The transformation of Ksenia Borodina – Ksenia has never done such hairstyles!

As part of the Transformations project, our team decided to conduct a bold experiment and imagine how Ksenia Borodina would look with unusual hairstyles.

Ksenia Borodina

TV presenter Ksenia Borodina became famous when she came to the Dom 2 project as a TV presenter. From an unknown girl, she was able to turn into a star with many fans in just a few years. Over the years of work in “House 2” Ksyusha has learned to assess conflict situations in a balanced way and smooth out the rough edges in the relations of the participants of the reality show. Perhaps it was this restraint that left an imprint on her image.

Ksenia is alien to deliberate squabbles with colleagues, and the style of clothing is always feminine, without the desire to get a subscriber at the cost of nudity. In the photo, this young and beautiful mother of three children appears with a friendly smile and well-groomed hair, the shade of which is often in the middle range, and the haircuts or styling are respectable or romantic. If you show your imagination and imagine how Ksenia would look with different hairstyles, then one of the first options would be to imagine her with a different hair length. For example, with a boy’s haircut:

Ksenia Borodina hairstyle
photo 1

Even more unusual would be a rainbow coloration. The option could be suitable for a photo shoot or a friendly party. In addition to the hair color, this look has the length changed and romantic curls added:

Ksenia Borodina hairstyle1
photo 2

Recently, one of the most popular has become the tinting of blonde hair in all sorts of shades of pink. It does not always look eccentric, and with the right selection of clothes, the image can be quite calm:

Ksenia Borodina hairstyle2
photo 3

Most often, Ksenia chooses shades of medium or light tones for her hairstyles. With black, the image of the TV presenter would look a little harsher:

Ksenia Borodina hairstyle3
photo 4

An image with long blond hair could be in contrast to a black square with bangs:

Ksenia Borodina hairstyle4
photo 5


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