be the last: ratings dropped, because viewers were tired of the same storylines revolving around minor everyday problems.

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Even Chris herself, who looks like a woman who does not doubt her abilities for a second, began to think about closing the show, because the spotlights began to go out.

“Every time we renewed the show for another season, I thought to myself, how can I take those 15 minutes of fame and turn them into 30?” – she later wrote in her autobiography.

But faith in the show was restored when the artist began to have grandchildren.

Obvious success among hundreds of other reality shows: how did they do it?

The first pregnancy of Kourtney Kardashian gave the family a new finest hour. If earlier the show was full of quarrels about clothes and cars, now they have been replaced by more understandable and “earthly” problems like marriages, divorces (Kim broke up the marriage 72 days after the engagement), difficulties with conception and difficulties in upbringing. The drama was gaining momentum: more and more people after a hard day turned on the TV and calmed down, watching something familiar and seemingly dear on the TV screens.

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Soon, the family took over not only television, but also the Internet. Even more people learned about them, the first glossy magazines and interviews of new stars appeared. Thanks to social networks, the heroines received additional PR and began to earn more and each separately, gaining millions of subscribers in their accounts.

Of course, the show owes much of its rise to the people “on the other side of the camera”. After all, it only seems that the show is improvisational and “real” – in fact, every step of the characters is thought out to the smallest detail.

“When you watch the show, it seems like everything is spontaneous. But, most likely, all the roles are scheduled and planned in advance so that the viewer sees what the producers and the family members themselves want to show them, ”says Alexander McKelvey, a renowned professor of entrepreneurship.

Family of billionaires: how the Kardashians became famous and wealthy

Thanks to all this, the show has achieved much more success than any other reality, and does not lose its success after many years, turning its participants into a world famous brand. And this is no joke – for example, Kylie Jenner was only nine years old during the filming of the first episode. She is now 23 years old and a dollar billionaire.

As we can see, the family became famous not so much because of money or connections, but because of their ideological and willingness to show their life to the whole world – it is for their sincerity that they are loved.

Round the clock throughout their lives, they are under the gun of cameras and adjust themselves to beauty standards (let alone the eternal diet and numerous plastic surgeries of girls!), And in return they receive world fame, unprecedented amounts and contracts with the best brands.

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