The wedding of Valeria’s son warmed the soul with its beauty and awe

A month and a half ago, a holiday happened in the Prigozhins’ family: Valeria’s youngest son, Arseny Shulgin, made an offer to his girlfriend – blogger and ex-Annunciation Liana Volkova. As a true romantic, he did it as if following the script of a touching film: on one of the buildings of the Moscow City complex, he posted a running line: “Liana, will you marry me?”, and gave her a ring with an impressive diamond. Of course, the lucky lady said: “Yes!”.

Wedding day

On August 28, the day for the lovers came, which they both had been waiting for for a long time – the young people officially became husband and wife! The newly-made wife told about this in her Instagram account, posting photos from the scene.

wedding screen
@ lianavolkovaa

The wedding took place in the Kutuzov registry office, and they decided to answer the event at a lavish banquet in a luxury club. Among the star guests were Yana Rudkovskaya, Emin Agalarov, Nikolay Baskov, Philip Kirkorov, Malikov family, Yudashkin other. And entertained people with their performances Zivert, Artik & Asti and JONY

Mother’s tears

Valeria herself sang a song for the newlyweds “Love has come”, to which they performed the traditional first dance. At this moment, the singer could hardly hold back her tears.

“At this moment the whole audience cried. What could be more touching when a mother sings for her own son, and he and his young wife are spinning in the first dance of the newlyweds? Separate praise for my mother for the fact that, despite the tears choking her, she was able to sing to the end, “- said Prigozhin.

The celebration ended with a magnificent festive fireworks in honor of the lovers.

Fan speculation

The bride chose an unusual wedding dress: cream color, openwork bodice, tight-fitting chest, puffy sleeves, closed arms and a loose hem.

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And the fans are already in full swing discussing in the comments: is the bride pregnant? Is it already possible to congratulate Volkova, or is it worthwhile to wait for now?

Valeria wrote in her Instagram: “I appeal to all thinking, sane people. Dear ones, do not take everything you read on the Internet at face value, do not dive into the world of gossip. <...> I wish you all goodness and love. “

Valeria's son
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By the way, the young people met not so long ago – only last year. But their relationship has already survived the test of difficulties: in December last year, the couple had an accident. It’s good that there were no serious injuries, but Liana still broke her arm, and Arseny had to stitch his lip. Just when they were recovering from the incident together, they realized: they were simply made for each other!

Numerology of the wedding date 08/28/2020: what the number can tell about the union

The editorial staff of Bologny magazine wishes Arseny and Liana happiness and great love! And as a surprise, we turned to a numerologist Lyudmila Bakalinato find out what the future holds for our newlyweds in their family life.

The wedding date is a very important date. On this day, a new family is born, a new star in the firmament. We calculated the number of this wedding by adding the individual digits of the date 08/28/2020, we got 22. We added 2 + 2 and the number 4 came out.

son of Valeria 2
@ arseniy_shulgin

So, our newlyweds, Liana and Arseny, will have a stormy and passionate marriage. There is great love, quarrels, and sweet reconciliation here. This number denotes self-development through communication with other people. Therefore, on the one hand, in such a pair, people will not interfere with each other to achieve career goals, but on the other hand, their attention will be shifted towards others. Therefore, they will have to make an effort to keep in touch with each other. In general, the four is a powerful symbol of prosperity and stability in family life. So, our couple will always live in material prosperity, with which we congratulate them!

Fan Comments

The wedding was so beautiful and touching that Valeria posted reverent posts for several days about the main event in her son’s life.

Mom's tears, touching dance, predictions of a numerologist and comments from fans: the wedding of Valeria's son warmed everyone's soul!

Mom's tears, touching dance, predictions of a numerologist and comments from fans: the wedding of Valeria's son warmed everyone's soul!

And fans left more than 1,700 comments impressed, here are some of them:

  • Tatianatyrina: “A beautiful couple!!! So nice to watch! Touching and quivering! Valeria, you are an amazing woman and you have an unusually pleasant family! To the young of endless happiness !!! “
  • Irinalevashova: “A beautiful couple! Happiness for many, many years. “
  • Zolotykhdiana: “Happiness to the young! A beautiful couple! It can be seen that they are very happy and in love! Your son is a smart guy and starts life with dignity! Advice and love to you and your children! “
  • alba_ecodesserts: “Congratulations! A beautiful couple. Let them take care of each other. “
  • elenag002: “The newlyweds are so beautiful and harmonious that they don’t give a damn about the dirt of people who have nothing to do but pour out their anger on happy people. They are so suitable for each other, I have been admiring this couple for several days now, happiness and love !!! “
  • 2173: “How beautiful, everything is wonderful. Thanks to the parents, they brought up such wonderful children. “
  • Eksoina: “A beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding! They glow – and you can’t hide it, and you can’t think of it !!! The main thing is to respect and appreciate each other! And you can already make you a grandmother. Children are happiness! “
  • olga_petrovna2018: “It can be seen that the guys are breathing each other.”
  • kazashka_na_kipre: “Valeria, I congratulate your family on such a wonderful event. Happiness to the young! “

son of Valeria 3

All people are unanimous that this is an incredibly beautiful, bright couple, and may everything be fine with them! What we want!

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