The meaning of the name Lilia – the secret and fate of Lily, Lilechka

Wherever we go, we are surrounded by signs and codes. Esotericists believe that the fate of a person is programmed by them. It is influenced by the following parameters: year and time of birth, zodiac sign and, most importantly, criticism.

The female name Lilia is very beautiful and energetically strong. It endows its bearer with character traits that help withstand various tests of fate. What is his secret? Stay tuned and find out a lot of interesting things.

Origin and meaning of the name

Lily name

Lily is not a simple female name. Most of us associate this word with a beautiful flower. Indeed, the girl, so named from birth, gradually develops and opens up to the world, like a flower petal opens the core of the stem.

What does Lilia mean? According to the popular version, translated from one of the ancient languages, the word means “pure”, “pleasant” or “innocent”. It is of late Latin origin and comes from Lilium.

Today this name can hardly be called popular, but it has not lost its charm. The woman who was so named cannot become weak. The people around her have the impression that she is able to withstand any blow of fate. The reason is an inexhaustible source of energy and vitality.

From the very birth, baby Lilya surprises those around her with fervor and fervor. She is strong, ambitious and confident. He lives, solving not only his own, but also other people’s problems. It has a huge number of advantages.

Interesting! A woman with this name has good compatibility with men of almost all zodiac signs.


Lily character

A girl named so will charm the world much earlier than she can imagine. In the first half of her life, she will begin to give others a lot of positive energy, which will certainly be rewarded to her!

Getting the name Lilia promises her the formation of a peaceful and kind character. Such a girl can be called simple and open. It does not seek to complicate things that are already so easy to understand. He believes that it is necessary to build trust and partnership with others.

Extremely negative about conflicts in any of their manifestations. Open to new acquaintances. Loves communication, and with different people.

The bearer of this name is very kind and gentle. She lives with a clear need to please others, to give them her warmth and help in solving important life issues.

In the first 10 years of her life, Lilia is a real fidget. He wants to keep abreast of all events, participates in any school events. Does not strive for leadership, but also does not avoid responsibility. Even at such a young age, he tries to act fairly and mercifully.

Upon reaching the age of puberty, she is revealed as a woman. Begins to communicate with members of the opposite sex, charming them with his charm. Twenty-year-old Lilia is incredibly charismatic and attractive. At this age, she has many friends with whom she is frank and kind.

The girl is cheerful and inquisitive, she can be quite noisy, especially when she is in the company of pleasant people. Until about 27, her top priority in life is having fun. Lilia knows that there are many interesting things in life, so she tries to find out as much as possible about her.

Important! The curiosity of a young bearer of this name can play a cruel joke with her. She should not “turn off” her head, surrender to feelings with interest.

The girl is changeable in her desires and values. It is difficult for her to concentrate on one thing, because there are so many interesting things around!

Lily meaning

Lilya is a sensual and emotional person. It is difficult for her to remain indifferent or impartial. In any situation, she strives to be honest with others and with herself.

There are 3 things that Lilia will never forgive: lies, betrayal and hypocrisy. The bearer of this name, despite her kindness and friendliness, is very demanding of others. It is difficult for her to put up with human vices and significant shortcomings. She avoids people capable of deception and betrayal.

The likelihood that Lilia will begin to take revenge on the person who offended her is very low. She very rarely enters into confrontation, but, having experienced strong negative emotions, she may try to vent her anger on her abuser.

Others are very comfortable with her. Warm positive energy emanates from the girl, which she willingly shares with the world.

Marriage and family

Lily in love is temperamental, sensual and inquisitive. Having experienced a strong interest in a man, she will not let him go until he reciprocates.

Can take initiative in love. Not afraid to take risks. A woman with this name rarely suffers from unrequited love, since representatives of the opposite sex willingly express their feelings to her. And she knows exactly what kind of man she wants to see next to her.

Lily married

Firstly, he must radiate the energy of the protector, secondly, love her infinitely, and, thirdly, be generous and kind, to match her. With such a companion in life, she will find happiness and give birth to children.

As a mother, Lilia is almost an ideal. He appreciates his kids immensely and loves them very much, especially the first-born. She constantly takes care of her offspring. Sometimes she is overly obsessive with children, which is why she often conflicts with them.

Until a ripe old age, she remains a faithful loving wife and a kind mother. Lilia’s household members know that they can rely on her in any situation. She is responsive and responsible, family issues are more important to her than work or personal ones.

Work and career

It is difficult to single out a job that such a diligent and responsible woman like Lilia could not cope with. She sincerely loves people and everything connected with them, therefore she often achieves success in work related to communication.

The profession of a psychologist, sociologist, social worker or professor is suitable for her. Due to her natural curiosity, Lilia will easily plunge into the study of any science, even mathematics or physics.

She loves to share her experience with the younger generation. She is pleased that others perceive her as a mentor.

Lily chief

But Lilia can hardly do boring work. She needs a craft that implies regular development, advanced training. In this case, it will be successful.

The bearer of the name usually spends the accumulated money on her family. It is important for her to know that each of her children will receive an inheritance.

In terms of money, Lilia is consistent and patient. Does not seek to hit a big jackpot by taking risks. Earns and accumulates money slowly but regularly.


By about 40 years old, Lily may start having eye problems. In this case, she cannot do without the help of an ophthalmologist.

Advice! If it seems to you that your vision is decreasing, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor.

Also, the bearer of this name should not forget about the need to maintain a healthy diet. To stay young and beautiful as long as possible, she should eat food without a lot of salt and fat.

How closely does our description fit you, Lilia? Share with us in the comments!

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