The husband went to his mistress – what to do? Instructions for cheated wives

When the husband went to his mistress, it seems that the world has collapsed. The wife (or perhaps already ex-wife) is overwhelmed by anxiety, depression and apathy. Questions arise in my head: “What to do next?”, “Why she and not me?”, “How to live alone without a husband?” etc.

Surviving the betrayal of a loved one is incredibly difficult, but possible. Psychologists and sociologists will tell you today to which mistresses husbands leave and why this is happening. You will also receive valuable advice on how to “heal” your broken heart.

The husband went to his mistress: reasons

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Marriage is a very complex topic. There is no such advice in the world that would help in any life situation. After all, there are many reasons why a husband can destroy a family. We will list the most common ones:

  • Resentment and discontent which have accumulated over the years. You just didn’t pay attention to it before. For example, everyone knows that in any family dispute, a woman tries to leave the last word for herself, regardless of the reasons. This is how the beautiful half of society is arranged, and nothing can be done about it. However, a wise woman will always try to find a compromise, and sometimes even admit that her husband’s arguments are well-grounded and very weighty.
  • If you are always trying to get the upper hand, the conversation turns into a raised tone, and already becomes silent. But he does this not because he agreed with you, but because he is tired of your “noise effects”. But you think that he admitted that he was wrong, and the last word is yours. This situation repeats over and over again. And one fine day, after returning home from work, you realize that your husband left you and went to his mistress.
  • The wife stops looking after herself. Having got used to the role of a spouse, quite often a woman ceases to perceive her husband as a man who needs to be liked. She does not consider it necessary to comb her hair and put on makeup for her husband. Walks around the house in an unpresentable dressing gown.
    And at work, your beloved is surrounded by completely different women: fit and slender, combed and painted, smelling good. Regardless of the presence of a stamp in the passport, he is primarily a man, therefore he always reacts to such signals.
  • Striving to make a career. Modern women strive for financial independence. Sometimes we are so eager for recognition and business success that we completely forget about our husband. All married life comes down to fresh frozen convenience foods, shirts from the laundry, and rare joint trips to corporate parties, where you also do not pay much attention to your lover.
    And it makes no sense to talk about sex and children. You are so tired at work that in the evening you have absolutely no time for marital affection. Standard excuses begin to sound: I am very tired, I have a headache, there is an important meeting tomorrow, etc. The result of this behavior is that the husband left for another woman, more caring and pliable, she always has free time, which she completely devotes to him.

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These are the most common reasons why a husband might leave the family. The main thing is to understand that such a decision as leaving the family is not made at lightning speed, it matures over the course of many months. An attentive wife, if she changes her mind in time, has every chance to preserve her family happiness. But, and if this has already happened (the husband went to his mistress), then you need to know what to do next.

What should a deceived wife do if the husband has gone to his mistress?

Not a single psychologist, girlfriend or magazine article will give you the right answer to this question. You must decide for yourself what you want your husband to return or start a new life without him. And in order to understand this, you need to honestly answer the following questions:

  1. Was my married life completely happy? What exactly did not suit you?
  2. Do I want to move on with my husband? Does it have any disadvantages?
  3. Do I love my husband? Will I be able to forgive him for cheating?
  4. Will I be able to live without my husband?

If you are honest with yourself, you can easily understand whether it is worth fighting for your marital happiness, or maybe you just need to let go of your loved one.

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Sociologist’s comment

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Dear girls, women, ladies!

If your once beloved husband left you, leaving for another woman, I strongly recommend switching the vector of attention from HIM to YOURSELF. Surely he had reasons for such an act. God will judge him. Your goal now should not be to lynch your husband as hard as you can, much better to take care of yourself. Accept your pain as a goodness, as a revelation, because you have a great opportunity to reassess your values. It is not for nothing that people involved in spiritual practice say that we purify ourselves only through pain.

The husband went to his mistress – it is painful, unpleasant, offensive, etc. Live through your pain. Give her a way out. Do not hold sadness and anger in yourself! Over time, it will become easier for you, it is checked!

The best option for you for the current period of your life is to try to let this man out of your life, block him on all social networks so that there is no temptation to write / call and move on. There are still so many joys in life! You shouldn’t dwell on people who made their own decisions to leave your life. Make room in your heart for those who appreciate you.

Effective ways to return a husband who left for his mistress

If you come to the conclusion that your life has no meaning without your beloved spouse, you are ready to forgive him for betrayal, then do not despair, and boldly start the battle for your family happiness. And we will try to help you with this:

  1. If you do not love yourself, then no one will love you. Despite the difficulties and emotional distress, you must look stunning every day. Make your home a clean and comfortable nest where you will always want to return.
  2. Every woman should have a mystery. In addition to your main goal, to get your husband back, set yourself a few more that you need to achieve. Do the things that were previously unusual for you.
  3. When meeting your husband, be cheerful, friendly, and affectionate. You don’t need to talk a lot about your new life. There must be a sweet mystery in you. Let your beloved learn about your life achievements from friends and mutual acquaintances, be sure to take care of this.
  4. Make friends with your mother-in-law. Come to visit her, bring something for tea. During a friendly conversation, talk about how much you love her son.
  5. If your loved one does not give in, become his girlfriend. Feel free to tell him about your new life, ask about a new passion, give advice. So you will always be with him, beautiful and energetic, but at the same time absolutely unattainable.
  6. Sometimes allow yourself to be a weak woman next to him so that he can feel himself a strong and courageous protector.

Statistics is a pretty harsh science that says that 75% of men do return to their families.

Has the husband gone to his mistress? Start a new life

Well, if you decide that there is no turning back, and you need to start a new interesting life, go ahead with us:

  1. For a new life to be happy, you need to leave all resentment behind. Forgive your ex-spouse for all the wrongs, and wish him happiness.
  2. You don’t need to plunge headlong into a new relationship. So you will not find true love, but only pick up a weak “compensation” for your husband – and you absolutely do not need this. Enjoy your freedom and the attention of men for a while.
  3. Don’t get hung up on work and children. Try to do things that you would never have dared to do in your married life. Believe me, from now on you can afford EVERYTHING.
  4. The departure of a husband to another is not the collapse of your whole life. It’s just that the moment has come when you are on the verge of a new and interesting life. Enjoy it!

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