The name Eugene, Zhenya – meaning, numerology and psychology

The female name Eugene is very beautiful and meaningful in its meaning. It endows its bearer with a huge number of advantages. But, as it turned out, Zhenya also has disadvantages. Which ones? We talked with a psychologist, numerologist and esotericist to get answers to these and other questions.

The origin and meaning of the name Eugene

Name Eugene
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Any sound combination, which is called a person, contains an esoteric code, in other words, a secret. To solve it, you need to refer to the original source.

The origin of the name Eugene is ancient Greek. It comes from the word “eugenes” and translates as “noble”. Previously, this was the name of newborn girls with status origin. Great hopes were pinned on them and promised the formation of extremely positive character traits.

The meaning of the name Eugene is extremely positive. A woman named so has a great chance of achieving success in almost all areas of life. She is strong in spirit, ambitious, disciplined and good-natured.

The grievance in question is widespread on the territory of Russian-speaking countries. For example, in Russia it is assigned to every 100th girl, therefore, it is quite popular.

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Numerology named after Eugene

Numerologist of the COLADY magazine Lyudmila Bakalina presented the female name of Eugene in numerical terms.

luda bokalina

Dear Evgeniy!

Your number of life and destiny is 5. You are characterized by the following traits: striving for freedom and independence, decency, expressed emotionality, honesty and mercy. You are a very gentle but strong person who is used to patronizing others. Love freedom, do not tolerate infringement of rights. Always fight for justice.

Also, the fives are characterized by pronounced sexuality. You are a very temperamental and bright personality. Never ignored by men. Love to fantasize, often hover in the clouds. Have a hard time controlling your emotions.

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The character of Eugene

Zhenya truly loves life. From early childhood, she charges the people around her with positive. She is considered the life of the party. Likes to be in the spotlight. Seeks to surround himself with happy people. Smiles often.

young woman
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What does the name Eugene mean? First of all, fortitude and ambition. A girl named so knows how to set goals correctly and move towards achieving them. Usually men boast of having such talent.

Zhenya is a very sensual person. She is not indifferent to other people’s problems. Seeks to help others, even if they do not ask for it. Differs in nobility and kindness. The emotions that she experiences are very bright, sometimes even violent. But this, as it turns out, does not prevent the girl from living at all.

Important! Society does not approve of the desire of individual individuals to become independent, and Evgenia is one of them.

The owner of this name has a large supply of energy, which she prefers to spend on self-education, helping others, entertainment and hobbies. She is incredibly productive. How does Zhenya always manage to be effective? It’s simple – the bearer of this gripe, like no one else, knows a lot about prioritization.

Zhenya has a significant drawback – stubbornness. She hardly admits defeat and agrees to change the original plan. Even if he realizes the difficult implementation of his plans, he is unlikely to deviate from them.

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Others appreciate her for:

  • Willingness to help, solve all sorts of problems.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Courage and ambition.
  • Ability to plan.
  • Good performance.

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Husband and children

The girl named Eugenia is endowed with a special charm by nature. She is cute and charismatic. In men, she is selective.

Even as a child, she is determined with what kind of life companion she needs:

  • beautiful;
  • with a sense of humor;
  • striving to solve her problems;
  • influential;
  • secured;
  • perspective.
the male
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Ideal type of man, isn’t it? And there is. The desire to find an ideal partner can hinder Zhenya from finding family happiness.

Advice: Eugenia, do not try to discern in the representatives of the stronger sex the image from your dreams. Each of them is good in its own way. Pay attention to guys who are kind to you. You will probably be able to form a good harmonious pair with some of them.

The second difficulty associated with finding a husband for the bearer of this gripe lies in her exaggerated requirements.

Zhenya adores her children. He brings them up with love and responsibility. He believes that after the appearance of the first child, life changes dramatically. Becoming a mother, she strives to provide for her children as much as possible. He perceives their personal problems as his own.

mom with children
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Such a woman will never betray her household. Having married and given birth to children, she becomes an exemplary housewife. Of course, she will not stop working, as she feels in demand and significant in this area, however, if one of her family members gives the SOS signal, she will overshadow all labor issues.

Work and finance

Zhenya is very hardworking. She very rarely “shirks” from work, because she sincerely has an interest in her. Usually, carriers of this name choose a profession that does not imply a strict hierarchical model of relations. Rather, they will choose the sphere of self-employment.

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If Evgenia decides to move rapidly up the career ladder, she will make every effort for this. She will try to draw the attention of her superiors to herself by being creative.

Professions that suit her:

  • journalist;
  • designer;
  • manager;
  • director;
  • theatrical figure;
  • organizer of festivities.

The talents and potential of the bearer of this name rarely go unnoticed. The management appreciates her for competent business management, leadership potential and the ability to resolve work issues in the shortest possible time. You can definitely rely on an employee like Zhenya!


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The bearer of this name is in good health. But even she periodically has ailments. Most often, there are malfunctions in the cardiovascular system. This is due to increased sensitivity.

Taking life trials too close to her heart, Evgenia, without knowing it, increases the chance of having a heart attack or stroke. But that’s not all. Due to hyperemotionality, the bearer of the name in question, from time to time, has migraines and insomnia.

Evgenia, did you recognize yourself from our description? Leave a comment!

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