The meaning of the name Elena – psychology, numerology and fate

Elena is one of the most popular and beautiful female names in Russia and other CIS countries. What is its origin and significance? What is the fate of the woman named Lena? The answers are provided by professional experts from different niches.

Name Elena – meaning and origin

Name Elena
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Elena is one of the oldest ancient Greek names. Translated as “solar”. According to the second version, it has Latin roots and a slightly different meaning – the light of the Sun. Nowadays, it is widespread throughout the world. Has a pleasant sound and strong energy.

Diminutive forms: Lena, Lenusya, Lenchik, Lenochka and others.

According to experts in the field of esotericism, parents who give their daughter this name promise her the formation of such character traits as increased excitability, emotionality, suspiciousness, amorousness and impressionability. Yes, all Lena are emotive personalities who have a subtle sense of people and the world around them. They easily indulge in passions, rushing into a pool of feelings, begin to trust unfamiliar people, which they then greatly regret.

The woman named Elena has a lot of energy that she is ready to spend on different things: charity, self-development, criticism of others, or even extreme sports. Sometimes, due to an overabundance of vital energy, it becomes eccentric. Can unleash quarrels with loved ones, provoke them to negativity. However, he quickly departs and forgets grievances.

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Elena’s character

Helen is a fickle nature. Today she is interested in athletics and crocheting tomorrow. It is difficult to predict the appearance of her likes and dislikes, because she often lives in the present day. She can forget about responsibility, especially if she is deeply in love. Sometimes it becomes irresponsible. However, the bearer of this name has much more advantages than disadvantages!

  • Firstly, Elena is very gentle and benevolent. She hardly manages to restrain herself at the sight of a homeless kitten, she may even burst into tears in front of everyone’s eyes. But her main kind message falls on close people. For the sake of her family members, she is ready for literally anything, even rash actions. When solving family problems, she is driven by a desire to protect everyone. Helen will not allow anyone to offend the person she truly loves.
  • Secondly, she is incapable of cruel deeds. Such a person will never be able to understand the motives of murderers or criminals, she wants to believe that there is good in this world.
  • Thirdly, the bearer of this name is hardworking and diligent. She never sits idle, preferring to do something useful. Will definitely help someone who needs it. Will not ignore the weak or desperate, will try to take care of them.

Important! Most of all in people Elena values ​​sincerity and compassion. He does not tolerate sycophants. If she feels that some person is trying to manipulate her, she will immediately stop communicating with him.

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She has a very ambitious personality. Lena is overwhelmed with vital energy and desire to make the world a better place. Therefore, she often succeeds. From early childhood, Elena takes an active social position. He prefers to establish relationships with everyone based on friendship and justice.

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Career and finance in Elena’s life

The financial part of life is never Lena’s top priority. First of all, she thinks about her family, especially about children, and only then about work and earnings.

Important! In her opinion, the main earner in the house should be a man, not a woman.

She is hardworking from birth, so she always does the job efficiently, tries not to fail with deadlines. However, excessive emotionality can prevent her from maintaining perseverance and vigilance. For this reason, she is unlikely to be able to work, for example, as a lawyer or surgeon.

Suitable professions for Elena: cook, teacher, animator, travel guide, translator, journalist, writer.

Family and children in Elena’s life

Helen knows exactly how to turn a man’s head! She is mysterious, temperamental and strong. And representatives of the stronger sex do not disregard such women. She is amorous, picky and at the same time demanding and patient. Can get married early, but only if there are strong feelings on both sides.

In the opinion astrologers and esotericists, Elena can get married several times. In love, she is characterized by impermanence.

In terms of feelings, it quickly lights up like a match, but it also quickly goes out. Having lived with a person in marriage for several years, he may feel indifference to him.

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To fall in love with such a nature forever can a man who:

  • Regularly reminds her of her feelings.
  • Provides support for any reason.
  • Shares with her the most intimate secrets.
  • Doesn’t get depressed.

As a mother and homemaker, Lena is ideal. She knows exactly how to take care of her kids and doesn’t forget to give advice to other moms.

Elena’s health

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Helen has excellent immunity! From an early age, she takes an active life position, goes in for sports, even trains others. He rarely sits on diets, as he considers them boring, but he can experiment with nutrition.

Elena loves to gather large companies at home and arrange lavish feasts. Because of this, over the years, he may encounter problems of the genitourinary system. Esotericists believe that after 45 years, stones in the renal ducts can form in her. Prevention – reduce your intake of salty foods!

What do you know about the influence on the fate of your name? Please share your answers in the comments!

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