The meaning of the name Maria (Masha, Mashenka, Marusya)

Mashenka is one of the classic characters of Russian folk tales. In folklore, she is endowed with extremely positive character traits – kindness, curiosity, responsiveness. But, what kind of bearer of this name appears in life? We asked this question to psychologists and esotericists. Today we will share their answers with you.

Mari name meaning

Meaning and interpretation

Mary is an ancient European name that appears more than once in the Holy Scriptures.

He has many interpretations, including:

  • “Serene”.
  • “Open”.
  • “Bitter”.
  • “Desirable”.

Despite the immense popularity of this name all over the world, it has a special connotation in different cultures. But, in any case, it carries the most powerful energy and is able to endow its bearer with a mass of advantages and specific features.

Usually Mashenkas are gentle, affectionate natures who inspire other people. They are caring, empathetic, and prone to compassion. It is extremely rare to experience negative emotions associated with other people. Strive to be tolerant. However, in some situations it becomes unpredictable. They can fall into anger, scold the offender.

Important! Esotericists recommend women named Maria to meditate more often. Thanks to this, they will be able to be calmer and more attentive.

Mary name meaning health


Despite the huge number of positive qualities of character, Maria is a very vulnerable nature.

She can be very upset by such things:

  • Indifference of others.
  • Criticism.
  • Frivolous accusations.
  • Betrayal of a friend or loved one.
  • Loneliness.

She is far from always able to cope with the negative on her own. She needs to be in society more often, so to speak, to go out. Masha has an extremely negative attitude towards people pursuing selfish goals in communicating with her. Does not hesitate to express his disapproval to them.

It annoys her when others press for pity. In this case, the girl pulls away. She believes that people should occupy the same positions in society, for this reason, she avoids bullies and personalities inclined to leadership and submission of others.

Mary has a number of important advantages. She is disinterested, unforgettable, kind, fair, responsible, optimistic and energetic. Not prone to sudden mood swings, strives for harmony and constancy. She has a lot of vital energy, which is often spent on self-improvement and the development of spirituality.
The meaning of the name Mary for a girl + and fate

The bearer of this name is quite gentle in nature. She is not arrogant, prone to compassion and helping people. She never pursues selfish goals, does not put pressure on others. Getting along with Masha is easy, the main thing is not to dissemble. She smells a lie a mile away.

Marriage and family

Mashenka is a wonderful wife and mother. She is loving by nature, but, having met “the one”, she settles down. In men she values ​​fortitude, justice, mental potential. She will never give her heart to an arrogant, stupid or selfish guy.

Usually, carriers of this name get married early. Falling in love, they can lose their head and make the wrong choice.

Advice! Due to her strong falling in love, Mary can make the wrong choice of her life partner. Astrologers and esotericists recommend that the bearer of this name, when interacting with men, often rely on reason, and not on feelings.

Masha treats children with great love. He tries to take care of each of his children. Usually gives birth to 2 to 3 children. He prefers to create a large family in which a friendly atmosphere will reign. Extremely negative about quarrels in his family. When negative moods appear, they immediately stop them. Children can always rely on such a mother, entrust her with any secrets.

The meaning of the name Mary

Career and work

For such a purposeful person, the household is not a sentence. Yes, Maria is a good housewife, wife and mother, but it is extremely important for her to realize herself in professional activities. It will make a good director of a commercial organization, a hotel or restaurant administrator, and even a civil servant.

The bearer of this name will never “go over their heads”; they will seek promotion only in humane and fair ways. If serious obstacles appear on the way, you may lose heart. For example, if a stronger and more influential competitor appears on the horizon, Maria is unlikely to fight with him for a raise or increase in wages.

Esotericists believethat Masha will become an excellent psychologist, director, director of an educational institution or a specialist in animal behavior.


The representative of this name has good health. She rarely gets colds, even as a child. However, due to excessive emotiveness, it can suffer from migraines. To avoid headaches, Mary should be outdoors more often!

Maria name meaning family

And even after 40 years, she may develop gynecological diseases. Therefore, for the purpose of prevention, it is recommended to be examined by a gynecologist annually.

And what do you think about the opinion of esotericists regarding the influence of the name Anna, well, fate? Share your answers in the comments!

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