The original script of the New Year in the younger group of the kindergarten

New Year's scenario in the younger group of the kindergartenKids 3-4 years old are just beginning to get acquainted with the New Year’s traditions. In order to stimulate their creative activity, the ability to read a poem, communicate, learn songs and dances, a New Year’s party is held, the script of which we have written below.

It should be borne in mind that the children of the younger group of the kindergarten are still small, so the holiday should not take half an hour to 40 minutes.

The scenario of the New Year’s party in the senior group of the kindergarten “In the magic forest on New Year’s Eve”


  1. Leading
  2. Snow Maiden
  3. Hedgehog
  4. Little hare
  5. Father Frost

New Year’s party Magic Snowball for children 3-4 years old of the younger group of kindergarten

Contests and funny poems for a New Year’s party in kindergarten – how to make the New Year for a child 3-6 years old not boring?

Children enter the hall to the festive music.

Leading: Guys, look how beautiful it is in our hall today! (the kids are looking at the hall with the presenter) It’s winter outside. And we have the best holiday – New Year! Let’s see who came to visit us today? (Points to the Christmas tree) Let’s go around our tree from all sides and look at the beautiful balls and toys (children examine the Christmas tree, and the presenter shows them toys and asks the kids what is hanging) Guys, let’s sing a song about the Christmas tree.

Children sing the song “A Christmas tree was born in the forest …”
Suddenly, the presenter sees a silvery snowball under the tree.

Leading: Guys, look, what is it under the Christmas tree? Let’s take a look (everyone bends towards the tree, the presenter raises a snowball). Children, this is a magic snowball. What does he want to tell us? (brings a snowball to his ear) Snowball invites us to travel through the fabulous winter forest. Do you want to walk with a snowball? Then we will throw him and see where he will lead us (the leader throws a snowball towards the hut, the kids follow the snowball). Where has the snow brought us?

Children: To the house.

Leading: And who lives in the hut? (children don’t know). Then we need to knock on the house (knock on the hut).

Snow Maiden: Who’s there? (leaves the hut)

Leading: Hello! Who are you?

Snow Maiden: I am Snegurochka, granddaughter of Grandfather Frost. Who are you?

Leading: And these are children, a magic snowball brought us to your hut.

Snow Maiden: What a fine fellow this snowball! I am very glad to have guests. I also have a lot of snowballs, but they are not magical. Let’s dance with them (handing out snowballs to the kids).

Kids dance a dance with snowballs.

Snow Maiden: And my snowballs are very funny and mischievous. They love to play.

Leading: Our kids love to play snowballs too.

Snow Maiden plays with children in snowballs.

Snow Maiden: Now let’s throw a magic snowball and see where it will lead us now (Snow Maiden throws a snowball towards the New Year tree, and everyone follows him).

Snow Maiden shrugs his hands. Nobody here.

A hedgehog looks out from behind the tree, he is hiding from the Snow Maiden, this is repeated three times. Finally, the hedgehog stops hiding from the Snow Maiden, and she finds him.

Snow Maiden: Who are you?

Hedgehog: I am a prickly hedgehog, and not at all lucky. I’m sitting here under the tree and feeling sad. On New Year’s Eve, I want to dance with the children, sing songs and play games.

Snow Maiden: Hello, hedgehog!

Hedgehog: Hello children!

Snow Maiden: Don’t be sad, hedgehog! The kids have learned a song about you. Do you want to sing?

Hedgehog: Certainly! I will be happy.

Children sing “Song of the Hedgehog”

Hedgehog: What a great song, thank you guys. As a token of our friendship, I will allow you to pet me.

Snow Maiden: Hedgehog, how are we going to stroke you? You are all in pins and needles and you can prick the kids.

Hedgehog: In the New Year, I am very kind. And I have already removed the thorns (children stroke the hedgehog on the head and back).

Snow Maiden (to children): Well, guys, are we still going to throw the magic snowball?

Children: Yes.

The Snow Maiden throws a snowball to a small cardboard tree, the children go there.

Snow Maiden: Who lives here with us? (Children see a trembling bunny) Hello, bunny! Why are you trembling so?

Little hare: Who are you? Hunters?

Snow Maiden: No, we are not hunters, but children. A magic snowball brought us to you. What happened to you? Who are you so afraid of?

Little hare: I am so lonely in the dark winter forest.

Snow Maiden: Bunny, we will amuse you. We also have rabbits, and now they will dance with you.

Children in bunny costumes perform “Dance of the Bunnies”

Little hare: Well done, kids, you have amused me.

A voice is heard from the side of the door: “A-oo-oo-oo! Ou-oo-oo-oo! “

Snow Maiden: Children, it seems Santa Claus is coming to us, let’s play with him.

Children hide under white tulle and sit hiding.

Father Frost: Well, a blizzard in the forest has risen, all paths, paths and paths are covered with snow! (He walks through the hall and sees a magic snowball) Oh! Here’s who will help me! Magic Snowball, tell me where the kids are? (Throws a snowball in the direction where the children are sitting) There are probably guys here? (Children meow) No, these are not children, but kittens. (To the snowball) What are you, snowball? I need children, not kittens.

Santa Claus throws the snowball three more times. Children pretend to be dogs (bark), birds (chirp), and for the last time the presenter throws away the tulle himself and Santa Claus finds the guys.

Father Frost: Guys, I finally found you! Come out to dance, you need to stretch your legs.

Santa Claus, together with children, leads a round dance “We dance near the Christmas tree”

Snow Maiden: Santa Claus, light a Christmas tree for us, please!

Father Frost: With great pleasure, but let the kids help me. Agree, kids? Let’s clap our hands (children clap, the tree does not burn), then let’s stomp our feet (they stomp, the Christmas tree is on fire), and then let’s blow very hard (they blow, the tree lights up).

Snow Maiden: Grandfather Frost, at the New Year’s party, the kids are expecting gifts from you. Have you forgotten about them?

Father Frost: Oh, granddaughter, a misfortune happened: when I went to your kindergarten, I lost the bag with gifts in the forest, now I don’t know where to look for it.

Snow Maiden: Don’t be sad, Santa Claus, maybe a magic snowball will help us again?

The Snow Maiden throws a snowball to the Christmas tree and says: “You roll, roll, snowball, and find a bag of gifts!”

Children with fairy-tale characters find a bag with gifts. To the festive music, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden distribute gifts to the kids.

Leading (addresses the magic snowball): Thank you, magic snowball, for helping us travel through the fairytale winter forest. Kids, let’s say Hedgehog, Bunny, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, thank you for such a joyful matinee and say goodbye to them!

Fairy tale characters say goodbye to the kids and leave.

Whatever New Year’s scenario you choose, you can always complete it with a traditional round dance around a bright and fluffy beautiful Christmas tree. The kids hold their breath and wait for the good Santa Claus to open the bag and take the long-awaited gift out of it.

In the end, when the gifts have been handed out and opened, somewhere in the hall it will already be possible to notice a “bunny” with a face stained with chocolate.

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