The meaning of the name Daria (Dasha, Dasha)

The fact that a person’s name influences his destiny is a fact proven by time. When parents call their child in a certain way, they promise him the formation of specific character traits and fateful plexuses. But how does the name Daria affect the fate of its bearer? To answer this question, we have connected to the discussion of numerologists and esotericists.

Daria name meaning

Origin and meaning of the name

There are 2 versions regarding the origin of this complaint:

  • Descent from the Slavs. Dasha is an old Slavic name that translates as “bestowed by God.”
  • Descent from the Persians. Daria is the name of long-standing Persian women who were named after the strong male warriors, the Darians. Translated as “winner”.

The ancient Greeks interpreted this name as divine, and its bearers were respected and idolized.

In the Orthodox world there is also a given female name. It came from Byzantium. They began to call Russian women who adopted the Christian faith. However, this criticism became widespread in the territory of modern Russia only in the first half of the 20th century.

It sounds specific among different peoples of the world. For example, in Ireland – Tara, and in Ukraine – Odarka. In the Scandinavian countries, it sounds like Tarina.

Dasha is a peaceful, completely non-conflict woman. From early childhood, she surrounds herself with the same people. Appreciates their willingness to help at any moment. Strives for constancy, harmony.

The meaning of the name Daria for a girl


Dasha is a woman with a sensitive and tender heart. She will never leave a person who is close to her in trouble. Yes, and willingly provides services to outsiders.

Important! The bearer of this name is often surrounded by selfish people who take advantage of her kindness. She, in turn, often mistook them for her friends.

She takes an active social position, active and ambitious. Knows how to charge the audience with enthusiasm and inspire them to do something important. Dasha is the soul of the company. She is loved, appreciated for her kindness and responsiveness. She has a significant drawback – the inability to defend her position. If someone has offended or criticized, he will step back, will not insist on his righteousness.

The rude ones do not frighten Dasha, they make her feel embarrassed and apathetic. From early childhood, she seeks to surround herself with people who have the same virtues that she has, that is, brave, kind, sympathetic and resourceful.

The bearer of this name is charming and purposeful. She knows how to approach different people. Easily makes contact with them. Rarely feels embarrassed. Shuns evil and rude people. He never imposes his society on them.

The meaning of the name Daria for a girl and fate

Dasha in early childhood

She has a lot of friends, especially girls. She is strongly attached to each of them. Never unleashes conflicts. When disputable situations arise, he makes a compromise.

Dasha is a very curious girl. She enjoys going to school, asks teachers additional questions, even helps classmates do their homework. He listens to his parents, does not rebel, in general – an almost ideal child.

Important! The parents of baby Dasha often have to console her because of the attacks of her peers, bully.

The girl loves dancing, painting, singing, athletics and other interesting activities. It is difficult for her to sit in one place, because she understands that life is full of adventures!

Daria’s youth

Growing up, she gains life experience, becomes wise, reasonable. Closer to the age of 20, Dasha reduces the number of social ties, is more focused on creating her own family.

While she is young, she strives to get the most out of life. Therefore, he walks a lot, has fun, meets with the closest friends, remembering childhood. By the way, the bearer of this name is a wonderful companion. She will never leave a person in trouble if she is connected with him by many years of friendship. But, having fallen in love, he can forget about those around him for a while.

Daria name meaning health

Marriage and family

When Daria meets a man who manages to win her heart, she becomes timid and shy. She may even distance herself from him if she does not fully understand her feelings.

She has to meet “the one” for life several times. Yes, Dasha, due to her childish naivety and vulnerability, often makes mistakes in men. In amorous affairs, she prefers to listen only to her heart, and, as you know, it can be wrong.

Advice! A young bearer of this name in matters of love does not interfere with consulting with senior mentors.

A man who has the following character traits is suitable for her:

  • Openness.
  • Ability to compromise.
  • Sociability.

Having met such a man, she becomes very happy. As a wife – an ideal, as a mother – a role model.

Work and career

It is difficult for the bearer of this name to be assiduous, since she is very active and energetic. For this reason, she cannot do boring monotonous work for a long time. Having lost interest in some kind of activity, he begins to look for something else to do.

Daria name meaning career

Daria should look for mobile work or one that involves creativity. For example, volunteering, cynology, pedagogy, administration, acting, etc. are suitable for her.


Baby Daria is very painful. Her weak point is the nasopharynx. Hence – often occurring bronchitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis. The best prevention of their appearance is throat warming at low temperatures!

Unfortunately, in her youth, Dasha is also often sick, but not only with the ailments listed above. With age, she may develop gastric pathologies, for example, pancreatitis. To prevent this, she must regularly adhere to the rules of a healthy diet!

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