The touching story of friendship between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

He led her to the altar at the wedding and raised her children, and she publicly confessed her love for him. The friendly tandem of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet has been going on for almost 25 years, but every year they only become closer to each other, together coping with the trials of fate.

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How actors became each other “like brother and sister”

Back in 1996, Leonardo DiCaprio first met Kate Winslet. She was 21 years old, he was 22, and they became colleagues in the sensational film “Titanic”, where they were supposed to play lovers.

When Kate found out that she was going to appear naked in front of Leo in an erotic scene, she decided to act radically and unusually: to meet the actor, she put on a raincoat over her naked body, and opened it in front of the guy, so that later she would not struggle with awkwardness in front of her colleague during filming time.

No one could have thought that it was at that moment that their strong friendship would arise, which would last for more than a dozen years!

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A year after the release of the melodrama, the actress told in her interview how pleasant it was to work with Leo. The girl admitted that at first she was complex to act in one picture with a world star and was afraid to succumb to the charm of her colleague and become his fan, but nothing happened.

This most iconic film couple immediately found themselves on the same wavelength, they were very comfortable, they understood each other perfectly and were fooling around all the time, which sometimes even annoyed the director.

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For 7 months of incessant work on the project, in unbearable conditions and with a frantic schedule, the young actors have rallied even more.

“We are like a single mechanism, the parts of which support each other’s work. I love her, she is my best friend ”, – speaks warmly of her friend Leo.

Kate agrees with Leonardno, but always adds for the fans: a romantic relationship between them is impossible.

“We have become like brother and sister. We have a very strong bond, one that all my friends envy. I will always support him. For others, he may be a sex symbol, but for me he is just stupid old Leo, ”explains Winslet.

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But shippers are incorrigible – artists so often appear in public, social events and solemn ceremonies just the two of them, that you really want to believe in their romantic love. Moreover, they too beautifully and realistically played love in the cinema.

But every time the Oscar-winning friends never cease to assure: they are just “good old friends” who, even in jest, never flirted, and that is why they were able to carry on a strong friendship through the years.

“In sorrow and in joy”: touching gestures of support

In the quarter-century that Kate and Leo have been friends, many things have happened. And all this time the stars were together, supporting each other in sorrow and sharing joy.

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Leo helped her fight low self-esteem. Once, in the theater, the teacher instilled in young Kate: something will come out of her only if she plays fatties. I wonder how that man felt when he saw his student in Hollywood?

But success came to the girl, but complexes and resentments remained. The British woman did not perceive food normally and hated her reflection in the mirror. And then DiCaprio came to her aid:

“I remember Leo telling me on the set of Titanic that it’s time to let go of this grudge, this weight problem. That everything is in the past. And it became easier. “

And so it was in everything. On the path of life, they did not leave each other a step.

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But on the screens, the couple reunited only in 2008, when Kate’s ex-husband offered the two of them the main roles in the film. “The Road of Change”. There they played two spouses, and they again succeeded surprisingly well in conveying passion.

After filming, Leo gave his girlfriend an engraved ring, but the inscription is still unknown to the world.

And when Winslet was presented with the Golden Globe statuette, she literally cried with happiness and hugged DiCaprio first, and only then her husband. Of course, giving a solemn speech, she did not miss the opportunity to confess her feelings to her co-star:

“Leo, I’m so glad to be able to stand here and say how much I love you, how much I have loved you for 13 years now. I love you with all my heart, really. “

DiCaprio smiled, blew kisses to his friend, and, it seems, was also struggling to hold back his tears.

And when Leo received the Oscar award, Kate shared every second of his triumph with him, and seemed to shine with happiness even more than a man!

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In bad times, they also always helped each other. When Kate divorced the second time and could no longer combine work, raising children, when internal burnout occurred in her, DiCaprio deliberately freed up his schedule in order to help a woman with children.

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He led her down the altar at a secret wedding where there was no one but Leo and the newlyweds – not even their parents. He also brought the girl out of depression after the divorce and the death of her mother. They became closer to each other, some relatives!

Friendship or not? Fan Comments

I want to watch and admire this couple. But the debate about the lack of romance in their relationship is still ongoing. No matter how celebrities repudiate this topic, it will forever remain relevant – is there a place for unfriendly love in their relationship or is it not? Here’s what fans have posted on social media:

  • “Friendship … hmm … Yes, she is forever in love with Leo, even treated … Clung to him like a thistle …”;
  • “Yes, but they say that there is no friendship between a man and a woman. They are brazenly lying “;
  • “I think each of them is disingenuous, saying that there has never been any chemistry between them. When a man and a woman are friends, there always comes a moment when one of them suddenly begins to see the opposite sex in the other. And if friendship is real, it will overcome this moment and will only become stronger in the future ”;

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  • “I even cried from such a strong friendship!”;
  • “Cool. DiCaprio has matured, Winslet has changed for the better over the years. Twenty years ago, Kate looked like an aunt next to kid Leo. Now she looks like a young girl next to a manly handsome man. I hope someday they will get back together and become the most beautiful couple in Hollywood ”;
  • “Winslet got married three times, DiCaprio never married. And how he looks at her! It seems that someone is in the friend zone “;
  • “You give everyone friendship, which only grows stronger over the years, and the gender of a friend is already a secondary matter”;
  • “I have such a friend. I consider him more like an older brother. So I also want to believe in their friendship – they are beautiful! “;

Be that as it may, Leo and Kate still often spend time together, doing charity work and raising the girl’s children together.

What do you think of their tandem?

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