The love story of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis

How many love stories have you heard in your life? Dozens? Hundreds? Undoubtedly, each of these stories is beautiful, poetic, mysterious and interesting. There are millions of such stories, but today I would like to highlight one of all. Big, passionate, wonderful love between two famous personalities.

She is a majestic woman, an opera goddess with a beautiful voice, and he is the richest man on the planet. Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis

A passionate romance in which there was no happiness: the story of the painful love of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis
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What is the secret of their history? How did they meet and how did they fall in love? Huge love that turned into a huge scandal.

The path to success of Aristotle Onassis

One of the richest people on the planet – Aristotle Onassis was born on January 15, 1906. He grew up a confident, independent, purposeful boy. In short, all the traits of a successful entrepreneur have been combined in him since childhood.

Aristotle was obsessed with the idea of ​​being successful in business and making a huge fortune. Having reached adulthood, the young man leaves for Argentina, where he works as a telephone technician, and in his free time develops his business. Thus, by the age of 32, Onassis earns several hundred thousand dollars.

A passionate romance in which there was no happiness: the story of the painful love of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis
Photo @aristotelis_onassis

Along with the money, he also had rich mistresses. By the way, Aristotle showed interest in the opposite sex from an early age, but true love was waiting for him ahead.

Fateful meeting

In September 1957, the first meeting of Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas took place at a ball on the occasion of Elsa Maxwell’s birthday in Venice. Then they did not even know that their fates would intertwine.

In the spring of 1959, they met again at a ball. After that, Onassis went to London for a Callas concert, and later he invited her and her husband to his yacht.

The story of Maria Callas

A passionate romance in which there was no happiness: the story of the painful love of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis
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Maria Callas was born in New York and grew up as an abandoned child. The fat, unattractive, uncommunicative and withdrawn girl felt inferior among other children.

“I felt like I was loved only when I sang”, – said Maria about her childhood. Despite this, by the age of sixteen, the girl, with her beautiful voice, earned a decent life and even supported her family.

Callas’ career developed rapidly. Millionaire Giovanni Battista Meneghini has always admired Maria’s talent. Later they became spouses.

For a long time, Battista was her manager, companion and took care of her in every possible way. However, speaking of feelings, Maria did not love her husband or was insanely responsible if she left her husband the next day after the wedding, going on tour.

As she often said:

“The more fame you have, the more responsibility and the more defenseless you feel.”

Love story

Maria so often repeated the life collisions of her characters that she often confused reality and fiction. She was in conflict between her promises and her longing for love.

A passionate romance in which there was no happiness: the story of the painful love of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis
Photo @mariacallasofficial

“When I met Aristo, who was so full of life, I became a completely different woman.”, – Maria admitted.

Maria Callas arrived with her husband on the billionaire’s luxury yacht. For Aristotle, the presence of his own wife and the husband of a woman whose heart he intended to win was not an obstacle at all. He persistently courted Maria Callas and, in the end, won her heart.

Their romance came as a real shock to the public. Onassis and Callas forgot about all decorum and revel in their love in front of their spouses and guests.

In the future, Maria asked her husband for a divorce: “I stay with Onassis. I do not love you anymore”She said to Battista.

Meneghini was discouraged by this news and simply could not find a place for himself. He was ready to forgive his wife for this holiday romance. “Maria may be dating Onassis, but why divorce?” Thought Meneghini. But Callas was adamant: she loved Onassis very much and sincerely believed that he would propose to her.

Completely blinded by love, Maria leaves the stage to devote herself to her partner, no matter what. It’s amazing how sincere the girl’s feelings were, but her lover did not share this attitude.


Aristotle Onassis achieved his goal and now enjoyed the fame that his relationship with Maria Callas brought him. Besides fame, the man got something big. Mary idolized him, was ready to fulfill his every whim.

Meanwhile, Onassis began to treat the girl worse and worse. The ardent lover turned into an overbearing and rude roommate who was in no hurry to register a marriage.

A passionate romance in which there was no happiness: the story of the painful love of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis
Photo @aristotelis_onassis

Callas endured insults in front of friends, infidelity, and even the fact that Onassis raised a hand on her. But this behavior only fueled new attacks of aggression in the man.

The biggest blow can be considered ab @ rt, which Aristotle made his “beloved” do. Maria was 43 years old when she found out about the pregnancy. Undoubtedly, the woman was insanely happy, but the child’s father did not share her opinion at all.

“Think about how fulfilling my life would be if I resisted and saved the child”, – said Maria. All her life she cursed Aristotle for making her do THIS, and cursed herself even more for obeying.

In August 1968, the couple had a serious scandal. They quarreled aboard the Christina, where their story began. They swore so hard that the entire crew hid in their cabins.

The quarrel ended with the fact that Onassis, referring to the girl, ordered to get out of his sight. “Ok, but you won’t see me again”, – answered Maria. Of course, both understood that these were empty words.

A little later, she learned from the newspapers that Aristotle Onassis had married the widow of the President of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy. For the girl, this was a real blow, she closed herself in, stopped communicating with anyone, did not leave the apartment.

Second try

A passionate romance in which there was no happiness: the story of the painful love of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis
Photo @aristotelis_onassis

A month later, Onassis arrived in Paris and begged his beloved for forgiveness, assuring that he did not feel anything for his new wife, and this marriage was just a PR stunt. Whether it was true or not, no one knows. The new wife was cold, stingy and calculating. What kind of man would be satisfied with such an attitude towards himself?

Onassis lacked Mary, or rather, her love, care, patience. Maria forgave Onassis. How strong was this girl that she could forgive the repeated mistakes of her beloved.

Payback Onassis

But this time fate played a cruel joke. In 1973, the beloved son of Onassis, Alexander, died in a plane crash, and after that Aristotle could not recover and was hospitalized. Perhaps this was the very payment that Onassis paid for “not allowing” one of his heirs to be born.

The man’s wife, Jacqueline, flew in from America only once and, after making sure that her husband’s condition did not cause any special fears, went back to New York. On March 15, 1975, she was informed that her husband had passed away.

It is unlikely that this caused even a drop of sorrow in her. They said that in his last minutes he thought only of Maria, the only girl whose feelings were real and sincere. Callas loved Onassis until the very end, it is a pity that the man understood this a step before his death.

Following the beloved

In September 1977, Maria turned to Onassis’s secretary to take her to Aristotle’s grave. She flew to the island where the man is buried with a bouquet of white roses. So she decided to say goodbye to her beloved.

In the same year, her heart also stopped. Whether she died a natural death or was killed is still a mystery. The strangest thing about her leaving was that, having earned a huge fortune, she did not leave a will.

Was it a pang of conscience in front of an unborn child, or did she just not think and did not expect her death? Unfortunately, this issue will never be resolved.

So two lives ended, two happy, but at the same time tragic souls, whose fates were intertwined, becoming a global scandal for the public and their personal misfortune for each other.

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