The most terrible professions for a woman

Not all works are equally good. There are some positions that modern women would not want to occupy under any circumstances. Which ones? The answer is in the article!

What women consider awful jobs

1. Cleaning lady

In the memory of many Russian women, the threats of their parents are alive: “If you study badly, you will become a cleaner.” It is believed that this work is suitable only for uneducated people who have no ambitions and are willing to be content with low wages. Indeed, the work of a cleaner is very difficult and it is difficult for representatives of this profession to boast of prestige in society.

2. Work in the field of intimate services

Most women find this job just awful. Although, it would seem, intimate services make it possible to receive “easy money”. Fortunately, modern Russian women are well aware that such “work” is at least dangerous.

3. Doctor

The doctors, nurses and paramedics themselves often talk about how awful the work of a physician is. Huge workloads, low salaries and the permanent risk of being put on trial because of “poorly provided medical services” … Indeed, it is better to find something calmer and well paid. Although, surprisingly, most doctors prefer to stay in the profession, for which you can only take off your hat in front of them.

4. Sales manager

Modern girls do not want to call the population and offer any goods and services.

Sales Manager

Indeed, there are more pleasant opportunities for self-realization than the constant repetition of the same offers to potential buyers, who for the most part are not interested in buying.

5. Secretary

Many women do not want to work as secretaries and find this job just awful. Constantly running errands? Why, when you can try to become a leader yourself?

6. Worker of the funeral service

This job pays pretty well. However, no one wants to constantly see someone else’s grief and make money out of it.

7. Waitress

This job is only suitable for female students who need to earn money for entertainment. Grown women do not want to spend all their time on their feet and smiling at clients, not all of whom have a pleasant disposition.

8. Cashier

Most women find the job of a cashier too boring and monotonous. In addition, disagreements arise with buyers every now and then, which also does not make work more attractive in the eyes of Russian women.


Modern women want self-realization, constant development and creative positions. Therefore, labor associated with the service sector is gradually becoming less and less attractive for them.

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