The incredible love story of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are one of the most adorable Hollywood couples who have been inseparable for nearly four decades.

Colleagues joke that it’s almost like a century together, given the fragility of relationships in their industry. In addition, Goldie and Kurt never saw the need to tie the knot, as they had visited it before – Goldie twice and Kurt once. According to Kurt Russell himself, “for people like us, a marriage certificate means absolutely nothing.” By the way, Goldie is six years older than Kurt.

First date

Kurt Russell

Did you know this couple had a very tumultuous start to their relationship? Take their first date, for example. In 1983 the actors starred together in the romantic melodrama “Extra Shift”. To prepare for the role, Hawn invited Russell to practice dancing.

“She told me so, ‘We have to go somewhere and dance to the swing music that will sound in the film,” Kurt Russell admitted in 2016 to Harry Connick Jr. on his Harry Talk Show. – I volunteered to find such a place, and the Playboy Club was the only club where swing sounded. So we went to Playboy and had a great time with Goldie. “

Realizing that “the night is still ahead,” the two actors decided to retire somewhere. It occurred to them to head to Goldie’s new home, which was in a state of renovation. Since the actress did not have the keys with her, they simply broke down the door!

Kurt Russell 2

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Police intervention

“We went upstairs to a conditional bedroom with conditional furniture, but we were making love quite realistically when the police broke in,” Russell recalled on a talk show. “Of course, to get inside, we had to open the doors. And so Goldie and I are in the midst of the process, and then a flashlight is shining in my face. It was weird and funny. The police arrived at the signal that the house was burglary, but they were nice and advised us to rent a hotel room, so we did so. This was our first date. I can’t believe it was so long ago. “

By the way, this historic house for their family now belongs to Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn.

Happy together for almost 38 years

The incredible love story of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn:

Such an extreme adventure was definitely the beginning of a long life together for the actors, but there was another moment when Goldie finally fell in love with Kurt. The morning after their iconic date, the actress brought him home, where her children, six-year-old Oliver and four-year-old Kate, were sleeping.

“I remember bringing Kurt to my house. He came to meet my children, and they were asleep … He looked at them sleeping with tenderness, and at that moment I irrevocably fell in love with him, – recalled Goldie on the Andy Cohen talk show. “Tears came to my eyes, and I thought:“ Oh, if someone could love my children as I love them, my life would become just perfect. ”

The incredible love story of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn:

Since then, the couple have been together for almost 38 years. And who would have thought that it all started with a violation of the law and a clash with the police!

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