The right clothes in the pear shape wardrobe

  Clothes for a woman with a pear figure - what to wear and how to chooseToday we will talk about the beautiful owners of the “pear” shape – or, as they are also called, the A-type (triangle). Women with this figure tend to have narrow shoulders, slender waists, small breasts, and wide hips. Because of these features, the figure looks somewhat disproportionate, and therefore women tend to have complexes.

And in vain! After all, women of the A-type since ancient times were considered the standard of femininity and beauty. What type is your figure?

In this article, we will take a closer look at what can and cannot be worn, which clothes will highlight the flaws, and which ones will highlight the advantages, so that you always look stylish and attractive.

The content of the article:

  1. General rules for choosing clothes for a pear figure
  2. Taboo in the wardrobe of figures with wide hips
  3. Stylish pear-shaped bows for going out and every day

General rules for choosing clothes for a pear, A or triangle figure – what will help to shift the emphasis from wide hips and hide them?

Women with graceful tops, but at the same time – with a “heavy” bottom, want to somehow hide this flaw, to make the figure look more proportional.

Video: Fashionable review of clothes that should be worn and which should not be worn by a woman “pear”

A few simple secrets will help us with this.

Secret # 1. Drawing attention to the upper body, not the lower

To do this, choose a top in a bright color with a large print, with all kinds of beads and voluminous embroidery.

This can be: a shirt in a large cage, a loose-fitting T-shirt with a transverse strip – or a blouse with a large flower.

The drawing can be any – the main thing is that it is large.

In this case, the bottom should be chosen monochromatic.

Secret number 2. Expanding the shoulder line

To make the shoulders appear wider, you should give preference to clothes with a boat neckline, a square cut – or a V-neck. Any of these cutouts will visually widen the shoulder line – and therefore balance the top with the bottom.

You should also pay attention to blouses and tops with open shoulders.

Sets of clothes for a female figure with wide hips

How to choose the right clothes by body type – tips that help

Secret number 3. Fit to sleeves

The correct cut of the sleeves can play an important role in the selection of clothes for the pear girls.

Give the greatest preference to wide sleeves.

Sleeves such as “bat”, “wings”, off-the-shoulder sleeves, lantern sleeves, etc. will help in the fight against imbalances. Sleeves in this cut will add extra volume to your upper torso.

Secret number 4. “Lush” top

Another easy way is to visually make your breasts more “lush”.

To do this, you should choose blouses and shirts with all kinds of frills, ruffles, breast pockets, frills, etc. These elements of clothing will visually increase the chest – and make the figure more proportional.

  Clothes for a woman with a pear figure - what to wear and how to choose

Secret number 5. Correct cut of the top

The cut can be either wide or narrow, the main thing is to observe the basic principles in the selection.

Pay attention to tops and blouses that are wide at the top and tapered at the bottom. This cut will give you a seductive hourglass look.

You can safely wear elongated straight-cut jackets. But, if you wanted to wear a fitted jacket, then let it have a wide turn-down collar.

An elongated cardigan over a fitted top will look great.

It is also worth giving preference to things with shoulder straps and shoulder straps.

Tops, blouses and jackets with basques are also great.

Secret number 6. Correct cut of the bottom

Choosing the right bottom style is one of the most important tasks for women of the “triangular” type.

Skirts such as “trapeze”, pencil skirt, “bell”, “tulip”, skirt-year will perfectly cope with the problem of rounded hips.

High-waisted skirts will visually stretch the silhouette and make the hips slimmer – which, undoubtedly, will “benefit” the owners of wide hips.

Trousers and jeans should be chosen with a mid-rise, flared from the knee – or straight.

Remember: the bottom should be in dark shades, preferably solid.

It is advisable to choose skirts with a midi length.

  Clothes for a woman with a pear figure - what to wear and how to choose

What should a woman with wide shoulders wear to make her figure more feminine?

Taboo in the wardrobe of pear figures – what is contraindicated in the clothes of women with wide hips?

Girls with a feminine pear figure should be careful when choosing a wardrobe, so as not to aggravate the shortcomings with the wrong things that can further increase the hips and make the bottom massive.

Let’s take a look at what should not be in the wardrobe of an A-type woman:

  • Bottom of light, shiny colors.
  • Trousers and skirts with patch pockets, ruffles, draperies.
  • Low-cut garments.
  • Bottom with large print and transverse stripes.
  • Pleated skirts.
  • Cropped trousers.
  • Tightly fitting clothing.
  • Cropped tops.
  • Lengths “mini”.

Stylish bows for a pear figure for going out and for every day – recommended by stylists, stars and fashion bloggers

Jennifer LopezAmerican actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer and businesswoman

Jennifer Lopez

The figure has been adjusted due to a perfectly matched set of flared trousers and an elongated jacket with a wide turn-down collar.

BeyonceAmerican R’n’B singer, actress, dancer, music producer


The stylists skillfully hid Beyoncé’s lush hips with a dress with the right cut: an open top and a tight-fitting skirt that flares downwards.

An excellent evening option.

Jennifer Love HewittAmerican actress, producer, director and singer

Jennifer Love Hewitt

A smart casual outfit: a slouchy blouse with wide sleeves and bell-bottomed jeans.

RihannaAmerican R&B and pop singer and actress of Barbados descent

Fashion bloggers recommend that A-line women wear wide outerwear.


In this case, Rihanna chose the right outfit for herself: black straight trousers and a wide straight coat that covers the hips.

ShakiraColombian singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer and model


A dress with a high waist, open shoulders and a light skirt will correctly correct the shape of the “pear”.

Open shoulders make the top wider – and, thanks to the high waist, the hips appear slimmer.

Christine DavisAmerican actress

Christine Davis

Christine favorably emphasized her A-figure by dressing according to the advice of fashion stylists. She put on a light blouse with lantern sleeves, which visually made the upper part larger, and a bell skirt, which hid her voluminous hips.

Always remember: no matter what your figure is – learn to love yourself! Proven – if you yourself see the beauty in yourself, then others will see it

All love and beauty!

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