The first time at the gynecologist – how to prepare for the first visit to the gynecologist?

This record was checked by a gynecologist-endocrinologist, mammologist, ultrasound specialist Sikirina Olga Iosifovna

A visit to a gynecologist is not an easy task for some, but it must be dealt with, because sooner or later you will have to make this important health visit to a specialist.

Today we, together with magazine, will try to understand the intricacies of this process.
How to prepare for your first visit to your gynecologist

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When should you plan your first visit to a gynecologist?

Teenage girls and young women are most afraid of the first examinations of a gynecologist, considering this procedure to be quite intimate, feel shame and fear. But believe me, you should not be afraid of these techniques – it is better to check everything in time so that do not miss the moment for treatmentif necessary.
How to prepare for your first visit to your gynecologist
Fear of a visit to a gynecologist is often associated with the incompetence of many specialists, and with a careless attitude towards the patient, and with non-deciphering of medical terms. All this can scare the patients, who next time will try to delay the moment of visiting the gynecologist.

The problem of shame and fear can be solved with a first examination. in a specialized medical center, where the percentage of qualifications of specialists and the attentiveness of the staff is still higher than in ordinary medical clinics.

Gynecologist Olga Iosifovna Sikirina

Commentary by a gynecologist-endocrinologist, mammologist, ultrasound specialist Sikirina Olga Iosifovna:

Even if nothing hurts you, nothing bothers you, then 2 times a year you need to visit a gynecologist, prophylactically.

Usually, the gynecologist is afraid before the first visit to him. If you don’t want to, you will not be examined by force. But I do not advise you to refuse the inspection, because even in the absence of complaints, erosion of the cervix, genital infection is often found. No sharp or cutting instruments are used during the pelvic exam. If you do not strain in anticipation of pain, then there will be no pain. Modern disposable plastic instruments are sized to fit, and there are enough small speculums for young nulliparous women.

Some have a fear of infection. With modern disposable instruments, the possibility of infection is excluded.

If there is a fear of immediate cauterization of cervical erosion at the first visit, then this is not done immediately. Before treating erosion, it is necessary to conduct an examination.

And moxibustion of erosion is painless, and for those who have not given birth, conservative treatment is done with drugs from the Dead Sea or Solkovagin.

There is no need to endure the pain, to be afraid that the gynecologist will make it even more painful during the examination. The doctor is not a sadist, the doctor does not want to hurt, he wants to understand what caused the pain.

There is no need to prolong blood smearing or bleeding from the genital tract. Usually women think that they will be sent for scraping right away. This is not the case, not always. If the cycle is disturbed, bleeding, of a functional nature, then conservative treatment is prescribed. Well, if the bleeding is severe, then the only method is scraping the bleeding mucous membrane of the uterus. But here, too, there is no need to wait for pain. Curettage is performed under general anesthesia.

When do you need to go to the gynecologist for the first time?

The first visit to the gynecologist should be done after the onset of the first menstruation – at about 15-17 years old, or after the onset of sexual activity… Doctors recommend getting tested Twice a year, regularly passing tests to prevent the possibility of developing various diseases. A health check is also considered mandatory. when changing a sexual partner

Often, doctors may look or speak judgmental. But always remember that You don’t have to make excuses for certain actions in front of a doctor – this is your life. Doctors are only obliged to warn you or give you a recommendation. Therefore, at the doctor’s appointment always tell the truth, be confident when communicating.
Rules for preparing for the first visit to the gynecologist

How to prepare for your first appointment with a gynecologist – important rules

  • For a cleaner look you can shave off hairs in the genital area – but, again, it is up to you. It is better to shave off in advance – 1-2 days before the appointment, so that irritation does not appear if this procedure is irregular for you.
  • Reception in the morning, of course, suggests that in the morning you go to the showerand you will look dignified. Reception in the evening is, of course, more difficult, but still find an opportunity to wash yourself with warm clean water without any means.
  • You should definitely not douche or wipe with napkins for intimate hygiene, as this may show a false picture during examination, and the doctor will not notice the real problem in your health, if any.
  • If you have recently received antibiotic treatment, postpone the visit to the gynecologist for 1-1.5 weeks… Such drugs affect the vaginal microflora, and also, when taken, will show a false picture of health.
  • Tests for infections should be done before or immediately after your period., it is better to make visits to the doctor on the 5-6th day of the cycle… During menstruation, visits to a doctor for no reason are not recommended.
  • Bring a diaper with you to put on the gynecological chair and socksto dress them at the reception. In paid medical centers, this is usually not required, since disposable diapers and shoe covers are used.
  • Also prepare a list of questions to the doctorif you have them.

First examination by a gynecologist – how is a gynecologist examined for the first time?

The first examination by a gynecologist consists of several steps:

  • Interview
    A conversation with a doctor begins with filling out your personal medical record – in the gynecologist’s office it is always a separate medical record from the general medical record. The doctor will ask you standard questions about the onset of menstruation, the onset of sexual activity and methods of contraception, clarify the frequency of menstruation and ask questions about your complaints.
  • External examination of the genitals
    This examination is carried out on a special gynecological chair, in which you need to sit down reclining, with your legs thrown back on special supports. After taking the desired position, try to relax so as not to cause additional discomfort. The doctor will examine the labia for abnormalities.
    How to prepare for your first visit to your gynecologist
  • Intravaginal examination
    The walls of the vagina and the cervix make it possible to consider special gynecological devices – mirrors. The specialist inserts a sterile speculum into the vagina. This procedure is not performed on virgins. During this study, tests are also carried out, the doctor takes smears with the help of special instruments. The test results usually become known in 5-7 days.
    Rules for preparing for the first visit to the gynecologist
  • Vaginal examination
    This is a two-handed examination of the vagina. The doctor, using palpation with his fingers, determines the condition of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Probing is carried out in special latex gloves.
  • Rectal examination
    This study is carried out for virgins, while fingers are probed not in the vagina, but in the anus.
  • Ultrasound
    Additionally, for a more detailed examination, a specialist may prescribe an ultrasound scan.
    How to prepare for your first visit to your gynecologist

The entire appointment with a gynecologist takes approximately 10-15 minutes, during this time you will have time to “talk”, be examined on an armchair, undress and get dressed.

We hope our story will help you no longer be afraid of going to this specialist and your even the very first visit to the gynecologist will pass without fears or doubts.

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