The meaning of the name Antonina (Tonya) – character, health, career, family

Each of the female names is specific in terms of energy and meaning. Most of them have a strong influence on the fate of their bearer, Antonina is no exception.

What origin does it have? What character traits promises? We talked with psychologists and esotericists to collect this and other valuable information for you.

Antonina name meaning

Meaning and origin

Anthony is a famous Roman general. The gripe in question is a female form derived from it. It turns out that the name Tonya has ancient Roman roots. Philologists believe that the male name Anton, popular today, is also one of the derivatives from Antony.

This form of female grievance has a pleasant sound and a positive meaning. Tonya is a beautiful name that has lost its popularity in recent years, but it’s a pity that its history of its spread among the Slavs is quite interesting.

Interesting! In the ranking of common female complaints, Antonina takes 73rd position. It was popular in the 80s and 90s.

Esotericists claim that a girl named so from birth will develop spiritually throughout her life. Her dominant hemisphere is right. It is responsible for fantasy, imagination and artistic thinking. Therefore, emotionally, Tonya is very developed. She experiences a wide range of different feelings, has a subtle sense of the world.

Also, experts in this field insist that in order to achieve happiness, she must always have a protective amulet with her. It is necessary to choose it based on the zodiacal affiliation.

The meaning of the name Antonina


The Tonya girl is kind, mischievous and very curious. She has a well-developed heart chakra, hence the love for all living things, a sincere interest in people, animals and nature in general.

Up to 5-7 years old can be too capricious, flighty. This is due to the girl’s exaggerated emotions. It is difficult for her to learn to control and restrain herself. That is why the parents of the young beauty Antonina often have difficulties associated with her upbringing.

Growing up, she learns to live in harmony with the people around her. She is not indifferent to their experiences.

The young bearer of this name has excellent moral qualities, including:

  • Ambition.
  • Kindness.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Sincerity.

She is overwhelmed with optimism. According to esotericists, Tony’s positive attitude is the result of the influence of the Sun on her character. A girl named so feels confident in any situation, she does not stop there, striving to improve her results.

The young bearer of this name is a good companion. It’s nice to deal with her. She is devoid of malevolence and self-interest, does not try to offend or hurt the feelings of a person who has antipathy towards her. But, if someone is acting dishonestly and unfairly, he will express his negative opinion about him.

Antonina name meaning character

One of the main advantages of a woman with this gripe is punctuality. She does not allow herself to be late or keep herself waiting. Lives measuredly, clearly planning his day. When Antonina’s plans collapse, she is frankly upset, because it is extremely important for her to be consistent and predictable.

Eccentricity, hysteria and eccentricity are not at all peculiar to her. Such a woman has a calm, balanced psyche, however, due to the influx of negative emotions, she can lose her temper and scream strongly at a person standing next to her.

Advice! Psychologists do not recommend venting anger on family and friends. Therefore, if you feel a strong negative, it is better to leave and try to throw it out, being alone.

Antonina has excellent adaptive abilities. She will not be intimidated by a move to another country or an abrupt change of work. However, the end of communication with a close friend will surely be a blow to her. A woman with this name has a pronounced need for society. However, she does not tolerate annoying and overly intrusive people.

Work and career

The bearer of this name is demanding, empathic and sociable.

Antonina name meaning career

That is why such professions are suitable for her:

  • Kindergartener.
  • Elementary or middle school teacher.
  • Humanities teacher.
  • Social worker.
  • State employee.

A well-developed right hemisphere indicates the presence of creative abilities – Tonya can safely try her hand at art, for example, in writing women’s novels.

He takes his job very seriously, he never cheats, but due to the influx of different emotions, he can begin to procrastinate.

Marriage and family

Antonina is a very attractive and charming woman, so she is always surrounded by fans. However, she does not seek to tie the knot early. He treats the representatives of the stronger sex too seriously, even biased. In no hurry to trust them.

In men, Tonya appreciates:

  • Intelligence and creativity.
  • Sense of humor.
  • Ability to empathize.
  • Charm.
  • Reliability.

Also, an important factor in choosing a life partner for her is his ability to make money. The carrier of this gripe will be able to feel happy only if the soil of financial well-being is clearly felt under her feet.

Antonina name meaning family

If, for some reason, the marriage loses its sensual side for Antonina, she will leave without making any attempts to save him.

He is not in a hurry with childbirth, he believes that children should be born in adulthood, that is, at a conscious age. For his offspring, he becomes a role model.


Tony has a strong immune system and rarely gets colds. However, due to being overly emotive, her mental health can be shattered by around her 40s.

To always stay positive, you should not take other people’s problems too close to your heart, because it does not go unnoticed. For example, intense stress may give you a headache or high blood pressure. Antonina should view the other person’s problem as an outside observer.

Antonina, did you find a resemblance to yourself in our description? Share your answers in the comments!

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