The teacher told how to motivate the child to study well

My son doesn’t really want to go to school, probably like every child. How normal is this from the perspective of child psychology and pedagogy? I have analyzed the issue and am ready to share my reasoning with you. Every parent should know!

Reasons why children lose motivation to learn

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We all remember and know with what impatience children in primary grades go to school. Many children acquire new knowledge with great interest, they like the learning process itself. Vanya and Tanya are trying to be the best, they want to show off their knowledge in front of the teacher, classmates and parents.

But by the end of elementary school, this desire weakens. And in adolescence, it disappears altogether, and the children do not want to study at all. Why is this happening? Because, even if a person learns with pleasure, but does not apply his knowledge in practice, he rather quickly loses interest in the subject of study. Everyone knows that foreign languages ​​are very easy to learn if you constantly apply them in practice, but if you do not use them, then you can study them for years, and there will be no results.

This situation also happens with children. In elementary school, they learn the simplest things that they use every day in everyday life: counting, reading, writing. And then the program becomes more complex, and many of the subjects that are studied at school are not used by children in their daily life. And the parents’ argument that it will be useful to you in the future is less and less believable.

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After conducting a sociological survey among schoolchildren, it turned out that:

  • pupils of grades 1-2 go to school to learn something new;
  • pupils of grades 3-5 are not so eager to learn, they strive to please their classmates, a teacher, they want to become a class leader, or they simply do not want to upset their parents;
  • pupils of grades 6-9 most often go to school for the sake of communicating with friends, and in order to avoid trouble with their parents;
  • pupils in grades 9-11 again have a desire to study, because graduation is coming soon and many want to get higher education.

How can a parent motivate their child to learn?

In junior and high school, children have great motivation to learn and therefore most of them do not need to stimulate an interest in knowledge. But with teenagers it is much more difficult, parents make their children leave their computer or TV every day and sit down to do their homework. And many of them ask themselves the question “How to properly stimulate a child to learn?“.

But you should not punish the child for poor grades, you need to carefully deal with the problem that has arisen and find the perfect way to motivate him to study.

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Motivation methods:

  1. For children of primary and secondary school age, a great incentive to study can be entertaining problem books and fascinating books… Read them with your child, conduct experiments at home, observe nature. Doing so will awaken your student’s interest in science, and ensure the successful development of school subjects.
  2. What would teach the child to discipline and responsibilitystarting from the first grade, the parents should do their homework with him. Over time, the little student will get used to the stable performance of homework and will be able to do them on their own. To keep things from getting out of hand, parents should show interest in school assignments, thereby showing that the activity is fun, even for adults.
  3. Children need constant self-esteem improvement. For this praise them for every correct action, then they will have an incentive to complete even the most difficult tasks. And, most importantly, you do not need to focus on the bad moments, just guide the child to the right decision.
  4. One of the most popular motivations for a child to learn is payment… Quite often, parents tell their child that if you study well, you will get the desired thing (phone, computer, etc.). But this method only works until the child receives the gift. And his academic performance depends on the material capabilities of his parents.
  5. Tell your child about your personal experience, and also set as an example of famous personalities who have achieved great success in life thanks to the knowledge gained and the ability to achieve their goals.

How do you motivate your child to learn? Share with us in the comments!

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