The main types of facial skin and their characteristics – how to determine the type of facial skin?

How important it is for every woman to know her skin type, says at least that the choice of even the most basic cosmetics depends on it. Almost all women believe that they know their skin type – however, not everyone knows exactly how to determine the type of facial skin. In addition, with age, facial skin types can change, and it is sometimes not so easy to identify these changes.

COLADY will teach you how to identify your skin type so that you understand how to care for it. What is your holding: oily, dry or combination? Find out now.

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Of course, the very structure of the skin in all people is approximately the same, only the intensity of the sebaceous glands differs. This determines how your skin looks, what type of skin you have and what kind of care it needs.

Traditionally, there are four types of facial skin.

  • Dry skin type
    Dry skin looks very beautiful – it is matte and delicate, it is not characterized by oily sheen, and the pores are practically invisible. However, dry skin is very sensitive not only to weather conditions (sun, wind), but also reacts extremely negatively to improper care.Changes in weather immediately affect skin peeling, irritation becomes more noticeable with age, wrinkles appear early, the skin practically does not retains much needed moisture. In addition, dry skin is very sensitive even for specialized cosmetics and requires careful constant care. See also: Why the skin is dry – the main reasons.
  • Oily skin type
    The most common skin type is oily. The problem of oily skin appears in adolescence and the type of skin care that will be largely depends on the change in its type in the future. Oily skin is also typical for people who abuse fatty foods, alcohol; for those who suffer from hormonal imbalances; for obese people and people with impaired metabolism.
    As for skin care, in addition to cosmetics, a diet that excludes fats, carbohydrates, spices, etc. is required. But very often it happens that this type of skin occurs due to improper care, for example, the abuse of fatty creams. Oily skin is characterized by shine, enlarged pores, acne, visible capillaries; unlike dry skin, oily skin is practically insensitive to the weather. Read also: Best day creams for oily skin.
  • Normal skin type
    Normal skin type is the most problem-free. The skin of an even, matte color does not have any pronounced defects, practically does not cause problems either when the weather changes or under other conditions, and needs the most minimal care.
    The main thing is not to knock down the natural fat balance by clogging the pores, which can happen with the abuse of creams.
  • Combined type of facial skin
    The fourth type of skin is combination or mixed. It is characterized by the presence of different types of skin in different facial areas. Most often, in the “T” zone (nose, forehead and chin) there is oily skin, in other areas – either normal or dry. In this case, each zone needs its own, individual care, depending on its skin type.
    In order to correctly determine on which specific areas oily skin prevails, it is enough to apply and carefully press a napkin to your face in the morning. Greasy spots appearing on the paper will accurately determine the presence of problem areas.

Even knowing the characteristics of each skin type, it is not always possible to adequately define your own skin type. At the same time, determining the type of skin is very important not only in order to look good, but also so that proper care helps to keep your skin fresh and healthy for longer.

How to determine the type of facial skin – test

How to determine your skin type - an accurate test from a beautician!
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It’s simple enough. Determination of the type of facial skin can be carried out independently, the main thing is to carefully observe and comply with all stages:

  • Thoroughly cleanse the skin from cosmetics and dirt.
  • Rest your skin for two to three hours.
  • In daylight, using a magnifying mirror, examine the skin carefully for enlarged pores, peeling, oily sheen.
  • By applying a dry tissue to your skin, you can judge whether your skin is oily or not. if oily spots appear on the napkin, the skin has increased sebum secretion.

How to determine your skin type – video

Such a test can give an adequate answer to the question of how to find out the type of facial skin. And correctly selected creams, lotions, masks and other cosmetic products after it will allow you to preserve the natural beauty of your skin for a longer time, to feel always young and satisfied with your appearance.

Do you know your skin type?

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