The tragic ending of the acting family of Alexander Dedyushko

Alexander Dedyushko (05/20/1962 – 11/03/2007) was a popular theater and film actor. He became widely known after the release of the films “Operational Pseudonym”, “Guys from Steel”, “Sarmat”. His path to success was not easy, but the actor overcame obstacles, found happiness in his personal life.

Unfortunately, Alexander died at the age of 45, at the very peak of his career, leaving behind dozens of roles played.

In 2007, the entire acting family became victims of a terrible accident – he himself, his wife Svetlana and 8-year-old son Dima.

Fateful acquaintance

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In December 1996, Alexander met a young actress from Vladimir Svetlana Chernyshkova (12/27/1976 – 11/03/2007). On the women’s holiday on March 8, 1997, the actor came to visit her and took his beloved with him to Moscow. They never parted again. On June 3, 1999, Alexander and Svetlana got married, and on September 21 of the same year, their son Dmitry was born.

“When the chimes struck twelve, I decided to Santa Claus to send me a loyal and reliable guy. Then my friends and I went to their friends from the next room in the acting dorm. I went in and saw Sasha. And she said to herself: “Thank you, Grandfather Frost,” Svetlana Chernyshkova said about her acquaintance with Dedyushko.

Alexander had a successful career and family. Everyone was doing what they loved. Here is how Alexander Dedyushko said about his son’s acting work:

“Dimka takes filming very seriously. Sometimes he allows himself to be a little capricious on the set, but basically he understands that this is not a game, but real work, that a lot depends on him. And he feels very important when he receives the money he earned. They give it straight into his hands. And only then he transfers the “salary” to me or to my mother. “

Life seemed serene and fabulous, nothing foreshadowed trouble.

Death Code

Birth Code 20 “Court”, which is often responsible for death, intervened in the fate of the family. It is associated with karmic generic programs and negative events.

However, this Code 20 is only the tip of the iceberg in this tragedy, since everything terrible turned out to be laid down in the Codes of the Channels of Destiny, the Codes of Stumbling (they are often responsible for negative events, fears in life and everything that needs to be worked out in oneself).

So, for Dedyushko, seemingly the most positive Code 3 “Empress” became fatal, which put a fat point in the life of the whole family:

  • Code 3 was with Alexander – the main Code of Destiny;
  • his wife Svetlana – the day of the tragedy, the Death Channel;
  • Dmitry’s son has the very day of the tragedy, his main karmic Code, which is responsible for trips (the possibility of accidents with negative consequences), the Stumbling Code (when negative events happen and they need to beware) together with Code 7 “Chariot”, which is directly responsible for driving on car.

Let’s consider the Codes in more detail.

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Karmic connection of family members

A very strong interweaving of codes was observed in Svetlana and Dima.

The year of the tragedy (2007) and their personal codes were as follows:

  • Svetlana has 21 “Peace” (the Son’s Birth Code, his personal 2007 code), the Danger Channel Code, and 4 “Emperor” (personal Death Code on the day of the tragedy, that is, November 3).

Code 7 “Chariot”:

  • for Svetlana, he is karmic, responsible for the Mother’s Channel (they were going to meet Svetlana’s parents just on the day of the tragedy).

To this Code is added one more, responsible for movement and wheels – 10 “Wheel of Fortune”, which is in the Alexander’s Danger Channel and in Father Svetlana’s Channel.

We see that all the codes responsible for the movement came together.

The son has some indicators of a tragedy in a different vein:

  • the first and last period of life – 6 “Lovers” (Family Code) and 12 “Hanged Man” (karmic and one of the negative Codes in any manifestation).

This Code 12 was in the Danger Channel and the Death Channel along with Code 9 (which turned out to be the personal Code of the day of death).

Here’s another coincidence:

  • Dima has a personal code for the day of death – 4 and Svetlana has a personal code for the day of death – 4.

But the Channel Danger with Code 15 “Devil” was both Alexander and Dima.

The indirect cause of the death of the entire family turned out to be Svetlana’s parents (clearly displayed in her Channels of Destiny). Here is one more inclusion of the negative generic program.

That is why Code 20 “Court” clearly indicated the cemetery, that is, it is associated with death. Even the card itself depicts a family of three: a man, a woman and a boy.

Family members turned out to be karmically connected with each other. They came to this world, met, created a family, gave birth to a son in order to fulfill their destiny. This was their task of this incarnation with such a tragic ending.

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Danger in an accident

I can add a few more details on Alexander’s Destiny Card, but I think that there are enough arguments already.

It is worth making one important note: all family members had Codes that are included in the “Danger in an accident” formula.

Perhaps skeptics will say that this is a common coincidence. However, all that happened and my research can in no way be called an accident.

“I will not exceed the speed limit unnecessarily. But when I’m late somewhere, I step on the gas ”. (Alexander Dedyushko, from the last interview).

But one should remember and not ascribe a fatal end to the owners of Code 20 “Judgment” at once, since there must be reasons and series of events for this, as happened in this family.

In order to better know all the nuances of your date of birth, to protect yourself and your loved ones from tragic moments in Destiny, you need to know your Destiny Codes.


P.S. I will share my client’s story (with her permission)

She has just the Karmic Code 7 “Chariot”, her daughter has the same Code. So, as soon as the daughter got into her car, accidents were sure to happen.

The woman could not understand the reason for such events. And everything was so simple – Code 7.

This article is based on studies of the date of birth and fate of a person according to the Tarot Numerology system and has no hidden messages, discrimination or condemnation. Materials for research are taken from open and available sources. online andinternet. The analysis is based solely on my knowledge, research and analysis as a specialist in reading the fate of a person by date of birth and may not coincide with your opinion.

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