The meaning of the name Alina – what it means and how it affects fate. The origin of the name Alina

“As you name the boat, so it will float” – an old Russian proverb. Indeed, a person’s name has a decisive influence on his destiny. In this material, we will consider in detail the origin, numerology and meaning of Alina’s criticism, and also give valuable advice to its owners.

Name Alina

Origin and meaning

There is no single version regarding the origin of this name. According to one of the most popular, it has ancient Germanic roots and is translated as “good” or “noble”. According to another widespread version, Alina is a classic ancient Greek name that translates as “light”.

Some historians believe that Alina is an ancient Slavic name that is a simplified form of Angelina or Akulina. But there is no exact confirmation of this.

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Interesting! If you turn to the Oxford Dictionary for an interpretation of this gripe, you can find out that it is of Arabic origin. Translated means “noble”.

The name in question became popular only at the end of the 20th century. Until that time, on the territory of the USSR, it was considered exotic. In any case, today it is widespread not only in the countries of the post-Soviet space, but also beyond their borders. The gripe has a pleasant sounding, it has a light, strong energy.

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Numerology name

We asked our expert numerologist, Lyudmila Bakalina, to represent Alina’s name in numerical terms.

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Dear Alins!

Your number is 4. Since ancient times, the four symbolized hope. It is not surprising that the people around you always have high hopes for you. You are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and positiveness for them. Also, fours are characterized by stability, perseverance and decency.

The bearers of the name Alina have a calm, docile disposition. They are affectionate but fair, straightforward but tactful. They have a huge number of advantages, the main of which is loyalty.

Alina’s character

Alinochka is a charismatic girl. She will never stand aside while life is in full swing. He tries to take control of everything that is possible, because he knows that only in this case he can vouch for high performance.

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She always relies on herself, delegation of powers is given to her with difficulty. She is often conceited and proud.

Important! The people around Alina feel that a very powerful energy comes from her. Therefore, they try to either give her the opportunity to control themselves, or avoid communicating with her. Therefore, do not put too much pressure on them.

It is extremely important for the bearer of this name to earn the respect of the public. She is focused on winning, never backing down. Reckless, energetic and charming. Loves stability and clarity. Alina’s whole life passes without sharp “turns”, as she knows a lot about making plans. Smart, calculating and creative.

Alinochka has excellent willpower and endurance. If she is trying to get rid of the addiction, she is strong enough to want to do it, as the annoying passion will immediately recede into the background. By nature, she is a secretive and reserved person. Not everyone is ready to share true feelings.

He reveals his soul only to the person whom he fully trusts. Alina is a master at hiding her feelings. It costs nothing to deceive others. Naturally endowed with charm and persuasiveness. People happily follow such a person, as they see her as a mentor and patron.

Work and career

The bearer of this name is a leader by nature. She seeks to rule, control and instruct. She does a pretty good job with each of these functions! Therefore, the stars recommend her to build a career in management or directing.

Alina's work

Alina is a very talented organizer, so she often gets a promotion at work. Her gorgeous working qualities, such as, stress resistance, focus on results, excellent learning ability and creativity, it is difficult not to notice and appreciate.

A job that does not require creativity is unlikely to suit her. If such a girl gets bored, then motivating her to work further is almost impossible. Having lost the fuse, she will not waste energy. The bearer of this name should not be involved in: trade, cash management, office work, cleaning, etc.

Marriage and family

Alina is looking for a strong, reliable and respectable man. It is important for her to feel protected next to him. If the representative of the stronger sex you like does not inspire confidence, she stops noticing him and goes in search of a new passion.


By nature, amorous, but having defined “the very one”, she settles down. She is ready to share tenderness, care and affection with her chosen one. Having fallen in love with a man, he remains faithful to him. She gladly agrees to give birth to children. In Alina’s understanding, a childless family is inferior. She usually gives birth to 2 to 4 children.

Advice! Before deciding to add to the family, you should weigh the pros and cons. Perhaps, due to financial instability, it is better to postpone childbirth at the moment.

Alina is a very good mother. Having given birth to her first child, she becomes more flexible, kind and gentle. She always takes care of her kids, protects them. Doesn’t hesitate to share the joy of motherhood with people around her.



Alina is in good health. She loves active sports. Follows fashion trends in the field of healthy nutrition.

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Strives to develop not only in the spiritual, but also in the physical sense. Therefore, he always maintains the figure, monitors the condition of the skin, hair, nails, etc.

In childhood, baby Alina can get sick with laryngitis, chickenpox, sore throat and even pneumonia. The respiratory organs are her weak point. But, having successfully cured, she becomes more resilient. Her body can more easily cope with the neutralization of pathological microflora.

After 45 years, she may develop gynecological diseases. But, having turned to specialists in time, Alina will protect herself. The best prevention is a regular gynecological check-up.

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