The meaning of the name Arina (Arinka) – character, health, career, family

Arina is the name given to newborn women by many nations of the world. Today it is back in vogue. Perhaps everyone knows that all complaints carry a certain energy and can influence the fate of their bearer. Is it so? We talked with psychologists and esotericists to understand how the name Arina affects the fate of a woman. Read about it in our material.

Arina name meaning

Origin and meaning

There are several versions regarding the origin of this name.

Let’s consider the most popular ones:

  1. Arina is a derivative of the male name Araon, which is interpreted as “enlightened.”
  2. This gripe has Slavic roots. The pagan girls were called Arinami in honor of the god Yarilo.
  3. Arina is a derivative of the name Irina, meaning “peaceful”. So the Greeks called the girls in honor of the ancient goddess Eirin.

Nobody can say with certainty which people first began to call newborns that way. But, be that as it may, the bearer of the name Arina has a number of advantages that distinguish her from the general mass.


Numerologists and esotericists believethat the girl with this gripe is patronized by the planet Venus. This means that from early childhood she is responsible, overly sensual, amorous, purposeful and decisive.

The meaning of the name Arina for a girl

A girl awarded by her parents with this name grows up early. She understands that in order to achieve the set goals, she will have to sacrifice certain resources, material, personal and time. Therefore, Arina is a responsible and calculating person, not devoid of pragmatism.

From early childhood, she is clearly aware of what she wants to do in life. A banal aimless existence is not for her. Such a girl is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, so she happily overcomes one goal after another. Uncertainty in herself is not at all peculiar to her.

Important! Arina combines excellent intuition and analytical skills. Thanks to this, it is almost impossible to deceive her.

This is a romantic nature with good creativity. In his free time he likes to sing, dance or paint. She loves having fun with friends, and when she is left alone she is depressed.

The owner of this name has a persistent, strong character. Thanks to this, she almost always gets what she wants. Very persistent, strong-willed. Surrendering to feelings, risks losing the gift of analytical thinking. Due to the highly developed emotiveness, he can get into an unpleasant situation.

Arina is a convinced individualist. No, she loves companies, but has a hard time trusting people. Usually, among her closest circle, there are no more than 1-2 close friends. He happily spends time with the rest of his comrades, but is in no hurry to share the most intimate with them.

Arina name meaning character

In most cases, the carriers of this gripe are introverts. They receive life energy from internal, not external resources. They love monologues, they often communicate alone with themselves, being left alone.

Nevertheless, Arina is a bright personality with well-developed creative abilities. She was not used to being in the shadows. He always strives to show his best qualities in public, to charm the crowd, to win the favor of the opposite sex.

In the struggle for a dream – she does not take perseverance. He will not retreat halfway, even if he is faced with difficult to overcome difficulties. She is inquisitive, open to development. With joy he gets acquainted with the previously unknown, gradually comprehending the world. Since early childhood, he has been interested in issues of interpersonal relations, cosmology, demography, the spiritual side of life, the specifics of human consciousness and other things.

Marriage and family

Arina is a woman open to communication, patronized by Venus. This means that she is amorous. She is attracted to a variety of men, from introverted but mysterious to eccentric and impulsive. But, all of them are united by one thing – a bright and unique image.

Only the man who knows how to stand out from the masses can win the heart of the bearer of this name.

Arina name meaning family

He must have the following set of qualities:

  • Developed horizons.
  • Striving to develop.
  • Great desire for financial savings.
  • Love for non-standard entertainment (extreme tourism, skydiving, diving, etc.).

It is important for her to be interesting with a man. It is desirable that they have common interests with him. Astrologers believe that for a successful marriage, Arina should not rush to choose a chosen one. Having surrendered to her feelings to the fullest, she can choose a too arrogant and selfish man as a companion, who does not suit her at all. Therefore, it is better not to rush with marriage.

The bearer of this name is a good loving mother. She can change her spouse several times, but she infinitely appreciates all her children. And those – reciprocate her. Can give birth to 1 to 4 or even up to 5 babies. Believes that happiness can be achieved only if there is a large number of households who support each other.

Work and career

Arina can achieve success in almost any field, be it extreme sports or pedagogy. She is overwhelmed with vitality, so she often conquers more than one peak. The bearer of this name is strong and enduring, so she can become a climber, swimmer or athlete.

Arina name meaning health

She also knows how to take care of others, has a tendency to empathize, therefore, such professions are suitable for her: social worker, organizer of a charitable foundation, teacher, child psychologist, teacher of exact sciences, etc.

Showing aspiration and perseverance, Arina boldly moves up the career ladder. However, it is her style to do it softly and consistently, rather than impulsively and aggressively.


The bearer of this name is overwhelmed with vitality. As a child, she will get chickenpox, after which her immune defenses will be significantly strengthened. However, closer to 40 years, Arina may experience breathing problems.

Important! The woman named Arina has weak lungs. For this reason, she is categorically prohibited from smoking.

Also, with age, she may have problems with joints, arthritis. Do not ignore the appearance of pain in the limbs! Timely diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

Do you have any acquaintances with the name Arina? Do they fit our description? Please share your answers in the comments!

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