The harm and benefits of carrots on the menu – diets with carrots, carrot dishes

Carrots are one of the most ancient cultures. Cultivated in almost every country in the world, apart from tropical climates, carrots are a very healthy vegetable. The daily norm for a person is 18-25 g of carrots.

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Carrot varieties – which one is the most useful and tasty?

  1. Tuchon Is the most popular variety. These root vegetables are tasty and juicy and are best eaten raw. The fruit is outwardly even with small eyes, cylindrical in shape, has an orange-red color.
  2. Alenka – this variety lies perfectly for a long time and does not crack. It has a strong aroma and very sweet pulp. You can grow it almost anywhere.
  3. Carrot Vitamin 6 – The surface of the variety is smooth, blunt-pointed, with small eyes. The fruit contains a large amount of carotene, very tasty and juicy. It is also resistant to flowers.

Note: Calcium in nine root vegetables contains the same amount as in one glass of milk. (Moreover, calcium in carrots is absorbed in the human body better than milk).

Composition, nutritional value, calorie content of carrots

100 g of raw carrots contain:

  • 1.3g protein
  • 0.1g fat
  • 6.9g carbohydrates
  • 88.29g water
  • 2.8g fiber (fiber)
  • 1.43g starch

benefits of carrots

The main vitamins found in carrots are:

  • 21,7mg Vitamin A
  • 0.058mg Riboflavin
  • 0.066mg Thiamine
  • 0.138mg Vitamin B-6
  • 0.66mg Vitamin E
  • 0.01mg Beta-tocopherol
  • 13.2mg Vitamin K
  • 5.9mg Vitamin C

The main minerals found in carrots are:

  • 33mg Calcium;
  • 0.30mg Iron;
  • 12mg Magnesium;
  • 35mg Phosphorus;
  • 230mg Potassium;
  • 69mg Sodium;
  • 0.24mg Zinc;
  • 0.045mg Copper;
  • 0.143mg Manganese;
  • 3.2μg Fluorine;
  • 0.1μg Selenium.

Positive properties of carrots:

  • (Vitamin A) Beta-carotene has a positive effect on almost all bodily functions.
  • Carrots are used in the treatment of the cardiovascular system.
  • Carrots are most useful for people with diabetes.
  • This root vegetable lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patients.
  • Carrots are used to prevent cancer.
  • This vegetable slows down the aging of the skin, making it healthier, younger and more elastic.

Contraindications and harm to carrots:

  • You do not need to use this carrot for stomach ulcers, inflammation of the small intestine or duodenum.
  • With a large use of the root vegetable, drowsiness, headache, vomiting or lethargy may appear.

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Carrots in the diet of children, allergy sufferers, diabetics

carrot dish

  • At what age can you start eating carrots for children?

The most suitable age for adding carrots to a child’s diet is 8-9 months. By this age, the baby’s digestive system is already more formed. Therefore, it is best to introduce carrots into the diet at this age.

If you start feeding carrots to your baby earlier, an allergic rash may begin.

  • Can diabetics eat carrots and in what form?

People with diabetes are not recommended to eat sugar, but they just need to eat fruits and vegetables, including carrots.

It can be consumed both raw and boiled.

  • Can carrot allergies develop?

An allergy to carrots can appear, all because it has a high degree of allergenic activity.

Symptoms of an allergy to this vegetable appear immediately after ingestion, or upon contact with this vegetable.

Carrots in our diet – what can we cook and how to store them?

Carrot Dishes

  • Carrot cutlets.
  • Carrot puree.
  • Salads with carrots.
  • Pancakes with carrots.
  • Carrot casserole.
  • Manty with carrots.
  • Carrot pudding.
  • Carrot cake.
  • Carrot juice.
  • Korean spicy carrots.

Carrot juice, all the pros and cons

  • Carrot juice is a very good anti-inflammatory property.
  • This juice is also used as an antiseptic to treat insect bites and to prevent swelling.
  • In addition, carrot juice has been shown to treat chronic kidney disease.

carrot juice

Making carrot juice

You should not peel carrots before juicing, because the most useful things are near the surface. Therefore, you should simply rinse the root under running water.

Storing carrot juice

Carrot juice can be kept at home for a long time. It is necessary to put a jar of juice in the lower compartment of the refrigerator.

Carrot diet will save you 2-3 kg in two to three days

During the day, consume these products by pouring them into five meals.

Day 1.

Carrot salad. Kiwi. Apple.

Day 2.

Carrot salad. Kiwi. Grapefruit.

Day 3.

Carrot salad (or boiled carrots). Apple.

Day 4.

Carrot salad. A couple of baked potatoes.

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