The most anticipated concerts of foreign performers

World stars with their concerts visit various countries and continents. Christina Aguilera and J. Lo came to the country this year. Tens of thousands of people had time to enjoy the grand show of these performers.

But there are no less amazing concerts ahead of the fans.

Billie eilish

The Moscow club Adrenaline Stadium will host one of the most popular young artists of the world level. It is about the American singer Billie Eilish.

Billie eilish

Here she will present compositions from her debut album “Don’t Smile at Me”, as well as other hits.

Billie Eilish released her first song a month before her 15th birthday. The song “Ocean Eyes” had 132 million streams on Spotify by October 2018. The girl’s debut was helped by her older brother, singer and music producer Finneas O’Connell.

The singer continued to work with her brother. Together they released 15 tracks. These include “Bellyache” and “Lovely”. The latter received the title of a multi-platinum hit and was recorded with Khalid (Khalid).

According to the singer, her fans are her family. Her vivid and memorable videos won over many people around the world.

The first album was released in 2017. “Don’t Smile at Me” hit one of the top music ratings. The album peaked at number 36 on the Billboard 200. On the alternative chart, it took 3rd place.

A year later, the singer released several hits. All of them are included in the new album that fans saw in March this year.


Fans of Britpop and alternative rock should wait until autumn. On October 19, the British band “Suede” will perform at Glav Club Green Concert.


At the turn of the 80s and 90s, the team made a breakthrough. They changed the general direction of music in the UK.
Since its inception, the group has released numerous hits. They were at the top of the UK charts and their fan base only grew. Now “Suede” can be seen at various festivals.

The group worked actively until 2003. After the end of the tour, they announced self-liquidation. However, the fans were still lucky and the breakup of the group did not last long. After 7 years, Suede started working together again. They played several benefit concerts and went on tour.

Suede collected all their hits in The Bestof Suede and released this compilation. After that, the group re-recorded several of their previous works. Two years later, the members started talking about the release of a new album for the first time.

Fans celebrate the bright and well-prepared show that the performers always bring with them. The band’s concert is well worth attending to recharge and just have a good time.

The rasmus

Fans of the incredibly popular Scandinavian band The Rasmus will be able to enjoy their one-man concert on November 1st at the Live Music Hall.

The rasmus

They became known all over the world over 10 years ago. Until this time, the group was known only in their home region.
At the concert, which will take place this fall, The Rasmus will present songs from their new album. The songs have already taken the first lines of many charts. Now, fans have the opportunity to hear them live.

The main feature of the band is their arrangements. The guys work at the intersection of genres, mixing different styles with each other. Thanks to their music, the band won the MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Scandinavian Artist.

Fans will be able to hear all the famous hits that The Rasmus released in 2012 with the same name. In addition, the group celebrates its 18th anniversary this year. The concert will turn into a grand show with lights, decorations and, of course, live music.


A trio from Italy will visit the country in September. The guys were 14-15 years old when they won the vocal show. They came to the casting separately. However, the producer thought that together they would look much more advantageous.


The group was founded in 2009. During this time, they became known throughout the world.

A year after founding, the trio released an album. It was recorded in London at Abbey Road Studios. The debut album was produced by Tony Renis and Humberto Gatic.

Excellent music and good PR allowed them to take 10th place in the Billboard-200 chart. In the classic top, the album was on the first step. He also took his place in the top 10 of many countries, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. In Austria, the album reached the leading position. In just a week after its release, 23,000 copies were sold.
Il VOLO took part in the recording of the charity album We Are The World: 25 for Haiti. Then they managed to work with such world performers as Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand.

They come to Moscow to perform in support of the Brioni fashion house. Fans will not only be able to enjoy the stunning show, but also appreciate all the fashion trends of this season.

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