The secrets of harmony and beauty of Julia Vysotskaya

Yulia Vysotskaya, who flashed in the summer at the Venice Film Festival, once again delighted fans with her slimness and blooming appearance.

The 47-year-old actress and mother of two children has a wonderful figure and a youthful face, and the merit of this lies not only in genes: Julia has long adhered to a healthy lifestyle and a special nutrition system that allows her to stay slim without strict diets. We study all the secrets of beauty and youth of the actress together with Bologny.

Julia Vysotskaya
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Active lifestyle

Julia almost never sits still and leads a very active lifestyle: in addition to filming, the star loves to travel, spend time in the fresh air and just play with the dog. And movement is life and calorie expenditure.

Julia Vysotskaya 2
Photo @juliavysotskayaofficial

Proper nutrition

Julia has a very interesting relationship with food: on the one hand, the actress does not limit herself, does not establish strict prohibitions in terms of food, because often it is the prohibitions that prevent us from feeling good and make the forbidden fruit especially desirable.

On the other hand, the star never overeats and knows how to stop in time. There is a balance of discipline and permissiveness in her life, and it is such a system that helps to stay slim, healthy and vigorous.

Yulia Vysotskaya 3
Photo @juliavysotskayaofficial

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Food breaks

Julia does not sit on a strict diet, but arranges fasting days or food breaks for herself, which the star arranges several times a month. On such days, the actress does not eat, but only drinks water and various herbal teas.

“To function normally and feel good, you need to try to figure out what helps you personally and what hinders you. Hunger helps me – food breaks. Detox. Reboot. Sports help me. And I also think that we must not forget to load one of the main “muscles” – the brain! “

Yulia Vysotskaya 4
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Plenty of water

We very often forget about the benefits of plain water and prefer other drinks, but in vain – water helps our body get rid of toxins, affects metabolism and skin condition. Julia knows this very well and drinks a lot of water. The only caveat: she does not do this during a meal, only before or after a meal.

Yulia Vysotskaya 5
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Julia has repeatedly confessed her love for sports, however, the actress is not a fan of serious physical activity. Her favorite is running, which allows the star not only to keep herself in shape, but also to put her thoughts in order. Julia is also engaged in Scandinavian walking, yoga and swimming. But the main rule of the star is regularity. In order for the figure to remain slim and fit, you need to do it every day, and not before the onset of the beach season.

Yulia Vysotskaya 6
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Healthy sleep

Julia does not neglect the simplest rules for maintaining a healthy appearance: the balance of sleep and wakefulness, because lack of sleep always affects the condition of the skin of the face. The actress always tries to get enough sleep and is even ready to give up her favorite coffee so as not to affect the quality of sleep. And the star starts the morning with a contrast shower, which helps her to cheer up.

Yulia Vysotskaya 7
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Positive attitude

Everyone who at least once watched programs with Yulia Vysotskaya or looked at her Instagram page knows that the actress is distinguished by a special love of life and always looks at life with a positive attitude. And this is directly related to its beauty: negative emotions leave their imprint on the face both in the form of mimic wrinkles and in the form of early aging of cells. Therefore, try to enjoy life more often, as the heroine of today’s article does.

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Photo @juliavysotskayaofficial

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