The main color of 2022, giving harmony to humanity

I will reveal to you a unique author’s research, which I did together with my assistant. This is the first time I publish such an exclusive material. It is unlikely that you will find something like that at some of my colleagues.

Just the other day, the Pantone Institute named the main color of 2022, giving it the name Very Peri and assigning the number 17-3938.

As the magazine “Novoye Vremya” noted in an interesting way: Peri in Persian mythology is a fantastic winged female creature (a prototype of fairies), or as the “Explanatory Dictionary of Ushakov” says, “A fallen angel who is temporarily expelled from paradise and protects people from demons”

In some myths, peri have a connection with water and they are called the “mistress of water”. Later you will understand why I am telling all this.

The main color of 2022, giving harmony to mankind -
Perry, Gustave Moreau, 1865
Illustration Wikipedia

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When creating it, the institute addressed, among other things, the topic of the digital world, virtual reality and the meta-universes.

The color description says: “Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri is composed of blue and purple-red hues. He exhibits a cheerful mood and dynamic presence that encourages bold creativity and creative expression. ”

“The creation of a new color for the first time in the history of our Pantone educational color program The Color of the Year reflects ongoing global innovation and transformation. As society continues to recognize that color is an important form of communication and a way of expressing and influencing ideas and emotions, engaging and communicating, the complexity of this new shade of blue with a reddish-purple flavor underscores the enormous opportunities that lie ahead of us. “– said the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, Laurie Pressman.

And now we turn to two metaphysical directions and reveal everything that is in the deep sense of Very Peri and how it relates to 2022.

Let’s start with Tarot Numerology

The very name Very Peri gives incredible strength, resilience, brightness and at the same time calmness and complete confidence in yourself, your strengths and in victory over anything.

Number 17-3938 combined three Codes.

First gives:

  • creative inspiration;
  • daydreaming;
  • creation of new masterpieces in various fields;
  • ease;
  • nice talking;
  • faith;
  • positive.

In addition, he is very similar to the peri (mythological creature).

Second directly related to:

  • the world of numbers and digital technologies;
  • knowledge;
  • talents.

And also gives ease of communication, courage and cheerfulness.

Third and the final:

  • carries secrets and a kind of mysticism;
  • deeply immerses in the subconscious world of our I;
  • gives incredible and meaningful creativity;
  • gives birth to masterpieces, femininity.

One of the colors of this Code is purple, which is very much in tune with Very Peri.

By the way, one of the main Codes of 2022 is about freedom, creativity and inspiration, about unity with higher energies and complete trust in the world. It’s like the color of the year.

Now let’s move on to the Eastern Astrology of Ba Tzu

The symbol of the next year according to the Chinese calendar is the Water Tiger. Let me remind you that it comes into its own on February 4, 2022.

I believe that from the name you already understand the connection between Very Peri and the symbol of the year.

However, where did the red tint come from? It is also present in the Tigris as an element of Fire. Look at the diagram.

The main color of 2022, giving harmony to mankind -
Author’s scheme of Vermarya using the Ba Tzu hieroglyph calculator and Pantone Very Peri color. Illustration

How accurately and subtly they created Very Peri, laying in it the most unusual elements – colors (shades are taken just like from the palette of the pillar of the year).

The very element of Fire in Eastern Astrology gives creativity, brightness, inner strength and positive, which we so critically lack these years.

With the arrival of the Tiger, we partially have this Fire. In addition, he (Tiger) is a very dynamic animal of the Eastern horoscope, a symbol of freedom, high status and will open up new opportunities for us.

And the year itself, according to Eastern Astrology, launches the theme of the new, changes, speed in everything, technological inventions, self-expression.

Energy vibration scale

Even by means of color, the creators of Veri Peri raise us to very high vibrations, downright pulling humanity “by the hair” up so that we do not “overwhelm” in that “swamp” where the events around us have been trying to drive us for a long time.

The main color of 2022, giving harmony to mankind -
Hawkins Energy Vibration Scale. Illustration

Do you see at what level he is in this diagram? This is the level between Harmony and Enlightenment, and it is very high.

In addition, this shade (in its gradation) is located between the chakras and 6 Ajna and 7 Sahasrara. That speaks of deep wisdom, awareness, freedom of thought, creativity and a high level of spirituality in a global sense.

The main color of 2022, giving harmony to mankind -
Chakra color scheme. Illustration by

Looking at him, not only an even greater positive awakens, but also the confidence that people have finally woken up.

I don’t even have a drop of doubt that Pantone is not only wise workers, but also good consultants to metaphysics.

What do you think of the new color?

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