the story of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

Appearing in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe at one time made the effect of an exploding bomb. She completely destroyed the stereotypes that prevailed there with her doll-like beauty, deliberate innocent appearance and … tragic life story. Many men dreamed of becoming her lovers, but almost no one understood her inner pain and mental anguish. But in Marilyn’s life there was Joe DiMaggio. But how many of us know what really happened between them?

Marilyn Monroe

It was bright and sensual from the start

You probably know this feeling, when you meet someone, you secretly understand that nothing good will come of it, but you still meet and have a great time together? So it happened with Marilyn:

“I was expecting a bright New York athlete, but I saw a reserved guy who didn’t immediately appeal to me … But he treated me like something special.”

They got married in January 1954, two years after they met, and lived together for 9 months. For both, it was a second marriage. By the way, it is believed that it was during this period that Marilyn’s film career peaked.

Marilyn Monroe 2

The end of a short marriage

It was rumored that Di Maggio (who was 12 years older) immediately began to harass his beautiful wife with his typically Italian jealousy. He insanely controlled her in everything, which, as DiMaggio later admitted, he regrets. After the divorce in the fall of the same 1954, they did not communicate for several years, and during this time the baseball player’s sports career took off sharply, and he was even included in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Marilyn became the wife of playwright Arthur Miller and lived with him for four years. When her third marriage also fell apart, DiMaggio came to the aid of the disaffected actress and remained by her side until her death.

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Eternal love

In 1961, Di Maggio picked up his ex-wife from a mental hospital in New York and took her to a training camp at Yankee’s baseball club in Florida to rest and recover.

Marilyn Monroe 3

Despite DiMaggio’s love and care (as well as constant treatment and therapy), Marilyn Monroe still did not cope. None of her husbands showed up to spend the 36-year-old star on his last journey, and only DiMaggio took her body and organized her funeral, ignored by both the Hollywood elite and representatives of the Kennedy clan, including President John F. Kennedy, with whom, according to rumors, Monroe had an affair. DiMaggio never forgave his friend Frank Sinatra for introducing her to Kennedy.

And if husband number 3 Arthur Miller chose to cross out and forget “Stupid and unlucky wife” from life and from memory, DiMaggio was faithful and devoted to Marilyn even after her death. In the last year of her life, they were so inseparable that DiMaggio allegedly proposed to the actress again … if not for the sudden and mysterious death of Monroe.

Joe DiMaggio never stopped loving Marilyn and regularly, several times a week, sent bouquet Red roses to her grave. He survived his only love for 37 years and never married again, and also never publicly spoke about their relationship and did not give any interviews or comments. Could these two completely different people get back together and be happy together? This question will forever remain unanswered.

Marilyn Monroe 4

Di Maggio lived 84 and died in 1999. It is said that his last words to his lawyer and executor were: “Finally, I’ll see Marilyn again.”

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