The trolls from Pyaterochka help you learn and make friends!

A new academic year has come – a time of discoveries, achievements and victories. Communication with friends, new interests and hobbies, acquaintances and friendship – that’s what school is! This year, the school grounds and classrooms were taken over by the “trollastics”. These are the heroes of the famous cartoon “Trolls”, who left the screens in the form of unusual bright erasers and settled in the pencil case of almost every schoolchild in our country. These characters can be easily spotted on the pencils and pens of the students. It all began on August 22, when a new promotion started in the Pyaterochka retail chain.

Autumn begins with victories

Trollastics have appeared quite recently, and have already made a lot of noise. Still would! After all, there are so many of them and all are so different! The collection consists of 15 figures that can be put on pencils thanks to their convenient recess and can be used like regular school erasers. But the range of their use is much wider, you just need to give free rein to imagination.

Buy trolls – mine trolls!

Trollastics can and should be collected. And for the convenience of storing such a collection, a special pencil case was developed, for each of the trolls in which there is a “sleeping place”.

Idea # 1 for playing with friends. Who is the first to be able to name all the trollastics without mistakes and stops and remember the color of each of them as a keepsake.

The trolls from Pyaterochka help you learn and make friends!We play a variety of games

You can easily find a walker board game at the cash desks of the chain stores. Its simple rules are explained on the back of the playing field, and the game itself promises to be exciting, because in it you need to find the way to the coolest party. Eraser figures will become great game pieces, and you can play anywhere: at recess, in the park, at a party, and even on the passenger seat of a car or on a train.

Idea # 2 for playing with friends. Even if you suddenly do not have a booklet at hand, this is not a reason to give up the game! Place all the trollastics you have in an opaque bag or bag. Let each one in turn lower his hand there and grasp the first figure that comes to hand in the fist. Taking out his hand, the player calls the name of this character. The one who recognizes the trolls the most times wins.

You can complicate the task, and say the name of the troll before putting your hand into the bag – and then blindly try to find it among other toys.

There is also a second game – a card game. It contains many cards of “happiness”, which the Trolls themselves are filled with from the heels to the last hair of their stylish hairstyles. It can also be found in “Pyaterochka” – ask the cashier, and he will immediately understand what it is about.

Idea # 3 for playing with friends. A group of players chooses a leader, who is given an opaque bag or a bag with all the trolls the guys have. The presenter puts his hand into the bag and squeezes one toy into a fist. Taking out his hand, he asks one player – which trollastic is hidden in his hand. If the player guesses correctly, he gets a point. This is how all the players are interviewed in turn, in several rounds. The players with the most points win, and the losers complete fun tasks that are discussed by everyone before the game.

There are never many trolls

  1. The easiest way to get a troll is to make purchases at any Pyaterochka store with a one-time check for 555 rubles (easy to remember – three five points!).
  2. The coveted sachet with trollastic will be handed over when purchasing one of the products – participants of the action. They are easy to find on store shelves using special “stoppers”. Attention: every week the list of products participating in the promotion is updated!
  3. In the end, you can simply buy trollastic at the store checkout – it costs only 49 rubles.

Idea # 4 for playing with friends. A fun competition – all players take turns playing their favorite troll, and the rest must guess who the speaker represents. The winner is the one who shows the hero the best. The prize for the winner is a trollastic, which he will choose himself from the available ones.

We will have time to collect everyone!

Are there several of the same figures? A good reason to exchange with friends for others. And if there is a desire to collect the entire collection, then it is worth remembering that the promotion will last until October 10.

Idea # 5 for playing with friends. Whoever is the fastest in the class or a group of friends will collect a complete collection of trolls – arrange a troll party, and the guests prepare surprises and gifts for the owner!

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