The premiere of the new cartoon “Well, wait!” Holidays”

The first episodes were released on December 17th. The Soyuzmultfilm studio organized the premiere screening on 79 street media screens across the country.

The Hare and the Wolf are returning with friends: the premiere of the new animated series “Well, wait a minute!  Holidays
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The first four episodes were released on the Okko platform. And from December 20 episodes:

  • Lunapark.
  • “On suitcases.”
  • “Faster, higher, stronger”.
  • “Beach”

The first episode of Lunapark can be watched in the official Soyuzmultfilm community on the VKontakte social network.

In addition to the already familiar characters – Kitten, Pig and Hippopotamus – minor characters will also appear in the new series. The audience will see the intellectual Shu the Hedgehog, the athletic Badger Tim and the fashionista Roe Ulyu.

The trick of the cartoon of childhood is also a thing of the past. The wolf no longer chases the hare. The most important thing today is sports interest. But the Wolf would not be the Wolf if he did not want to outwit the Hare. The gray bully still chooses dishonest ways of fighting, and later finds himself in curious situations. And all this in the best performances – stunts, chases, adventures and, of course, humor.

The new series was filmed in 3D and 2D technology. Now this is an updated cartoon universe, where the bully Wolf has become younger, and his eared opponent, on the contrary, has matured:

“You can recognize him as a modern young man who leads an active lifestyle, is interested in new technologies, goes in for sports and science,” the Soyuzmultfilm studio press service says.

The updated cartoon of childhood was prepared by talented and young authors. The creative producer of the tape was Andrey Zhidkov, who is also the director of “Malysharikov”, “Drakoshi Toshi” and “Tim Toma”, and is also the creator of such nationally and internationally recognized short films “What I Have”, “Not a Button” , “Happiness”.

Director “Well, wait! Vacations “- Maxim Volkov, who performed in the same role in such projects as” Booba “,” Wolves and Sheep: A Crazy Journey “,” Sadko “.

Vyacheslav Blagodarskiy, an experienced scriptwriter for projects such as the Comedy Club and ProjectorParisHilton, also took part in the development of the scenarios.

The main characters were voiced by Garik Kharlamov and Dmitry Khrustalev, and the author of the updated arrangement for the musical theme of the splash screen – the composition “Water skiing” by Tamas Deak of the animated series, was the popular performer Ivan Dorn and the authors of his music publishing house Masterskaya.

“This is one of the most responsible and exciting premieres in the new history of Soyuzmultfilm: we present a series inspired by the most beloved cartoon of generations of citizens of our country,” noted Yuliana Slashcheva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Soyuzmultfilm studio. to give your unique humor, charm and resourcefulness to modern children. New “Well, wait a minute! Vacation “is a” bridge “between the past and the future and a wonderful occasion to gather at the screens with the whole family.”

The updated classic is designed for kids 6-8 years old, and is made in a genre of dialogue-free gagged comedy, which is difficult for animation.

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