The right weekend movie for every zodiac sign

It’s already cold outside the window, and very soon the holiday season will come, so on weekends I especially want to sit on the couch with a cup of cocoa, wrapped in a blanket, and watch some old movie.

However, there are so many great old films that it can be difficult to choose one of them. Take a look at this selection based on your zodiac sign. We may have guessed right with what you might like.

Aries – “Die Hard”


This sign loves action movies, so it will surely find an outlet in the film, where the main character must save not only the holiday atmosphere, but also the lives of all people in a huge office building. This classic motion picture will give you an adrenaline rush and boost your mood.

Taurus – “When Harry Met Sally”

When Harry Met Sally

This is a wonderful romantic comedy. Two people ignore their long-term feelings, preferring to be friends, but suddenly realize how dear they are to each other. Like Taurus, Harry and Sally are intensely looking for their ideal partner and stubbornly deny the fact that they have long been in love with each other.

Gemini – “By plane, train and car”

By plane, train and car

The twins love travel, which means they can understand the humor of this cute, hilarious and festive movie, in which the entire trip of the two heroes going to Chicago to visit their families for Thanksgiving goes awry. Appreciate what you have and remember to feel grateful!

Cancer – “Bad Moms”

Very bad mommies

This is a fairly new film, the plot of which revolves around the age-old problem of fathers and children, or rather, mothers and daughters. What can happen when mothers want to arrange a holiday in their own way, not really listening to their adult daughters? Cancers will surely appreciate this comedy.

Leo – “Christmas”


Leo is a sociable person, so he will love the film about three friends who traditionally celebrate Christmas together. These three guys are learning a lot about their friendships, goals, hopes, family, relationships, and themselves.

Virgo – “200 Cigarettes”

200 cigarettes

It is a holiday movie set in New York City on the eve of 1982. Funny and funny situations in which the main characters find themselves will make Virgo laugh and help her appreciate her friends, loved ones and relatives more.

Libra – “Love Actually”

Real love

Libra is very sensitive to all their relationships, because “Love Actually” of nine short stories will appeal to them. These are stories of happiness, forgiveness and love on the eve of the Christmas holidays. With this film, it is especially romantic to cuddle with your loved one on a cold evening.

Scorpio – “Bad Santa”

Bad santa

An excellent gloomy picture for a true Scorpio, since this is a completely unkind and light comedy, but a real black humor. The film has a wonderful but strange happy ending that will delight Scorpio, as he loves surprises and unexpected turns.

Sagittarius – “It’s a Wonderful Life”

This wonderful life

There is nothing more frustrating for freedom-loving Sagittarius than a meaningless and aimless existence. But as soon as they realize that they have an amazing life – even if nothing special happens in it – then everything around will immediately change and shine with new colors.

Capricorn – “Miracle on 34th Street”

Miracle on 34th Street

Capricorns are workaholics who sometimes need to be reminded of the wonders and joys of life in order to awaken their inner child. The film will allow Capricorn to reflect on his past, present and future. It will be interesting for him to see this picture both alone and in the family circle.

Aquarius – “Polar Express”

polar Express

The magical journey of the little movie hero will awaken the optimism of Aquarius and make him go into active waiting for the upcoming holiday magic. This sign will begin to believe in himself, remember his courage and perseverance, and also that he has very good and loyal friends.

Pisces – “While you were sleeping”

While you were Sleeping

This story, which is mainly built on dreams, feelings and emotions, is absolutely in the style and spirit of this sign. Such a bizarre and convoluted romantic comedy is the perfect choice for the hopelessly romantic Pisces who believe in wonderfully fulfilling wishes.

What is your zodiac sign and your favorite movie?

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