The line of the heart in the right palm will tell about you

The study of lines in the palm of your hand in order to identify personality traits and even to obtain predictions and predictions is a very ancient science. Palmistry really says that your palms show what kind of person you are, and what is happening and even will happen in your life.

Today we will focus on a rather prominent and pronounced heart line. What can she tell you?

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Palmist Test: The line of the heart in the right palm tells a lot about you

Type 1

If your heart line starts just below your middle finger, this means that you are a born leader, although it is possible that you did not particularly develop these inclinations in yourself, because you never tried to be in public view. You are independent, ambitious and smart. Determination and determination are inherent in you, and you are also a rather thick-skinned and not very receptive person who often looks cold, indifferent and detached.

Type 2

If the heart line begins at the junction of the index and middle fingers, then it characterizes you as a kind, friendly and caring person who is attentive not only to his loved ones, but also to all the people around him. You are also characterized by reliability, responsiveness, tact. You respect and love not only yourself, but others as well, and this is highly appreciated. Your good manners and courtesy are your best qualities.

Type 3

If the heart line starts under the index finger, then you are somewhat similar to Type A in terms of determination, ambition and intelligence, but you are softer, more human and sensitive. You cannot pass a person in trouble; you are able to empathize and perceive other people’s pain and do not know how to be an egoist, living only by your desires and needs. You will definitely lend a helping hand to those who need your support.

Type 4

This is not the most common type, but if your heart line starts between the index and thumb, then you are a rather patient, quiet and calm person who prefers to live in his own closed world, where there is no access to strangers. You only allow a very narrow circle of people to approach you and do not particularly strive for active communication with your fellow minds. You are a typical introvert and choose your own company.

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