The meaning of the name Polina (Polinochka, Polenka, Polinka)

Polina is a name returned to fashion. It sounds beautiful and carries a strong energy. What are the owners of this gripe? What is their fate? We asked these questions to esotericists and are ready to share their answers with you.

Polina name meaning

Origin and meaning

There is no single version about the origin of the name Pauline. According to one of them, it is an abbreviated form of “Apollo”. This is what the ancient Greeks called the sun god. That is why this gripe is associated with sunlight and means “bright, sunny”.

This version has opponents. They argue that Pauline is a French feminine name that arose as a derivative of the masculine name Paul, meaning “baby”. Be that as it may, this gripe has a very powerful energy. The women to whom it is appropriated radiate strength and self-confidence.

In the USSR, girls were rarely called Polina, but today this name is widespread in the CIS. He has many diminutive forms: Polinochka, Polenka, Polinka and others.

Interesting! Women with this name are patronized by the planet Saturn.


Baby Polina is charm itself. From early childhood, she disposes people to herself, but she does not trust everyone. In terms of social contacts, she is very selective.

The meaning of the name Pauline for a girl

To many, the girl’s character may seem too difficult, as she often behaves coldly and detached with others. However, if he trusts, he relaxes and behaves openly.

Sociability is one of Polina’s character traits. She loves to communicate on different topics, does not tolerate loneliness, however, being very tired, she will try to avoid tiring conversations.

She also has a desire for justice. The girl will not tolerate the strong to hurt the weak. At heart, she is a real rebel. Her excessive thirst for justice can easily be mistaken for conflict. But Polina will not start a quarrel without a good reason.

She is very curious. She prefers to engage in self-development at any age. He has many hobbies, from sports to handicrafts. Can do different things at the same time. A job that pleases her cannot tire.

The bearer of this name seeks to control the events and people that are taking place. She believes that if she loses her vigilance, then something will certainly go wrong. People feel the imperious energy emanating from her, but they do not seek to avoid control, as they understand: Polina is a competent leader.

She knows how to correctly prioritize, is distinguished by prudence, consistency. If required, he shows restraint. He does not retreat from the work he has begun, leaving him halfway. Purposeful, persistent and very strong in spirit.

Pauline name meaning character

Polina’s friends consider her to be their patron. They always listen to her opinion, appreciate it. She, in turn, gladly helps them, thanks for their trust.

Growing up, gaining wisdom in life, the bearer of this name becomes more serious. She tries to spend more time with her family and closest people. Also, with age, her number of hobbies decreases, she chooses several areas of activity in which she continues to develop.

Esotericists believe that Polina is prone to sentimentality and nostalgia. This is due to their sensuality. Such girls are very temperamental.

Marriage and family

The bearer of this name is affectionate and gentle. She is looking for a man capable of noble deeds. It is important for her that he has the same set of advantages that she has.

Which man is right for Polina:

  • Kind.
  • Frank.
  • A bit sentimental, romantic.
  • Strong-willed.
  • Strong-willed.

In her youth, she is surrounded by fans of different ages. Among them there are intellectuals, rebels and maximalists. However, Polina is in no hurry to strike up a serious relationship, she prefers to wait. He chooses an applicant for his hand and heart carefully, realizing that he will live with him all his life. The girl’s love is limitless. Having become interested in some guy in her youth, she is ready to give him a lot of care and affection.

Pauline name meaning family

Polina is especially attracted to the intimate side of marriage. She appreciates her husband, loves tactile contact with him. For her, touch is important. In bed, ready for any experiments.

Polina’s spouse may try to get out of her control, which is why a discord will surely occur in the couple. In order not to upset her husband, she should give him more freedom.

Advice! Esotericists believe that Polina should not put too much pressure on her chosen one. Otherwise, he can leave her.

The bearer of this name is a wonderful mother. She sincerely loves her children, brings them up with love, protects them, gives valuable instructions. Growing up, children can move away from Polina, which will upset her very much. However, she should accept the fact that each of her children is self-sufficient.

Usually such a woman grows up educated, intelligent children.

Career and work

The bearer of this name has excellent analytical skills. It will make an excellent mathematician or nuclear physicist. If there is no craving for the exact sciences, she should try herself in pedagogy or philology.

Polina name meaning career

Other professions that are suitable for Polina: teacher, administrator, animator, architect, pilot.

It is difficult for her to focus on something that does not arouse delight and interest, so monotonous work will not suit her.


Polina is strong not only in spirit but also in body. In childhood, she often suffers from colds, but with age, her immune defenses increase. Also, in the first half of life, it can suffer from a lack of calcium in the bones, which can break the limbs. Prevention – regular consumption of food rich in trace elements.

The health of the bearer of this name is very dependent on her nutrition. Esotericists recommend that she give up fast food, too fatty and smoked food. In this case, the woman will not face gastrointestinal pathologies.

Do you have any acquaintances with this name? What character traits do they have?

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