The meaning of the name Marina (Marinka, Marinochka)

It has been known since ancient times that the names that parents give to their children leave a significant imprint on their lives. It is not for nothing that the people say that as you name a boat, so it will float.

Marina is a beautiful female gripe, which has many diminutive forms. What does it mean and how does it affect the fate of its bearer? Let’s find out.

Marina name meaning

Origin and meaning

According to the most common version, this name is rooted in antiquity and is a derivative form of male criticism – Marin. There is also a second, less popular version. Its supporters believe that the form of the female name in question has Latin roots and means “sea” in translation.

The girl who was so named is very strong, not only physically, but also spiritually. In Orthodoxy, Saint Margaret is considered her patron, the daughter of a priest, who was given the status of a reverend. As a result of her religious activities, she died prematurely, but the memory of her lives on today.

In different countries, this gripe has a specific sound sound. In Poland, for example, Maruna, and in Great Britain – Mary.


The girl, named Marina, from early childhood demonstrates her leadership qualities to those around her. She is smart, inclined to self-development, has excellent willpower.

About people like her they say: “Easy on the rise.” The young bearer of the name is energetic and cheerful. The world around her seems to her as a great mystery, which will have to be solved all her life.

The meaning of the name Marina for a girl

The character of a teenage Marina may seem difficult to many, since she is far from being for everyone. People who annoy her, not only avoids, but oppresses in every possible way, albeit indirectly. The people around feel the strong energy of the girl, so they often avoid her.

Important! Esotericists believe that it is extremely important for young Marina to channel her energy into a productive channel. From an early age, she is encouraged to engage in sports such as athletics.

Interacting with the people around, the bearer of this name does not hesitate to be frank. Honesty is her dignity and, at the same time, her disadvantage. Due to excessive openness, she often hurts friends with a splitting truth, which it would not hurt to hide.

She is an impetuous and stubborn girl who knows exactly how to achieve her intended goal. She is not afraid of danger. She used to rely, first of all, on herself. It is extremely rare to ask others for help. He considers it humiliating.

Young Marina’s parents cannot help but notice her creative talent… From an early age, the girl pleasantly surprises those around her with bright canvases, embroidered paintings or unusual origami. Astrologers are sure that the bearer of this name is a wonderful needlewoman!

At about 25-30 years old, Marina reduces the number of her friends, preferring to communicate only with the closest of them. Constant communication tires her.

The meaning of the name Marina for a girl and fate

In addition to the lack of tact, such a woman has other disadvantages:

  • Impulsiveness.
  • Impatience.
  • Vanity.

As practice shows, many spiritually strong people are characterized by these shortcomings. One way or another, Marina is definitely a strong and self-confident woman who, like any other, needs support and love.

Marriage and family

Charm, charisma, shocking – all this perfectly describes Marina, especially in love. Fans will always surround her, even after she gets married. By the way, the bearer of this gripe is in no hurry to limit her freedom by putting a ring on her ring finger.

What character traits in men does she value:

  • Purposefulness.
  • Openness.
  • A tendency towards constancy.
  • Perfectionism.
  • Deep sensuality.

Esotericists argue that it is extremely important for Marina to find a man who, like her, has been striving all his life to increase financial capital. Yes, money plays an important role for her in life. Such a woman has big financial needs, so her chosen one must satisfy at least most of them.

Marina name meaning career

The carrier of this gripe is looking for a spouse who can inspire her with confidence in the future. It is also important that he knows how to entertain her. The last role for her is played by the intimate side of marriage. She is sensual and temperamental, often showing inventiveness in bed.

Very attached to children, especially to the firstborn. He does not seek to create a large family. Despite sincere love for household members, he spends most of his energy on work.

Work and career

Marina is a real workaholic. She soulfully approaches the performance of individual activities, but only if she gets pleasure from it.

It is extremely important for her to be creative in her work, to be original and creative. Monotonous activity does not inspire; on the contrary, it tires the bearer of this gripe.

Professions that suit her: restaurant art director, journalist, PR manager, TV presenter, design teacher, interior or clothing designer, architect, etc.

Such a woman will never devote herself entirely to work if she does not develop in it.

Marina meaning of the name health

That is why she has great career potential. Occupying some separate niche, she can safely count on an increase. Marina’s talents and skills are hard to miss. She will not tolerate being ignored by her superiors, so she will stubbornly achieve what she wants.


The mother of the little Marinochka will be very worried about the refusal of her child to use milk formula. In infancy, she eats very poorly. Because of this, there are problems in her nervous system.

From 2 to 7 years old, a girl can get sick with nephritis. By the age of 20, she may develop back and joint problems. However, according to esotericists, after the first birth, her health improves significantly.

Advice! To feel better, Marina needs to move more.

What do you think of your acquaintances Marina? Does their character match our description? Share your answers in the comments!

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