The love and betrayal of Billy Bob Thornton

Probably, the overwhelming majority of people at least once in their life had the experience of painful and difficult relationships with conflicts or betrayal. And these relations, fortunately, are already in the past, although they brought a lot of suffering then. By the way, celebrities are also not immune from the risk of becoming victims of toxic partners.

Actress Laura Dern (you may have seen her in “Twin Peaks” and “Jurassic Park”) was once engaged to famous brawler and “bad guy” Billy Bob Thornton, and they planned to get married.

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Billy Bob Thornton
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However, in 2000 Thornton calmly left his fiancée and left in English, without explaining anything to her, when he fell in love with his young partner in the film “Controlling Flights”. The aspiring actress was named Angelina Jolie, and she was 20 years younger than Thornton.

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Billy Bob Thornton’s Betrayal

Laura and Billy Bob lived together for almost three years, and she had a “gorgeous” prospect of becoming his fifth wife. However, when the actress left for a lengthy shoot, Thornton quickly married another woman behind her back. Poor Laura had no idea the relationship was over until she read the news of her fiancé’s wedding in the media. Billy Bob didn’t even bother to call her and somehow explain. And Angelina became the wife of number 5.

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“I left for the shooting, and while I was away, my boyfriend got married without telling me anything,” Laura Dern admitted to Talk Magazine. “It was as if I had died suddenly, because I did not understand anything.”

Since they had a common house before Billy Bob’s hasty marriage to Angelina, Laura had to ask her friend, singer Melissa Etheridge, to take her things. Melissa Etheridge herself even commented on that period: “I was next to Laura when Jolie stole her fiancé. By the way, Angelina then did the same with Brad and Jennifer, so this is not the first time for her. I helped Laura move out of her house with Billy Bob. It was so humiliating and unpleasant to go there to take out her things. “

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Laura and Angelina’s childhood acquaintance

Subsequently, it turned out that once little Laura even coddled little Angelina, since her father, also an actor, Bruce Dern, was friends with Jolie’s father, John Voight.

Bruce Dern described this situation as follows:

“Jon Voight is my friend, so I remember Laura sitting with Angelina when she was two and Laura about ten. John and I did Homecoming together. John and his wife were spending the night with director Hal Ashby, so they asked Laura to look after Angie. “

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The collapse of the marriage of Jolie and Thornton

Few believed in the longevity of the Thornton-Jolie alliance, and these predictions came true. Their marriage lasted only three years, and Thornton then had a sixth wife, and Jolie has been divorced for the third time today.

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In 2001, Billy Bob, in an interview with the Guardian, even tried to make excuses for his act towards Laura Dern, but it somehow didn’t matter at all for him:

“They tell me that you, they say, abandoned the bride to marry another. But I was happy at that moment. I’m sorry that Laura was hurt. Things were not going well for us, and I did some wrong things. People say relationships need work. And I don’t like working on them and have never done it. I don’t want to go to a psychologist with my partner to improve my relationship. I don’t believe it and I never did. ”

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