The meaning of the name Larisa – character, work, marriage and health

Every woman is unique. One has a unique appearance, the second is a rebellious character, and the third is a gift to conquer men’s hearts.

The formation of the essence of the fair sex is largely influenced by the name given to her at birth. It is not for nothing that the people say: “As you name the boat, so it will float.”

Esotericists claim that every human complaint has a certain secret, analogous to the zodiacal or numerological. We talked with experts from different fields of knowledge about human nature in order to share valuable information with you. Stay with us and find out what the name Larissa means and what should be expected from the life of its bearer.

Origin and meaning

character of the name Larissa

In Hellas (Ancient Greece) there was a city of Larissa. Researchers of the Hellenes, longtime inhabitants of this country, believe that many thousands of years ago, newborn girls began to be named after this city.

Interesting! Translated from the ancient Greek language, the grievance in question means a seagull.

The female name Larisa is popular not only in Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries, but also in America and Europe. Its foreign forms:

  • Laurie;
  • Lelya;
  • Lorain;
  • Lauren.

In recent years, the popularity of the name has declined significantly. This is probably due to globalization – the erasure of international borders and the fusion of world cultures. New names are popularized, and old ones are forgotten. Nevertheless, in our and other countries, there are many bearers of this name. They are united by the most powerful energy.

Each Larisa has a strong strong-willed character. It seems that she can handle any challenge. However, in addition to advantages, Laris also has disadvantages.


Larisa name

As a child, Larissa are capricious, often argue with their parents, try to prove their case to them, get angry. Therefore, a young bearer of this name often has a difficult relationship with her father and mother.

Growing up, Larissa become calmer and more balanced. However, they often have difficulties in the process of building relationships with the people around them. For example, Larissa hardly compromise, to the last they insist on their own. People like them are usually referred to as a difficult child.

But closer to 15-18 years old Larissa change beyond recognition. Having gained life experience, girls surround themselves with decent, smart people whom they trust.

Communicating with them, Larissa reveal their best qualities:

  • independence;
  • willpower;
  • purposefulness;
  • determination;
  • self-sufficiency.

The bearer of the name in question is a very strong woman. She seeks to solve all life problems on her own, but in vain.

Advice! Larissa, do not hesitate to share your disturbing thoughts with the people around you and ask them for a favor.

Larisa is tactful in society. She does not seek to impose her opinion on anyone who does not agree with her. Rather, it will try to avoid open confrontation. However, if its principles are touched, it will not remain silent. Does not hesitate to express an opinion about them to unworthy (in his opinion) people. Sometimes he speaks too bluntly and even boldly, which is why he has an ambiguous reputation in society.

Such a woman is strong not only in will, but also in spirit. She is clearly aware of her values ​​and principles and lives based on them. She is friendly and open-minded. She will not leave kind people in trouble, especially if they themselves more than once came to her aid.

the mystery of the name Larisa

Has a pronounced leadership potential. In life she is an activist. Full of determination and enthusiasm. In the first half of her life, Larisa has a lot of energy. She spends it on work, family, friends, and on herself. If any of the aspects falls out, the girl gets stressed. Due to her communication nature, she adores communication and always strives for personal growth, which is why she needs a full, multifaceted life.

The bearer of the name knows a lot about planning and analytics. She has excellent organizational skills, knows how to negotiate with people.

Work and career

Larisa is a born presenter. From early childhood, she strives for independence and self-sufficiency. He will be able to build a successful career in a field that includes aspects such as planning, strategy and communication.

The following professions are suitable for this woman:

  • accountant;
  • teacher;
  • psychologist;
  • self employed;
  • beauty master, etc.

Larisa perfectly establishes contact with different people, she is not afraid to make mistakes. Strives for financial well-being. At work, he shows diligence, does not seek to avoid responsibility.

Prefers consistent and reliable performance. May choose temporary earnings, but only as a last resort.


Love and marriage

Larisa is very temperamental in love. From early childhood, she is attracted to cute guys with a controversial reputation in society. An affair with a young womanizer can be a fatal mistake for a girl.

Remember! A heart in love is not always a good counselor.

A girl with such criticism can conclude her first marriage early, before the age of 20, due to a lack of awareness of what a good husband should be. She chooses a life partner according to the following parameters:

  • appearance;
  • consistency;
  • reputation with friends.

It is highly likely that Larisa’s first love will entail a lot of suffering. But her second marriage will be more successful. Larisa’s next husband will be more serious and pragmatic than the first. With him, she will be able to build a long and happy relationship.

Larisa married

As a mother, she is almost perfect. She is very attentive to children. Always takes care of them, helps with advice or deed. Strives to build trusting relationships with their children.

Important! Family for Larisa is the main thing in life.

The likelihood that the bearer of the name will have connections on the side is minimal. She can sincerely become attached to every household member and even if she experiences the feeling of falling in love again, she will try to suppress it.

She maintains a friendly, loving relationship with her husband for the rest of her life. But if he betrays her, he will never forgive.


Larisa is a beautiful and healthy woman, but she has an “Achilles heel” – a stomach. In order to live many happy years, she should adhere to the rules of a healthy diet.


A few tips:

  • have breakfast with protein food every day: eat steamed omelets, milk porridge, cottage cheese with yogurt;
  • give up fast food;
  • drink plenty of water (at least 1 liter per day);
  • give preference to steamed dishes rather than sunflower oil;
  • eat fruits and vegetables regularly.

Does our description suit you, Larissa? Please leave a comment.

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