The sexiest and most attractive women’s fragrances

What scents, aromas, perfumes do men like?The girls who had a chance to see the wonderful film “The Smell of a Woman” probably remember not only the beautiful tango, but also how skillfully the hero of Al Pacino guessed the aromas of women, how easily his character could describe her.

Many women, skillfully noticing the addiction of gentlemen to certain smells, skillfully use this knowledge. But the fact that the scent of a woman is very important for men remains a fact.

Why does this happen and what attracts the stronger sex in smells?

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Favorite scents of our men

Mom’s smell

One of the brightest smells for a man is just the smell of perfume that his mother uses. But, since a man can attach great importance to such a smell, then, perhaps, you still need to be worthy of this smell, to correspond to his certain preferences in order to smell like mom.

The smell of home comfort

What scents, aromas, perfumes do men like?Oddly enough, most men are very fond of the smell of vanilla. Many people associate this smell with home comfort, with the smells of homemade pies. But with this smell, you still should not be zealous, so that everything does not turn out lusciously sweet, just a subtle light aroma is enough.

Smells of nature

For men, perfumes are very attractive, the perfume compositions of which include natural essential oils. Such aromas are often aphrodisiacs and cause them attraction, so many girls skillfully use it. Sandalwood scent is especially demanded among such scents. Perfume, in which it is included, are usually expensive.

The smell of cleanliness and freshness

It is very curious that many men do not like complex perfume compositions, but a girl who has passed by, leaving behind a light trail of the freshness of a juicy watermelon, will certainly arouse his interest. Such scents leave an impression of energy and weight of the cheerful, playful character of its owner. Such a woman will not let a man get bored and he instinctively reaches out to her as to a new interesting adventure.

TOP 10 sexiest scents

  1. What scents, aromas, perfumes do men like?What scent to start with the TOP 10. Perhaps, with the one that has been incredibly popular for almost a century. This is well-known Chanel No. 5… It should already by right be endowed with the status of the sexiest fragrance on Earth.
  2. This fragrance was created around the same time as Chanel, but was released five years later. Scent Shalimar guerlain was created at the height of fashion for everything Eastern. The creator was inspired by the story of the Taj Mahal “temple of love”. The perfume composition contains sandalwood essential oil, which emphasizes all the fabulousness of the East.
  3. L’Air du Temps, Nina Ricci… An aroma of joy and lightness, giving a sense of stability, confidence and well-being. This is emphasized by the notes of jasmine, rose, violet present in the perfume composition.
  4. Youth dew estee lauder… The scent of attractive, practical and confident women in their sexuality. This scent was created as the first everyday scent that can be used not only in the evening, but throughout the day. The aroma is very intense with notes of amber, musk, patchouli, fragrant cloves and cinnamon.
  5. Opium Yves Saint Laurent. Another oriental fragrance, the smell of which embodies all the passion and mystery of the Asian night. The scent is very intense, leaving behind a dense sillage. This scent is definitely evening, but it is so long-lasting that it will stay with you the next morning.
  6. Poison Christian Dior. An overtly sexy scent. It has everything. The scent resembles an explosion of exotic flowers, so spicy, strong and sensual. It contains notes of amber, currant, raspberry and tropical wood.
  7. Obsession, Calvin Klein. A very curious aroma in terms of its perfume composition, in the heart of which is coriander, wormwood and marigolds. Such a scent is impossible to forget, and even more so to its owner.
  8. For Her Narciso Rodriguez… This fragrance is suitable for women who want to feel desirable. The heart of the fragrance is Egyptian musk, sensual and incredibly sexy.
  9. Ralph Lauren’s Romance for Women. A scent that evokes the same feelings that we experience when falling in love. He gives that lightness that usually fills loving hearts.
  10. 212 Carolina Herrera. One of the most popular scents today. Provocative, fresh and intense scent. The perfume composition includes sandalwood, musk, orange, camellia, the scent of silk flowers and the scent of the “queen of the night”.

Real reviews of the sexiest and most attractive perfume fragrances

What scents, aromas, perfumes do men like?Pauline: How many boyfriends I had, everyone noticed the unusually attractive fragrance L’eau par Kenzo. But I personally think that it’s not so much about the scent, but about whether a certain smell goes or does not go to a certain woman. It has long been known that the same perfume is felt differently on different women. Also, I advise you to try perfume with pheromones – the scent is elusive, but extremely attractive.
Anatoly: Do not look for a panacea, the aroma should be in harmony with you personally. I used to like Kenzo, sweetish, but then I became convinced that his lovers are narrow-minded young ladies … I was struck by the old (now ancient) Givenchy, but this is already a fragrance of a different level, much more dense and rich than the Japanese ones.
Marina: At one time I used vanilla willow-roche, my husband baldel and others :). Sometimes I splash them for my husband personally, but in ordinary life I change the scent once a week. Today here is hypnosis by Lancom, a very warm smell, embracing me, so nice.
Nastya: Somehow in 2005 I was given Ralph Lauren “Blue”. At first I didn’t like it, but then all the men began to pay compliments, and mine generally sprinkles on a handkerchief when he leaves for a business trip. Many asked what the smell was, but I did not reveal the secret. The aroma is very sweet at first, but then takes on a very pleasant, peculiar and very persistent smell. I share because, anyway, not everyone will buy it and not everyone will find it.
Katia: My dear falls from Narciso Rodriguez For Her. I myself am falling.
Marina: And I really like 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera. At first they are a little harsh, but after 15-20 minutes they open up sooo …! I just mleu))) and others, the majority, too.

What perfumes and aromas make your men crazy? Share!

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