The meaning of the name Vlad (Vladislav) – character, health, career, family

The complaints that we receive from birth are directly related to our character, outlook on life, the peculiarity of building relationships with others and even health. Therefore, before naming a child in a certain way, you need to ask about the interpretation of the name that you like.

Today we will tell you about the meaning, origin and influence on the life of the name Vlad.

Vlada name meaning

Origin and meaning

In recent years, the popularity of this grievance in Russia and other post-Soviet countries has increased significantly. And this is not surprising, because it has a very pleasant sound and endows its carrier with a huge number of advantages.

Vladislava is a female name of Slavic origin. Its meaning is “owning glory.” A girl named that gives off a very strong energy. She is confident, brave and courageous. People around her consider her a fighter for justice.

Interesting! In the popularity rating, the female grievance in question occupies 51 positions.

Vlada is a female derivative of a male named Vlad or Vladislav. A girl named so radiates the energy of masculine power. However, there are also feminine traits in her character.


There is a legend according to which newborn girls named “Vlads” will become bossy, confident, fair and honest. They are strong personalities who know their own worth.

The meaning of the name Vladislav for a girl

In her youth, the bearer of this gripe does not get tired to amaze those around her with her enthusiasm and inexhaustible energy. It is characterized by increased excitability, vulnerability and exaggeration of what is happening.

She has a well-developed creative thinking, therefore, she embellishes all the events that are taking place, gives them unnecessary importance, which is why she often suffers.

Advice! To be more calm, Vlada must learn to look at things from a distance, that is, as a detached, emotionless observer.

Friends adore Vladislava, considering her their advisor and protector. She always strives to take care of people who are not indifferent to her. Never let anyone hurt them. She is a real fighter for justice!

The bearer of this name has a very important dignity – honesty. She seeks to be frank with everyone: with a relative, a friend, a teacher at school and, most importantly, with herself. Lies are very annoying for such a girl, it is difficult for her to forgive a deception, especially from a person whom she trusted infinitely. And she knows how to believe.

And Vlada also knows how to dream, as she has an extraordinary fantasy and good imagination. Sometimes amazing images emerge in her creation, which she seeks to share with the world through creativity.

Vlada name meaning character

The bearer of this name is very sociable. It is extremely difficult for her to learn how to adequately respond to loneliness. Left without communication, she will become bored, upset, or even angry. Yes, such a woman is prone to sudden mood swings. Today she is cheerful and easy-going, and tomorrow she is brooding and joyless.

Let’s list the main advantages of Vladislava:

  • Sociability.
  • Courage.
  • Self confidence.
  • Good adaptive ability.
  • Friendliness.
  • Caring attitude towards loved ones.

But, like all people on Earth, she has her own individual set of disadvantages. The bearer of this name can be tactless and openly express her antipathy to a particular person. In addition, she is often hysterical. Can get stressed, start shouting loudly in public.

Important! A woman with such a name will never build friendly relations with people who are hypocrites or liars.

Work and career

Vladislava is a good and competent leader, perfectly adapted to teamwork. She has every chance of becoming a director of a large enterprise. But she should not forget that in order to achieve success in any activity, she should first familiarize herself with its basics.

Vladislava name meaning career

Such a woman will make a good manager, creative director, doctor, psychologist or actor. She is ambitious and determined. If there is an interest in the work, he strives to bring it to perfection.

Failure in business awaits Vlad only if she has to work in a team of people that she does not like. She prefers to surround herself with open and sociable personalities, to match herself.

Marriage and family

It is difficult for men not to fall in love with the energetic, self-confident and bright Vladislava, who, moreover, is endowed with natural beauty. Such a woman bathes in love all her life, she is surrounded by crowds of fans.

Having lost her head from an excess of romance, she can make a fatal mistake. Marrying too early, Vladislava runs the risk of being very disappointed in her chosen one, or even completely losing hope for a happy marriage.

Her second spouse will surely become a more worthy partner. She will be imbued with confidence in a man as strong as she is. It is important that he can lead her along, teach her wisdom, restraint and other important things. Vlada will be very happy only with the man in whom she has a sincere interest.

She loves her children very much. Often he spoils them too much, which is why he quarrels with his spouse. He is lighthearted about money. She believes that her man should provide for his family, only in this case he deserves respect.

Vladislava name meaning family


Vladislava is a beautiful and athletic girl. Since childhood, she has been involved in sports, as she always feels a strong surge of energy. In the first 20 years of life, she is susceptible to diseases of the lungs and kidneys.

The bearer of this name should not forget about the need for regular physical activity even after childbirth. Only in this case she will have good health throughout her life, which nature has awarded her.

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