The meaning of the name Lydia – the secret, character and health of Lida

The fate of a person is full of secrets and mysteries. Someone thinks that it does not exist. Others are sure that a person’s life is a foregone conclusion from his birth. It’s hard to say who is right. However, we believe that the fate of an individual is influenced by esoteric and psychological factors.

The name Lydia is special. It portends a large number of advantages to its bearer. Today we will tell you about its karmic secret and meaning.

Origin and meaning

Lydia name

Lida is the name given to a strong, strong-willed woman who knows exactly what she wants from life. There are 2 main versions of the origin of this name:

  1. Persian. Lydia is one of the cities of Ancient Persia. That was the name of the girls born in it. The name literally means “the girl from Lydia.”
  2. Italian. In translation, the grievance under consideration means “musical”.

This name was popular in Soviet times, but now it is rarely given to newborns. But in vain. He has a very powerful energy, it endows a person with strength, ambition and fortitude.

A woman named by this name brings joy, harmony and inspiration to the world. What is her character?

The nature of the name

Lydia is not an easy woman. Fate endowed her with a strong character and a vulnerable heart. Since childhood, she surprises those around her with her determination and fortitude.

Little Lida seeks to make decisions herself. She believes that only she knows how it should be. He is skeptical and distrustful of other people’s opinions. Hard to compromise.

Lydia's character

Lydia can be bossy. By the way, it is this trait that can repel people from her. People around you feel awkward, and sometimes even uncomfortable, when they feel that they are being manipulated. And the bearer of this name knows a lot about psychological tricks and therefore often puts pressure on people.

The meaning of the name Lydia is rather unusual. The girl, despite her strong character, is vulnerable and needs protection.

Important! The bearer of this name will feel happy only if there is a person with a strong character next to her, to match her.

The ideal variant of such a person is the mother. The Lida girl grows calm, patient and strong-willed only if there is a person next to her, whose spirit is not weaker than her own.

Such a woman has a specific character trait – love of freedom. The thought that she will have to depend on someone is excruciating to her. She loves to make decisions based solely on her experience, and also to act depending on her mood. This is freedom, according to Lydia!

She is incredibly emotional. She never holds back her feelings. By the way, because of this, he often offends other people. Overly harsh, especially when faced with resistance.

Advice! Leads, be more tactful when communicating. And then people will be drawn to you.

Let’s list the basic advantages of such a woman:

  • ambition;
  • courage;
  • assertiveness;
  • adequacy;
  • hard work.

Lydia is moderately selfish, intelligent and prudent. Has a pronounced leadership potential. It gives way with great difficulty. The people around her feel the imperious energy emanating from her. Many are drawn to Lida, trying to find a patron in her.

She never throws words to the wind. Always keeps a promise. Does not disclaim the responsibility that others place on her. Very fair. Extremely negative about people who lie and behave selfishly. Does not hesitate to openly express his dislike to them.

the mystery of the name Lydia

In people, Lydia appreciates the presence of the virtues that she has. If someone is shy when communicating with her or hesitates to express his opinion, he leaves, and subsequently avoids this person. Weak people frankly irritate her.

Due to excessive emotionality, Lida is quick-tempered. He can yell at someone in their hearts, and then worry a lot about this.

People who know the bearer of this gripe well will probably say about her that she is kind, merciful and patient. And they will be absolutely right! Strong feminine character should not be confused with flaws.

Work and career

Lydia is a great organizer. She knows how to lead the team to a result and make everyone be responsible. She is ideally suited to be a manager, no matter what, a cafeteria, a school, a private company or a small enterprise.

Advice! To achieve recognition and success at work, Lida does not interfere with listening to the advice of her wise mentors.

What could hinder her career advancement? The answer is anger and excessive impulsivity. Lida must learn to be more tolerant of other people’s shortcomings and stop underestimating everyone. Another important piece of advice: she must be able to properly delegate authority in order to shift some of the responsibility from her shoulders to others.

Lydia at work

The bearer of this name is very diligent and efficient. Punctuality and creativity she does not hold. However, she must remember the breadth of the possibility of self-development.

To improve her work skills on a regular basis, she should:

  • to learn foreign languages;
  • take refresher courses;
  • improve public speaking skills, etc.

Marriage and family

Lydia is as demanding of men as she is of herself. She is in no hurry to get married early, as she understands that it takes time and, most importantly, testing to create harmonious relationships.

After meeting a man she likes, she can take a break to observe him on the sly. It is important for her that her future husband knows how to support and comfort her in difficult times. But that’s not all.

Lida also appreciates the ability to obey in a partner. Yes, the role of the follower in the family is not for her. And he must also go with her in the same direction, be her like-minded person.

After the birth of children, Lydia becomes more tolerant and open to the world. Reveals from the other side. Loves her children incredibly. All his life he will take care of them, try to help.

Lydia in the family

Family for her is the most important thing in the world. However, Lida never forgets about work. After the birth of her first child, she usually works many times more, trying to give her babies all the best.

Lydia in love is romantic, tactful, sweet and vulnerable.


A woman with this name has a very strong not only character, but also immunity. That is why, even as a child, Lydia rarely gets colds or flu. But closer to 40 years old, she may develop eye and heart problems.

To prevent this, you need to follow these recommendations:

  1. When working at a computer, move away from the screen at least 30 cm. Thanks to this, the eyes will not be overstrained.
  2. Warm up the eyes every 1.5 hours.
  3. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  4. Eat fiber-rich foods (herbs, cereals, vegetables) every day.
  5. Minimize the use of “food waste” (baked goods, fast food, popcorn).

healthy food

Did you recognize yourself from our material, Lydia? Share your answers in the comments.

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