The most fashionable sweaters fall-winter 2021

When composing an autumn-winter wardrobe, one cannot but remember about sweaters – our warm, comfortable and practical friends. When choosing them, you need to take into account both your external data and fashion trends: in the upcoming autumn-winter season we will see many interesting trends that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy not only a cozy, but also an actual thing.

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1. Logos and monogams

Once again, we are convinced that fashion is like a pendulum: until recently we were encouraged to abandon any logos on clothes, and today it is becoming a trend. It’s all to blame for the return of the crazy 2000s, when logos and monogams were everywhere and always.

Logos and monogams

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2. Inscriptions

As for the inscriptions on clothes, everything is not so simple here: on the one hand, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the past and recall short comic phrases that were adorned then. But if you do not want to be childish, then you can implement this trend in a different way – through an important, useful and topical inscription. Ecology, the fight against a pandemic, feminism, rights – the topics are quite extensive.


3. Chess cage

It seems that the designers are still impressed by the Queen’s Move, otherwise how can you explain the fact that the checkerboard has become one of the trends in Fall-Winter 2021? However, such a practical trend cannot but rejoice – the geometric print is easy to combine and suits many.

Chess cage

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4. Sequins

Another noughties greetings – shine, which has become relevant again in the upcoming season. Feel free to choose sweaters with sequins: during the day they can be worn with regular jeans, and in the evening, in combination with a skirt, they can be worn on a date.


5. Colorblocking

The upcoming season will be a real treat for those who like to play with color: color blocking is becoming one of the main trends of the fall-winter 2021 season. Do not be afraid of the most daring combinations and fill the gray autumn days with bright color.


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6. Chunky knit sweater

One of the most pleasant trends for us, residents of the middle lane, is the return of cozy knitted sweaters. This fall, stylists advise to give preference to light colors and as intricate patterns as possible, as well as pay attention to chunky knits.

Chunky knit sweater

7. Puffy sleeves and wide shoulders

Having fallen in love with the 80s and 90s, designers demonstrate on the catwalks not just lush, but simply huge sleeves and shoulders. But in ordinary life, it is still better to choose more moderate options that will not look caricatured on you and will fit into the overall wardrobe. Futuristic shapes with sharp angular shoulders are another interesting trend.

Puffy sleeves and wide shoulders

8. Asymmetry

An interesting solution for those who are tired of everything standard and familiar – asymmetric sweaters. Moreover, this asymmetry can be expressed both in texture and in color or style. For those who are not ready to take risks, you can try on a black and white sweater divided into two halves diagonally – original, but within the dress code.


9. Victorian era

The Victorian era, with all its femininity and gothic style, is back on the catwalks. The last time this happened was in 2015, when lace, velvet, high collars and gothic jewelry became a trend. This year, the designers did away with the dark crosses and black lace, but invited us to try on sweaters in the spirit of Jane Eyre – with many frills and lantern sleeves.

Victorian era

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