The meaning of the name Hope – character, family and health

The name Nadezhda is beautiful and very old. It endows its wearer with special features that make it unique and unrepeatable.

How does this gripe affect life? We asked experienced esotericists and psychologists and are ready to share their answers with you.

Meaning and origin

Hope name

The gripe in question is of Old Slavic origin. He has a strong energy and a great semantic load.

The meaning of the name Nadezhda literally means “hope”, faith in the best. A woman who received this name from birth should live for the inspiration of others. Its main esoteric mission is to give people optimism, to inspire them to great achievements.

Day of the name Hope (or day of the angel) – March 14. But, there are other versions:

  • 20th of March.
  • September 30th.
  • October 21.

During the Soviet era, newborn girls were often given the Nagy gripe. Today, his popularity has declined, which is a pity, because a woman with that name is incredibly strong and inspiring.

Conversational diminutive forms: Nadya, Nadyukha, Nadya. The criticism in question is popular in the West. His frequently encountered form is Nadine.


character of hope

No one can call a woman with that name weak. She has a strong character, good will and a host of other virtues. Nadia’s compatibility with people of different zodiac signs is good. She seems to be able to approach anyone.

Possesses excellent communication skills. Determined and persistent. She never doubts if she has exactly decided what she wants and acts boldly.

Incredibly brave. The people around them admire Nadia’s ability to inspire people, charge them with joy and optimism. She is the soul of any company. In the face of such a girl, those around them want to find a friend and like-minded person.

Important! Hope is a gentle and sensitive nature, so she is often surrounded by people with the same qualities.

The main advantage of the bearer of this name is firmness of spirit. She will insist on her own, if she is sure of her own righteousness, and will not allow the strong to offend the weak. Such people are popularly called “good”.

Among other advantages of such a woman:

  • Purposefulness.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Ambition.
  • Seriousness.
  • Punctuality.

She is not only a kind and honest person, but also an organized one. Nadia always remains pragmatic. People who do not know the bearer of this name poorly may think that she is selfish. But this is not at all the case. It’s just that such a woman always plans her actions in advance and does not waste energy. In this regard, she is wise and quick-witted.

Nadia is smart

Never late. The idea that someone will wait for her is stressful. People around you know that Nadia is a person you can always rely on.

The bearer of this name is separated from other women by the desire to see meaning everywhere, even where, it would seem, it cannot be. She strives to develop all her life and motivates people to do the same.

Important! Hope has the gift of persuasion. She knows how to convey her thoughts to people and skillfully does it.

The bearer of this name is a polite and sensitive nature. She will not impose her company if she is not welcome. He is serious in society, but is not averse to establishing strong relationships with people.

Nadia perfectly combines softness and hardness. She understands when to insist on her own, and when to remain silent and yield. She has a well-developed speech apparatus. Such a woman loves communication. He can talk for hours with friends on the phone, winding circles around the room.

She has a drawback – laziness. If he does not have a strong desire to do something, he will not even try. Prefers home rest to an interesting adventure.

Marriage and family

marriage and familyNadezhda is a woman who loves order and regularity. Therefore, she will find happiness only with a man like her. It is important that he was close to her in spirit.

The carrier of this gripe is very gentle and sensitive, which is why she will easily charm a man she likes. In people like her, representatives of the stronger sex value femininity and charisma.

When the bearer of this name tries to pull the blanket over herself, conflicts arise in her family. To avoid them, she must always rely on her man and remember that responsibility is not unique to her.

Such a woman will become a wonderful mother who will always take care of her children. And those – will not leave her in her old age. When raising children, she tries to be fair and honest, which deserves respect.

Advice! Hope To find happiness in marriage, you must trust and rely on your husbands more.

Work and career

Nadia is an excellent speaker. By nature, she has a well-developed speech apparatus. Such, as they say, have a hanging tongue. Can easily convince the interlocutor that he is wrong. That is why it has a high chance of success in jurisprudence.

But, in the absence of motivation, it will not work. Hope gets bored with monotonous boring activities, so she strives to make money by being creative.

Nadia at work

Work is one of the top priorities in her life. He does not lose his fuse until old age, works tirelessly. Colleagues appreciate Nadya for her diligence and organizational skills. As a leader and speaker, she is the standard.


If Nadezhda devotes time to her health in her youth, then in old age it will definitely not let her down! Otherwise, she risks facing various pathologies.

To maintain your health, we recommend:

  1. Exercise daily.
  2. To drink a lot of water.
  3. Eat vegetables every day.
  4. There is only healthy food, giving up fast food.
  5. Walk more often in the fresh air.

pp food

Follow these simple guidelines and your life will improve dramatically.

Did you recognize yourself by this description, Nadezhda?

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